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8 Amazing Scrap Yarn Crochet Patterns You Need to See

8 Amazing Scrap Yarn Crochet Patterns You Need to See

Scrap Yarn Crochet Patterns


Scrap yarn crochet patterns is always something you should consider using. Making something with your leftover yarn is the perfect yarn to both save money & actually use all the yarn you’ve managed to stash away. Because I’m guessing you’ve accumulated some scrap yarn too? & now you don’t have any idea what to do with it, but don’t want to throw away? Keep reading!

I’ve been like that too. The stash of leftover yarn would grow & grow until I almost could not fit the yarn in my “yarn space”. Consequently I needed to solve this problem. As a result that ended up being scrap yarn crochet patterns. I’ve mostly used Pinterest as inspiration for those leftover yarn crochet projects, & I’ve gradually started to make scrap yarn crochet patterns as a part of my crochet design flow. Once in a while a new one is added.

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Resource: The Crochet Pattern Shop to find amazing crochet patterns that works great with scrap yarns.



Here’s a list of what you’ll need to use these scrap yarn crochet patterns, & make some amazing scrap yarn projects:


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To make something using scrap yarn crochet patterns, is a good idea if you’ve got a small yarn budget. It’s actually like shopping in your own yarn stash. Grab everything to find & explore and consequently you’ll need to use your imagination to find the perfect scraps for each crochet idea.

Next it’s better to use those scraps rather than throwing them away. I mean it’s lots of joy & appreciation to be given for an amazing & unique scrap yarn crochet gift. Those handmade gifts are actually the best.

The contradiction in the concept scrap yarn is actually that it seems like it’s lower quality. But you really know that the great quality yarn is just as good as when you purchased it.

However if you’re like me you might think it’s safer to purchase at least one extra skein of yarn, rather than ending up having too little. Consequently you’ll have much scrap yarn stashed away. To reduce this habit you could learn more about calculating yardage or even how to calculate how much yarn you need by weight.


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The final reason is that there’s so many amazing crochet patterns that’s perfect for scrap yarn. If you keep reading, I’m going to share 8 of these with you right now. But if you find that these 8 are not enough, I’ve also gathered a list of 50 scrap yarn ideas you could download too (link below).



1. Yarn Basket

When you’ve got some scrap yarn at your hands, it’s really a great idea to use that yarn to make a yarn basket for your current project or other yarn you’ve got stashed away. You can use different colors of scrap yarn to make this basket to look amazing.

For this post I’ve searched mostly on Pinterest to get inspired. When I searched for “scrap yarn”  & “crochet basket” I found one that stood out to me. It was from Michelle from Poppy & Bliss. You should head on over to see her crochet basket (Thank you Michelle!).

Crochet Basket DIY. 


scrap yarn crochet pattern


2. Bracelet

A crocheted bracelet can be an excellent way to use your scrap yarn. I found the most colorful & amazing scrap yarn crochet pattern when I searched on Pinterest for ideas. I was from Claire from Hakenenmeer. She has the most colorful & inspiring blog, the bracelet tutorial is not written in English, however I feel the pictures tell you what to do easily (Amazing work Claire!).

Bracelet Tutorial. 



3. Crochet Hat

To crochet a hat is a great way to use all your scraps of yarn. You could go for stripes & make it with several types or colors of yarn. I have to admit I’ve got a weakness for creating scrap yarn crochet hats, as they are quick, easy & I can play around with different crochet stitches. One of my scrap yarn crochet patterns are a crochet hat called the Risum hat.

Resource: The Risum hat design.

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scrap yarn crochet patterns


4. Crochet Pencil Case

To crochet a pencil case is such a great idea to make for a child in your life, or even for your own pens or pencils. It’s a great way to add a personal touch to a child’s back-to-school gear. It’s truly perfect as a scrap yarn crochet project.

Over on Pinterest I found some amazing crochet patterns, but the pattern from Kara over at  Petals to Picots. It’s a perfect scrap yarn crochet pattern & you can use any scrap yarn you have stashed away.

Crochet Case for Pencils. 



5. Star

To crochet a star might seem a little boring when you first think of it. However you could use a crochet star in several patterns. Either as an embellishment on other crochet patterns, an ornament or a garland. When it comes to Christmas decorations a star can also be great as a scrap yarn crochet idea.

To find a great star example I’ve searched on Pinterest & found a great tutorial by  Alycia from Habitual Homebody. The scrap yarn crochet pattern she shared was clear & easy to follow (Thank you Alycia!).

How to make a crochet star.


scrap yarn crochet pattern


See Also

6. Christmas Wrapping

To crochet your Christmas wrapping is a great way to make the Christmas gifts look even more personal. If you’ve already made a crocheted gift, you might as well crochet the Christmas wrapping too.

This will work just as well with any gift really, however I’ve got a tutorial & crochet designs on how to crochet wrapping especially with Christmas in mind. You could also search for more inspiration on Pinterest.

Resource:Crochet Christmas Wrapping.

scrap yarn crochet patterns


7. Washcloth

Washcloths are a great idea as a crocheted scrap yarn project. They are fast to make & they work as a perfect handmade gift. They are mostly best made with cotton yarn, so go see what you can find among your scraps.

I searched &  found on Pinterest once more. This time around I found some beautiful crocheted scrap yarn washcloths from Erica from 5 Little Monsters. The tutorial & scrap yarn crochet pattern was however posted on Craftaholics Anonymous. You should head over & look for yourself.

How to Crochet Washcloths Tutorial.



8. Dream Catcher

The final idea I’d like to share with you is to crochet a dream catcher as your scrap yarn project. It’s such a chic idea & there’s so many amazing dream catchers out there. However I’ve searched & found my favorite. It’s from Toni Lipsey from TL Yarn Crafts, but she’s shared her pattern over at Fibreshare (Thank you Toni!).

DIY Crochet Dream Catcher.


scrap yarn crochet pattern



  1. Start by downloading the 50 amazing scrap yarn ideas.
  2. Find your favorite scrap yarn crochet pattern to make.
  3. Check the “What you need list” listed above once more to make sure you’ve got what you need.
  4. Enjoy crocheting a scrap yarn crochet pattern!
  5. Finally comment below & let me know what you made!

Hope you enjoyed this!


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