85+ One Color Crochet Projects

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Get ready to be captivated by these one color crochet projects we have handpicked just for you.

Whether it’s to add a splash of color to your home decor or crafting something unique for your wardrobe, one color crochet projects offer simplicity and elegance in every stitch.

Moreover, these projects are ideal for both those seeking quick crochet patterns or wanting to crochet bigger projects.

So, grab your crochet hook and immerse yourself in these stunning solid color crochet projects.

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Materials Needed to Crochet One Color Projects

To crochet one color crochet projects there are some materials needed such as:

On each of the solid color crochet patterns below you can find specific yarn suggestions and crochet hook sizes. If you want to substitute yarn, I recommend crocheting a gauge swatch.

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85+ One Color Crochet Projects Pin

Free One Color Crochet Patterns

Crocheting one color projects is a fantastic if you’re looking to add a touch of elegance and simplicity to your creations.

It’s also a superb method to crochet items that stand out with a uniform color, enhancing the visual appeal of each specific crochet stitch.

Both textured crochet stitches and lace crochet stitches can be even more stunning when utilizing just one color.

When making one color crochet projects, you can effortlessly create coordinating accessories, like scarves or hats, if you have leftover yarn from one of your bigger projects.

Let’s check out some solid colored crochet patterns for your next crochet project!

One Color Crochet Garment Patterns

There are many crochet garment patterns that use only one color of yarn. From crochet boleros, crochet cardigan patterns, crochet top patterns, crochet sweater patterns to crochet dress patterns.

We’ve collected a great number of one color crochet clothing to choose from.

Crochet Bolero – Free Crochet Pattern
Check out this fabulous free crochet pattern for a crochet bolero! The best part? You won't need a lot of yarn – just dig into your scrap yarn stash and you'll likely find everything you need! With just a few hours of crocheting, you'll have a beautiful bolero ready to wear.
See the Crochet Bolero Pattern
Crochet Summer Cardigan – FREE Crochet Pattern
The crochet Summer Cardigan is available in sizes from S to 3XL, with a loose fit for style and comfort. Crafted with one color cotton yarn, this lightweight sweater ensures you stay cool and comfortable.
Crochet the Summer Cardigan Pattern
Crochet Dress Pattern – FREE – XS-5XL
Get ready to fall in love with the crochet Vivo Dress pattern! If you're a fan of crocheting garments, this one is sure to capture your heart. This dress pattern has been a labor of love for me, and I'm thrilled to share this size-inclusive design with you.
See the Crochet Dress Pattern
Crochet Cable Cardigan – FREE Crochet Pattern
Fall in love with the timeless elegance of the Crochet Cable Cardigan! The intricate crochet cables add a special touch to this classic garment, making it a standout piece in any wardrobe. Just imagine pairing this crocheted cardigan with your favorite jeans for a chic and cozy look. This one-color crochet cardigan also has a its slightly cropped design, making it a perfect match for high-waisted skirts.
Crochet the Cable Cardigan
One Piece Crochet Cardigan Pattern
Prepare to adore this One Piece Crochet Cardigan Pattern! Crafted with a round yoke and worked from the top down, this cardigan features exquisite subtle details that add charm to its design. With eight sizes available, ranging from S to 5XL, there's a perfect fit for everyone.
See the One Piece Crochet Cardigan Pattern
Cable Raglan Crochet Sweater Pattern
Introducing the Cable Raglan Crochet Sweater – a stunning addition to your wardrobe that's sure to become a favorite! This free crochet sweater pattern not only enhances your style but also serves as a fantastic introduction to crocheting raglan garments with beautiful cable designs.
See the Cable Raglan Crochet Sweater Pattern
Spider Lace Crochet Top Pattern
Introducing the Spider Lace Crochet Top Pattern – a delightful addition to your summer wardrobe! This charming top showcases a beautiful lace stitch pattern over the shoulders, paired with a snugly crocheted body adorned with linked crochet stitches. Perfect for those warm summer days, this top offers both style and comfort. Plus, it's an easy crochet pattern suitable for all skill levels, with sizes ranging from XS to 5XL, ensuring a flattering fit for everyone.
See the Spider Lace Crochet Top Pattern
Cable Raglan Crochet Cardigan
Craft a fashionable cardigan perfect for the fall season with this complimentary crochet pattern! The Nivis Cardigan boasts distinctive stitch patterns and intriguing construction, offering an engaging project for intermediate crocheters. With uncomplicated shaping and minimal finishing touches, you can effortlessly tailor this design to match your personal style. Choose any color of worsted weight yarn to create a snug layering piece that will see you through the colder months in style!
See the Cable Raglan Crochet Cardigan Pattern
Crochet Top Down Raglan Cardigan – FREE Crochet Pattern
Indulge in the creation of a snug and chic cardigan with this straightforward crochet tutorial! Designed with beginners in mind, this project offers clear instructions and utilizes only basic stitches, such as chain spaces (ch-sp) and skipping stitches (sk). Ideal for layering on cooler days or simply lounging around in comfort and style!
See the Crochet Top Down Raglan Cardigan Pattern
Crochet Cardigan Sweater Pattern with Puff Stitches
Explore the allure of the crochet cardigan sweater pattern featuring puff stitches – there's plenty to love about it! Firstly, it's a top-down raglan garment, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the size as you progress. Moreover, it's available in 9 sizes, ensuring you'll likely find the perfect fit for you. Lastly, it's a delight to witness the intricate stitch details unfold as you crochet.
See the Crochet Cardigan Sweater Pattern With Puff Stitches
Raglan Crochet Tee Pattern
Elevate your crochet expertise with this versatile raglan tee pattern! Utilizing straightforward shaping and lightweight yarn, you can swiftly create a comfortable and fashionable tee. Follow our detailed instructions to discover just how effortless it is to fashion this exquisite clothing piece today!
Crochet the Raglan Crochet Tee Pattern
Easy Crochet Top Pattern For Beginners
This easy crochet top pattern for beginners is perfect for summer wear. Designed with simplicity in mind, it requires only basic crochet stitches, making it accessible for novice crocheters. The pattern involves minimal seaming, which can be done using slip stitches for a hassle-free assembly.
See the Easy Crochet Top Pattern for Beginners
Crochet Raglan Top – FREE Crochet Pattern
This simple raglan top is crocheted in one piece, beginning from the neckline and extending seamlessly down to the hemline, resulting in a timeless silhouette that complements all body types. With minimal seaming and a straightforward design, you'll have your favorite summer top completed in a flash!
See the Crochet Raglan Top Pattern
Simple Crochet Top Pattern
Crochet this stunning top with just one color of yarn and basic stitches. This free pattern equips you with everything necessary to fashion a simple yet flattering design using single crochet variations.
Crochet the Simple Crochet Top Pattern
Easy Classic Crochet Raglan Pullover Pattern
Kickstart your crochet wardrobe with a timeless piece! This classic crochet raglan pullover is ideal for chilly days and snug evenings. Its straightforward construction makes it a breeze to craft, and its sophisticated neckline can be effortlessly dressed up or down. Dive into creating this exquisite garment while honing your skills in raglan shaping.
See the Easy Classic Crochet Raglan Pullover Pattern
Crochet Raglan Cardigan Pattern
Prepare to adore this crochet raglan cardigan pattern, as it promises to elevate your wardrobe effortlessly. This complimentary crochet cardigan pattern serves as an excellent initiation into crafting top-down raglan garments, thanks to its simplicity. Moreover, it's the perfect addition to your fall and winter attire, offering unparalleled warmth and coziness. Pair it with any outfit and personalize it with your preferred yarn colors. Available in 9 sizes, this crochet pattern accommodates petite, regular, and plus sizes alike, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone.
See the Crochet Raglan Cardigan Pattern
Crochet Open Front Cardigan – FREE Crochet Pattern
The crochet Open Front Cardigan is a fantastic pattern that's bound to become a favorite. What makes it truly special is the super soft yarn paired with the cozy crocheted stitches, ensuring maximum comfort. This pattern is easy to follow and comes in 9 sizes from XS to 5XL, accommodating a wide range of body types.
See the Crochet Open Front Cardigan Pattern
FREE Crochet Classic Raglan Cardigan – Super Bulky
Introducing the Crochet Classic Raglan Cardigan – Super Bulky Edition, a fantastic option for those seeking a swift and satisfying crochet project. It's the ultimate choice for chilly weather, providing unparalleled warmth and comfort. Pair it effortlessly with any ensemble and personalize it with your preferred yarn colors. Available in 9 sizes, the Crochet Classic Raglan Cardigan – Super Bulky Edition pattern caters to individuals of all sizes, including petite, regular, and plus sizes.
Crochet the Classic Raglan Cardigan – Super Bulky
Crochet Jacket Pattern with Waist Shaping
Craft snug comfort with this chic crochet jacket pattern! Ideal for layering over your preferred tops and dresses during chilly weather, this beginner-friendly design is quick and simple to create. Personalize it by selecting any yarn type or color combination that suits your taste. Dive into the endless possibilities and embark on your crochet journey today!
See the Crochet Jacket Pattern with Wait Shaping Pattern
Braided Nautical Cardigan – FREE Crochet Pattern
I'm thrilled to share this Braided Nautical Cardigan design with you! This project pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I wanted to infuse it with my own style while also challenging myself. Believe it or not, this is the first time I've ever designed a Raglan Style Garment!
Crochet the Braided Nautical Cardigan
Filet Crochet Bolero Pattern
Crafting the delightful Filet Crochet Bolero is sure to bring you joy. This pattern offers a simple yet stylish crochet garment for women, suitable for various occasions. Whether paired with jeans or layered over a summer dress, this bolero adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. Featuring only basic crochet stitches and the filet crochet technique, it's a project that's both enjoyable and achievable for crocheters of all skill levels.
See the Filet Crochet Bolero Pattern
Crochet Nivis Tee – FREE Crochet Pattern
Here's a fabulous free crochet top pattern that doubles as a fantastic introduction to crocheting raglan with cabled sleeves, thanks to its charming design. Moreover, it serves as an ideal tee for the fall and winter seasons, providing warmth and coziness. Pair it with jeans and personalize it with your preferred yarn colors. Available in 9 sizes, this crochet pattern ensures a perfect fit for individuals of all sizes, including petite, regular, and plus sizes.
See the Crochet Nivis Tee Pattern
Joy Skirt – FREE Crochet Pattern
If you're seeking a versatile and size-inclusive crochet skirt pattern, the Joy Skirt is a must-try. It offers customizable options and features a flattering diagonal bias line, ensuring a stylish fit. This pattern incorporates innovative crochet skirt construction techniques, allowing you to create a unique and fashionable piece that suits your personal style.
Crochet the Joy Skirt Pattern

One Color Crochet Accessories Patterns

From crochet pieces to keep your neck and ears warm to crochet bags, there’s a lot of solid color crochet patterns to choose from.

Below you will find crochet cowls, crochet shawls, crochet hats, crochet headbands & amazing crochet mittens, all using one yarn color.

Infinity Cowl Crochet Pattern – Free Pattern
Looking for a beautiful one-skein project to gift to your loved ones? Look no further! This stylish cowl combines elegant design with simple stitches, making it a quick and perfect option for those chilly days or last-minute gifts.
See the Infinity Cowl Crochet Pattern
Cotton Crochet Bag Pattern
Introducing the Cotton Crochet Bag Pattern, a must-have accessory you're sure to adore. Crafted with care, this handy bag features a lovely lace stitch and a strong round crocheted base, combining style and practicality seamlessly. The pattern uses just one color of cotton yarn. So, grab your hook and get started!
See the Cotton Crochet Bag Pattern
Wrist Warmers Crochet Pattern
Crochet wrist warmers are indeed a fantastic project to showcase various stitches. This simple pattern for one-color crochet wrist warmers features the broomstick lace stitch, which adds beautiful texture. These wrist warmers can be customized by adjusting the length or width to fit your preferences. Enjoy crocheting your cozy wrist warmers!
See the Wrist Warmers Crochet Pattern
Crochet Bellus Hat – FREE Crochet Pattern
This crochet Bellus Hat boasts plenty of texture and is a quick crochet project since it's worked back and forth in rows, with no increases or decreases necessary. The stitch pattern is delightfully straightforward, consisting solely of basic crochet stitches.
Crochet the Bellus Hat Pattern
Crochet Headband With Cross Pattern
Discover the joy of crafting this unique headband, which combines functionality with a touch of elegance. Don't let the opportunity pass to add a distinctive accessory to your winter wardrobe, perfect for both keeping warm and making a fashion statement. Dive into this amazing crochet pattern and explore the beauty of the cross-pattern stitch today!
See the Crochet Headband with Cross Pattern
Lace Crochet Shawl – FREE Crochet Pattern
You're in for a treat with this crochet pattern for the Lace Crochet Shawl. It's perfect for summer and works up quickly, making it an ideal project. To achieve the softness you desire, you'll need a couple of skeins of Lion Brand Yarns' incredible Feels Like Butta yarn—it's the secret behind the luxurious feel of this shawl. Crocheting the Lace Crochet Shawl won't take long, and the final result will be absolutely stunning!
See the Lace Crochet Shawl Pattern
Easy Twisted Crochet Ear Warmer Pattern
Crocheting an ear warmer is a delightful project that combines functionality with style. The Easy Twisted Crochet Ear Warmer pattern is perfect for beginners and seasoned crocheters alike. With basic crochet stitches, you'll create a lovely headband with double layers for added warmth.
Crochet the Easy Twisted Crochet Ear Warmer Pattern
Crochet Løv Slouchy Beanie – FREE Crochet Pattern
You're in for a treat with the crochet Løv Slouchy Beanie—it's as fun and textured as it gets! This favorite hat is constructed widthwise, allowing you to stop crocheting when you've achieved the desired circumference.
Crochet the Løv Slouchy Beanie Pattern
Shells Crochet Shawl Pattern
The Shells Crochet Shawl Pattern is a delightful project featuring lovely shell stitches. This versatile shawl can be made in any size and with any yarn thickness. Whether you're a beginner or experienced crocheter, this pattern offers a beautiful result. The shell stitches add a touch of elegance to the finished shawl, making it perfect for a variety of occasions.
Crochet the Shells Crochet Shawl Pattern
Easy Warm Winter Mittens – FREE Crochet Pattern
Prepare to fall in love with these Easy Warm Winter Mittens! They're not only perfect for keeping your hands toasty but also a delightful crochet project.
See the Easy Warm Winter Mittens Pattern
Crochet Shawl With Pockets Pattern for Beginners
The Crochet Shawl With Pockets Pattern is an excellent choice for beginners diving into crochet scarf projects. With its simplicity and ease of crochet, this pattern is perfect for those new to the craft. Wrap it around your shoulders for warmth and convenience, with oversized pockets to keep your belongings safe.
See the Crochet Shawl with Pockets Pattern
Crochet Ribbed Headband Pattern
Crocheting a ribbed headband is not only a practical project for keeping warm during the fall and winter months but also a quick and enjoyable one. This one-color crochet ribbed headband pattern is made with super bulky yarn, so it won't take long to complete. Enjoy wearing your cozy crocheted headband!
Crochet the Ribbed Headband Pattern
Crochet Twisted Headband – FREE Crochet Pattern
The Crochet Twisted Headband is a stylish and cozy addition to your cold weather wardrobe. With just two skeins of yarn and beginner-friendly instructions, you can create a fashionable statement piece.
Crochet the Crochet Twisted Headband Pattern
Lux Headband – FREE Crochet Pattern
Create your own style statement this winter season with the Lux Headband, a luxurious crochet pattern available for free. With less than half a skein of variegated yarn, you can make not one, but two headbands, making this an affordable and practical project. Perfect for those who crave innovation in their winter accessories, this hand-dyed yarn project allows your creativity to shine.
Crochet the Lux Headband Pattern
Crochet Dickie Pattern – Free Pattern
Are you seeking a swift and practical crochet project? Dive into this simple-to-follow dickie pattern! Whether you're a seasoned crocheter or a novice eager to hone your skills, this pattern offers a delightful way to create something unique in just one afternoon.
See the Crochet Dickie Pattern
Crochet Beach Bag – FREE Crochet Pattern
Looking to add a quick and stylish accessory to your summer wardrobe? Look no further than this easy crochet beach bag pattern! With just one skein of yarn, even beginner crocheters can tackle this project with ease. Enjoy the convenience of having all your beach-day essentials in one place, while still looking cute and fashionable with this versatile and timeless design.
See the Crochet Beach Bag Pattern
Jasmine Purse – FREE Crochet Pattern
Looking to expand your crochet skills with a stunning and stylish project? Look no further than our adorable Jasmine Purse Pattern! This charming purse is crafted using the jasmine stitch, a captivating technique to master. Despite its intricate appearance, you'll be surprised by how quickly it comes together.
Crochet the Jasmine Purse Pattern
Crochet Mitis Mittens – FREE Crochet Pattern
Get ready to fall in love with the crochet Mitis mittens. These beauties feature stunning textured details that are sure to impress. Crocheted sideways, these mittens offer a unique twist, resulting in exceptionally soft and comfortable wear.
See the Crochet Mitis Mittens Pattern
Quick Easy Textured Beanie – FREE Crochet Pattern
You're in for a treat with the crochet Quick Easy Textured Beanie—it's not only warm but also incredibly easy to crochet. What makes this beanie crochet pattern stand out is that it's crocheted in bulky yarn, ensuring it keeps you cozy during the colder months.
Crochet the Quick Easy Textured Beanie Pattern
Cable Crochet Scarf – Free Crochet Pattern
You're sure to fall in love with the Cable Crochet Scarf—it's thick and wonderfully warm, perfect for chilly winter days. This oversized crochet shawl features stunning crochet cables, adding both style and texture to your winter wardrobe.
Crochet the Cable Crochet Scarf
Crochet Mitis Shawl – FREE Crochet Pattern
Presenting the crochet Mitis shawl – an exquisitely textured accessory featuring intricate stitch work. Crafted sideways, this shawl offers you the flexibility to adjust its size as you crochet. A perfect addition to your winter crochet projects!
See the Crochet Mitis Shawl Pattern
Crochet Pearl Headband – FREE Crochet Pattern
Indulge in the distinctive style and allure of the Pearl Headband, adorned with crocheted pearls. Crafted using super warm 100% wool Eskimo yarn, this headband is an essential accessory for the winter season. The pearls are intricately created during the crochet process, infusing the design with an elegant touch.
See the Crochet Pearl Headband Pattern
Crochet Cowl FREE Crochet Pattern
Get ready to fall in love with this free crochet cowl pattern—it's super easy and works up quickly, making it an instant favorite. Made in a classic and effortless infinity design, this crochet cowl is a breeze to make.
See the Crochet Cowl Pattern
Crochet Bellus Mittens – FREE Crochet Pattern
Here's another chance to dive into a FREE crochet pattern: the Bellus Mittens, perfect for winter crochet projects. These mittens boast plenty of beautiful texture, making them a charming addition to your winter accessories.
See the Crochet Bellus Mittens Pattern
Cable Crochet Bag Pattern
Presenting the Free Cable Crochet Bag Pattern—a must-have for those who adore crocheted bags and totes. With just yarn, a crochet hook, and a bit of time to spare, you can create a stunning accessory that's both practical and chic. But that's not all—this cable crochet bag will quickly become your go-to companion for any outing or activity. Whether you're running errands, traveling, or bringing along your latest crochet project, this versatile bag has got you covered.
Crochet the Cable Crochet Bag Pattern
Crochet Glasses Case – Free Crochet Pattern
Introducing the Crochet Glasses Case pattern—a beloved design that remains close to my heart since its inception. This adorable crochet glasses case, also suitable for sunglasses, is a quick and delightful project, ideal for summer days. You have the option to crochet it as is or add a lining for extra durability—all achievable by hand, no sewing machine required!
Crochet the Glasses Case Pattern
Crochet Textured Tweed Hat – FREE Crochet Pattern
Presenting the crochet Textured Tweed hat—a delightful addition to your crochet projects, featuring a beautiful hat crochet pattern with subtle texture. Crafted by crocheting in the round from the bottom up, this hat offers both elegance and simplicity. This pattern is an ideal choice for a quick crochet gift idea, perfect for any occasion.
Crochet the Textured Tweed Hat
Winter Seashore Scarf – FREE Crochet Pattern
This Winter Seashore Scarf is a quick, free one color crochet pattern perfect for beginners. Featuring a beautiful lacy stitch that works up quickly and ribbing for added texture, this scarf is sure to become a staple accessory.
Crochet the Winter Seashore Scarf Pattern
Beginner Crochet Hat Pattern
This Beginner Crochet Hat pattern is tailored for new crocheters, making it an ideal starting point for those new to the craft. With just a couple of basic crochet stitches required, along with step-by-step tutorials on seaming and closing the top of the crochet beanie hat with a yarn needle, you'll find the process straightforward and enjoyable. While the pattern calls for worsted weight yarn, feel free to swap it out for any yarn following the instructions provided.
See the Beginner Crochet Hat Pattern
The Basic Crochet Hat – FREE Crochet Pattern
If you've ever yearned for an everyday, uncomplicated crochet hat pattern, then this one is tailor-made for you. Featuring mostly single crochet stitches, this pattern is incredibly easy to follow. Plus, it's worked in one piece and seamed together at the end. All that's left is to add a pom pom for that finishing touch!
Crochet the Basic Crochet Hat
Quick Easy Textured Cowl – FREE Crochet Pattern
Prepare to be enchanted by the crochet Quick Easy Textured Cowl—it's not only warm but also a breeze to crochet. What sets this crochet cowl pattern apart is its use of bulky yarn, ensuring maximum coziness and warmth.
Crochet the Quick Easy Textured Cowl
The Fallglow Cabled Cowl – FREE Crochet Pattern
The Fallglow Cabled Cowl free crochet pattern uses just one color yarn. The pattern recommends using extra fine wool or "Bold" yarn from Sugar Bush Yarns for a three-dimensional "squish" factor.
Crochet The Fallglow Cabled Cowl
Crochet Quick Classic Ear Warmer – FREE Crochet Pattern
Crochet enthusiasts can quickly whip up the Crochet Quick Classic Ear Warmer in just one hour, creating a warm and cozy winter accessory. This pattern uses a blend of wool and acrylic for superior warmth and comfort, but feel free to use leftover yarn from your stash to bring this project to life.
Crochet the Quick Classic Ear Warmer
I Love Cables Crochet Headband – FREE Crochet Pattern
Introducing the I Love Cables Crochet Headband, a cozy and straightforward project that you're sure to adore. This headband features exquisite stitch details, showcasing lovely crochet cables for added visual appeal.
See the I Love Cables Crochet Headband Pattern
Crochet Summer Shoulder Bag – FREE Crochet Pattern
Introducing the Crochet Summer Shoulder Bag – the perfect one-color crochet project for those warm, sunny days! Summer adventures often call for outdoor escapades, and if you're anything like me, you find yourself needing to carry a multitude of items. With most summer garments lacking pockets, it's a constant back-and-forth to grab essentials. But fear not! I've discovered the perfect solution: this mini summer bag pattern.
Crochet the Summer Shoulder Bag
Crochet Delicatus Hat – FREE Crochet Pattern
Here's another chance to explore a FREE crochet pattern: the crochet Delicatus Hat. Crochet hats are wonderfully versatile and can be made using any crochet stitch. What makes this hat special is its stunning showcase of the broomstick lace stitch!
See the Crochet Delicatus Hat Pattern
Chunky Crochet Mittens – Free Crochet Pattern
Prepare to elevate your winter wardrobe with these beautiful handmade pieces! Our step-by-step instructions will guide you through creating these amazing chunky crochet mittens effortlessly. Get ready to crochet in style and comfort!
Crochet the Chunky Crochet Mittens
Calidi Scarf – FREE Tunisian Crochet Pattern
Get ready to fall in love with the Calidi Scarf. It's not only the ideal quick crochet gift but also a fantastic easy Tunisian crochet pattern for the winter season. What sets this scarf apart is its luxurious softness, crafted using Lion Brand Color Made Easy yarn. Whether wrapped as a cozy cowl or worn as a stylish accessory around your neck, this scarf is perfect for both fall and winter.
Crochet the Calidi Scarf Pattern
Pinecone Twist Headband – FREE Crochet Pattern
Create the trendy twist shape of the Pinecone Twist Headband by starting with one band, splitting it into two, and then joining them together again. This crochet winter headband pattern is ideal for those seeking a quick project. The headband showcases the Crunch Stitch or Even Moss Stitch, resulting in a beautifully textured and warm design.
Crochet the Pinecone Twist Headband
Easy Crochet Shawl Pattern
You'll love this one color free crochet pattern! Its straightforward design is incredibly easy to follow. Best of all, it's a quick project that you can finish in just a few hours, depending on your crocheting speed.
See the Easy Crochet Shawl Pattern
Winter Seashore Hat – FREE Crochet Pattern
This easy crochet pattern showcases beautiful ribbing paired with a lovely stitch pattern, creating a charming design. The best part? The slouch is optional! You can easily customize the hat by adding or reducing rows to achieve your desired look.
Crochet the Winter Seashore Hat Pattern
Crochet Twisted Ear Warmer Pattern
Embrace the charm of the Crochet Twisted Ear Warmer Pattern. This crochet winter headband pattern effortlessly adds style to your cold weather outfits, keeping you fashionable and snug. Follow the pattern's instructions to create a tube using variations of the single crochet stitch, then twist it to join seamlessly.
See the Crochet Twisted Ear Warmer Pattern
Ribbed Crochet Cowl Pattern
Crocheting a ribbed cowl is a delightful project for staying snug during chilly days. The ribbed pattern adds beautiful stitches to the one-color crochet cowl. Have fun wearing your handmade creation! This single-color ribbed crochet cowl is a part of a set together with the ribbed crochet hat. Find the matching hat pattern here.
See the Ribbed Crochet Cowl Pattern
Crochet Cozy Cowl – Free Crochet Pattern
Here's another chance to explore a FREE crochet pattern—the crochet Cozy Cowl. You can crochet this cowl using any super bulky yarn, whether it's from your existing stash or a quick trip to your local yarn store. Named for its snug fit around the neck, this cowl provides optimal warmth and can be worn under any coat or jacket during freezing weather.
See the Crochet Cozy Cowl Pattern
Crochet Scato Scarf – FREE Crochet Pattern
If oversized crochet scarves are your style, then the crochet Scato scarf is an absolute must-have. Like any crochet scarf, you can customize it to your desired length with ease. Adjusting it to suit your preferences is simple and straightforward.
See the Crochet Scato Scarf Pattern
Peekaboo Sunhat – FREE Crochet Pattern
Search no more for the ideal sun hat for you and your little one! This hat is crafted with both functionality and style in mind. The mesh body ensures ample breathability for your head, while the wide brim provides protection from harmful UV rays. To add a touch of elegance, I've finished it off with a pretty picot stitch around the brim, making it just a little extra special.
See the Peekaboo Sunhat Crochet Pattern
Blossom Wrap – Free Crochet Pattern
Presenting the Blossom Wrap, a perfect companion for breezy summer evenings or cloudy days. It complements your favorite sundress or tank, offering a touch of warmth during late outdoor gatherings. Crafted using short rows from one end to the other, this wrap comes together swiftly with a simple two-row repeat!
See the Blossom Wrap Crochet Pattern
Crochet Bellus Headband – FREE Crochet Pattern
Craft the Bellus Headband using scrap yarn or Rowan Felted Tweed Aran for a cozy and fashionable winter accessory. The pattern is simple and only calls for one color of yarn, but feel free to dress it up with buttons or accessories!
See the Crochet Bellus Headband
Crochet Clutch Pattern
Prepare to be enamored with our free crochet pattern for the Crochet Clutch. Perfect for those short on time, this incredible pattern is tailor-made for you. All you need is approximately half a skein of typical-sized fabric yarn (about 750 g), a 15 mm crochet hook, and just one or two hours to spare. That's all it takes!
See the Crochet Clutch Pattern
Chelsea Cowl FREE Crochet Pattern
Using only two stitches, the half double crochet and double crochet, makes The Chelsea Cowl a very accessible project for beginners. Both of these stitches are relatively simple to learn and work up quickly, so crocheters of all skill levels can enjoy making this cozy cowl scarf.
Crochet the Chelsea Cowl
Crochet Mitis Hat – FREE Crochet Pattern
Prepare to be captivated by the crochet Mitis hat. This stunning textured crochet beanie boasts incredible stitch details that are sure to impress. Crafted sideways, this hat offers a unique twist—you can customize the slouchiness to your preference right from the start and simply stop crocheting when you reach your desired circumference.
See the Crochet Mitis Hat Pattern
Ribbed Crochet Hat Pattern
The Ribbed Crochet Hat is the ideal option for a swift crochet project, ensuring warmth during chilly, windy days. Crafted with stretchy ribbing, this hat retains its shape while providing comfort and coziness.
See the Ribbed Crochet Hat Pattern
Kameron Slouch Hat – FREE Crochet Pattern
This complimentary crochet pattern boasts a chic slouch design with ribbed stitches, lending texture and allure to the finished product. The hat is not only visually appealing but can also be crocheted in just one or two hours.
Crochet the Kameron Slouch Hat

One Color Crochet Patterns for the Home

There are many useful things to crochet for the home that use just one yarn color.

From potholders and crochet pillows to face scrubbies, and everything in between.

Get ready to discover some amazing patterns.

How to Crochet Face Scrubbies
Searching for a simple and speedy way to enhance your bathroom decor? Look into crocheting face scrubbies! These versatile items not only add a charming touch to your space but also offer a rewarding DIY experience while leaving your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized. With minimal materials and easy-to-follow steps, you can swiftly create these lovely crochet scrubbies.
See the Crochet Face Scrubbies Pattern
Crochet Hand Towel Pattern
Crocheting a hand towel is a practical and enjoyable project that serves multiple purposes in the home. Whether you use it in the bathroom or kitchen, this crochet hand towel pattern is sure to become a staple. Crafted with durable cotton yarn, it's not only functional but also makes for a popular crochet gift.
See the Crochet Hand Towel Pattern
Produce Bag- FREE Crochet Pattern
This produce bag holds a special place in my heart—it's one of my favorite items to crochet. These bags work up incredibly fast and are incredibly versatile. I bring them with me everywhere and use them for a variety of purposes. They even hold my daughter's princesses—those little trinkets you find at the register—that we have to bring everywhere!
Crochet the Produce Bag
Easy Double Thick Crochet Potholder
This one-color crochet pattern features easy, double-thick potholders that are perfect for quick and enjoyable crochet projects. Using a simple combination of basic crochet stitches, this free pattern is both easy to learn and quick to make. Crafted from durable cotton yarn, these potholders are not only practical but also machine washable, ensuring long-lasting use.
See the Easy Double Thick Crochet Potholder Pattern
Crochet Flower Pillow Cover Pattern
The Crochet Flower Pillow Cover Pattern is a great crochet pattern to decorate your home. It works up quickly with a large crochet hook and thick yarn.
The stitches aren’t too difficult with a 2 row stitch pattern repeat.
See Crochet Pattern
Crochet Plant Hanger – FREE Easy Pattern
Introducing our fabulous Crochet Plant Hanger – an easy project perfect for honing your crochet skills! Using simple stitches and less than one skein of yarn, you can create an impressive statement piece for any room in your home. Whether you're a crochet newbie or a seasoned pro, this project promises plenty of satisfaction and enjoyment. For detailed instructions, including a video tutorial, check out the link below and embark on creating this gorgeous plant hanger with our quick crochet pattern.
See the Crochet Plant Hangover Pattern
How to Crochet A Washcloth
If you're keen on mastering the art of crocheting a washcloth, you've come to the perfect spot! These crocheted washcloths are not only fantastic for gifting but also serve as an excellent starting point for those new to crochet. With our straightforward crochet pattern and basic stitches, you'll soon have a lovely washcloth ready to use in no time!
See the Crochet Washcloth Pattern
Cabled Throw Pillow
This one-color crochet pattern showcases a charming throw with a line of cables running down the middle, adding a touch of elegance to any bedding set. Despite its intricate appearance, the cable pattern is surprisingly simple, making it a perfect project for crocheters of all skill levels.
Crochet the Cabled Throw Pillow
Lace Produce Bag Crochet Pattern
Discover the beauty of our Lace Produce Bag Crochet Pattern, a versatile and eco-friendly accessory you're sure to cherish. This practical yet stylish bag showcases an intricate lace stitch and a durable round crocheted base, perfect for all your produce needs.
See the Lace Produce Bag Crochet Pattern
Crochet Water Bottle Holder Pattern
With just one color of your favorite cotton yarn, you can crochet this water bottle holder pattern in no time! Carry your daily beverage with a shoulder strap allowing you to use your hands on the road, hiking, or shopping. This pattern features the lace star stitch and will add a beautiful design to your water bottle.
See the Crochet Water Bottle Holder Pattern
How To Crochet A Bookmark
There are many great small crochet pattern ideas, and a crochet bookmark is for sure one of them.
If you have yarn scraps laying around, and need a super quick crochet gift, then this crochet bookmark pattern is perfect.
This pattern uses easy crochet stitches and is worked back and forth in rows.
See Crochet Pattern
Simple Crochet Pillow Cover Pattern
You’re going to love this simple crochet pillow cover pattern, a great home decor crochet pattern.
It’s an easy crochet pattern for a throw pillow that works up quickly using thick yarn. The crochet stitches used creates lots of amazing texture.
See Crochet Pattern

Other Crochet Ideas You’ll Love

If you are interested in one color crochet patterns, these crochet ideas may peak your interest too.

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Get Started on One Color Crochet Projects

There are infinite possibilities when it comes to one color crochet projects. Many of them use more than one skein, but some are great one skein crochet patterns.

It’s an ideal chance to display your passion for crochet with great gifts and experiment with new crochet stitches.

Whether it’s mastering simple stitches or venturing into more complex patterns like cables or lace, there’s an abundance of options to explore.

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