20+ Done in 1 Hour Crochet Projects

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Having some quick and easy 1 hour crochet projects to make is so amazing.

They can be used to crochet anything from great gifts to craft market favorites.

Here we’ve compiled a list of 20 done in 1 hour crochet projects – from crochet headbands to home decor items, there’s something for everyone.

So break out the yarn and crochet hooks, because with these one-hour (or less!) patterns are great picks so you’ll be able to make yourself something new in no time!

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Materials Needed to Crochet 1 Hour Crochet Projects

To crochet 1 hour crochet projects there are some materials needed such as:

On each of the linked crochet patterns you can find specific yarn suggestions and crochet hook size. If you need to substitute yarn, here’s a guide to substituting yarn when crocheting.

You can use any yarn weight when crocheting quick 1 hour patterns, however, yarns that are 4 medium / worsted weight yarn or thicker are a good choice.

Why 1 Hour Crochet Projects?

One of the best aspects of crochet is that it doesn’t have take too long to complete some projects – there are plenty of 1 hour crochet projects you can make!

Whether you’re a crochet beginner or a seasoned crocheter looking for something quick and satisfying, these one-hour crochet patterns offer great results in just 60 minutes.

These short projects are perfect for those who don’t have time for bigger items such as crochet garments or large crochet projects for your home.

Many patterns can be completed within an hour, including crochet accessories like headbands, hats and scarves; kitchen and home decor items like coasters, pot holders and plant hangers!

The finished crochet items from 1 hour crochet projects make ideal last-minute gifts, to sell on craft fairs or you can keep them for your self!

One hour crochet projects also provide a nice break from more lengthy tasks since the end result comes quickly without taking up too much of your day.

While some people may think that crafting takes forever due to the amount of measurements and precision required when following patterns correctly, shorter crochet sessions give you enough time to get creative without feeling overwhelmed by larger tasks ahead.

How Long Does It Truly Take to Crochet These Patterns?

The crochet patterns in this blog post is advertised as one hour or less crochet patterns, but do they really take that little time? Well, it depends.

Some crocheters finish projects faster than others, so there’s no 100 % guarantee that you’ll be able to finish those below in that time.

However, these are really quick crochet projects and you’ll be able to finish up most of them in about 60 minutes.

To better understand how fast you can finish quick crochet patterns, try our “How Long Does It Take To Crochet That” calculator.

The 1 Hour Crochet Projects

Crocheting 1 hour easy crochet patterns are a great way to get the enjoyment of finishing small items quickly without a lot of time at hand.

You can use leftover yarn such as super bulky yarn or chunky yarn to finish these fast crochet patterns as a break between working on a big project such as crochet garments or when you’ve lost your crochet mojo.

These crochet projects can be a 1 hour slipper, crochet hat pattern, necklace, bulky baskets, fingerless gloves, a blanket square or rectangle or simply a few granny squares.

There’s a huge variation of crochet patterns that can be finished in an hour, using less than one skein of yarn and basic crochet stitches such as single crochet stitches, double crochet stitch or treble crochet stitch.

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1. Crochet Wrist Warmer Pattern

This crochet pattern will help you customize your look with trendy wrist warmers.

In just one hour, you can create stylish crochet accessories that are perfect for any occasion.

Be it a night out on the town or a cozy evening at home – this 1-hour crochet project is sure to add the perfect touch of flair to any outfit!

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2. Easy Crochet Potholder Pattern

If you’re a crocheter and only have an hour to spare, whip up one of these easy crochet potholders.

This simple pattern uses linked double crochet stitches and just two colors of yarn.

Plus, it makes a great crochet gift or addition to your kitchen decor.

So grab your crochet hooks and let’s get started on this fun project – all within the span of an hour!

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3. Face Scrubbies Crochet Pattern

Do you need a project that can be completed in an hour or less? Look no further than these amazing crochet face scrubbies!

These colorful little crochet scrubbies are both practical and fun to make. Perfect for anyone who loves working with yarn, these patterned scrubbies are great for gifts, stocking stuffers, or just a treat for yourself.

Not only do they look beautiful but they’re also very easy to make. With just some basic knowledge of crochet stitches and techniques, you can make your very own set of scrubbies in no time at all! Read on to find out how it’s done!

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4. Create a Triangle Granny Square Garland

Bring a touch of whimsy to your home with this charming triangle granny square garland.

Each of these triangles will take less than one hour and is perfect for crochet beginners!

If you’re wanting to make a really long garland, make a them over more sessions of 1 hour, but a short one can in theory be finished within 1 hour.

It’s sure to be admired by visitors crossing your doormat!

Dive into triangle granny square garland making and explore how simple decorating can be.

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5. Crocheting a Spring Flower Blanket Square

If you have an hour and a few supplies, then you can create a beautiful Spring Flower Blanket Square.

This project is perfect for those who are looking for something quick and easy. Crocheting blanket squares are a great way to split up the process of crocheting blankets into small one hour sessions.

With its intricately floral pattern, it adds a touch of beauty any room in your home.

Get creative with colors and add some personality to this one-hour crochet project today!

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6. Free Crochet Christmas Tree Ornament Pattern

Do you love spending your time creating handmade ornaments for Christmas? Look no further than this beautiful and easy-to-make 1 hour crochet projects.

This free crochet pattern is perfect for creating an adorable Christmas tree ornament for your own tree or as a thoughtful gift.

With only basic stitches, yarn and a crochet hook, this project can be completed quickly from start to finish.

The result is an eye-catching decoration! Discover the step by step crochet pattern now and create something festive with joy.

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7. Infinity Cowl Crochet Pattern

Are you a crochet enthusiast looking for a project that won’t take days to finish? Look no further than this cozy infinity cowl!

This quick and easy pattern only takes an hour to complete, making it the perfect project for beginners or experienced crocheters looking for something fun and fast.

All you need are thick yarn, a crochet hook, and 60 minutes off your time.

Get ready to create amazing 1 hour crochet projects with this free Infinity Cowl Crochet Pattern!

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8. Crochet Beanie Pattern

Chunky beanies, like this crochet beanie pattern is perfect for crocheters who want to add a stylish crochet accessory to their wardrobe.

With this easy-to-follow crochet pattern, you can crochet a beautiful hat in no time at all.

Not only will you be able to make something unique that fits your style, but it’s also sure to become one of your favorite 1-hour crochet projects.

So grab some yarn and let’s get started!

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9. Crochet Rose Blanket Square

Like the blanket square further up, you can crochet this lovely rose blanket square in an hour.

This is a great idea to crochet when you want to split up crocheting a big project like a crochet blanket in small sessions.

You will still feel a sense of accomplishment after finishing this amazing and stunning blanket square.

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10. Free Crochet Pattern: Christmas Star Ornament

Crochet Christmas ornaments are great ideas to crochet in less than 1 hour, you can even make multiple.

The Christmas Star Crochet Ornament is one of the great holiday ideas, and you can easily whip up a few of these in an afternoon!

Made with basic stitches and featuring instructions that are suitable for crochet beginners, this charming star will be the perfect small crochet project.

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11. Free Crochet Pattern: Egg Warmer

Have you been on the lookout for fun and creative 1 hour crochet projects to make in your spare time?

This free crochet pattern is a great way to make adorable egg warmers for yourself or as gifts.

Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing an engaging project within an hour.

With this easy-to-follow crochet pattern, you’ll be able to craft stunningly detailed egg warmers in no time!

Plus, customize them however you want by using different colors and grabbing something from your yarn stash.

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12. Free Crochet Pattern: Classic Ear Warmer

This classic ear warmer crochet project is a great productive way to spend 1 hour crocheting!

This easy-to-follow pattern is perfect for beginner crocheters, as it requires only basic crochet skills.

Best of all, you can complete it in just one hour – giving you a sense of accomplishment and plenty of time left to enjoy your new accessory or gift it to someone special.

And with its timeless design, this classic ear warmer will be sure to please everyone who wears it.

Get started now on this free crochet pattern and create a beautiful handmade item in no time at all!

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13. Crochet Glasses Case

Learn how to make this adorable glasses case in just one hour.

With step-by-step instructions and helpful tips along the way, you’ll have a great handmade item to use or crochet gift in no time.

If you’re new to crochet or need some refresher on certain stitches and techniques, don’t worry; this 1 hour project is perfect for beginners as well as crocheting veterans.

Step up your accessory game with this unique glasses case – all it takes is one hour with your favorite yarn!

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14. Learn How to Crochet Coasters

Crochet coasters is a great way to show off your skills in the art of crochet.

Not only are they fast and simple to make, but they also make great last minute crochet gifts for friends and family.

With just a few supplies, you can quickly create beautiful handmade pieces that are sure to impress.

Click through now to get started on this delightful coaster project today!

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15. Free Crochet Potholder Pattern

If you’re looking for a quick and easy crochet project, why not whip up a set of your own favorite potholders?

This free pattern is perfect for beginner crocheters or anyone who needs a 1 hour project to work on.

With simple stitches and no shaping or increases necessary, you can make this fun kitchen accessory with cotton yarn!

Whether it’s for yourself or as a gift, these stylish potholders will add color to any kitchen.

Get creative with the colors you choose and get started today – let’s make something special!

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16. Crochet Plant Hanger

Check out this fun and stylish plant hanger. This crochet pattern will show you how to make your own unique piece, with materials and tools that are easily available.

Create your own design with color combinations of your choice, all within the comfort of your home in just one hour!

This crochet pattern is perfect for anyone who want to try their hand at crocheting something beautiful.

Give life and a unique look to any room with this 1-hour project – start crafting now!

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17. Picnic in the Park Jar Cozies

Picnic in the Park Jar Cozies is a great project that provides a unique twist on traditional jar cozies.

Bright, fun colors and texture come together to create an eye-catching design perfect for any outing!

Plus, they work up quickly so you can be ready to enjoy some time on a picnic soon!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make something special – check out this crochet pattern today!

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18. Free Crochet Soap Sock Pattern

This soap sock crochet pattern is a great quick crochet pattern idea!

It’s perfect for beginners and more experienced crocheters alike. This quick little pattern is great to make as gifts, or just to use yourself in the shower or bath.

And it’s not just practical – it looks super cute too!

Get ready start stitching up your very own soap socks today!

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19. Crochet Christmas Garland

Crochet can be a great way to make a fun and festive holiday cheer in your home.

With only an hour of time, consider crafting this beautiful crochet Christmas garland!

Using just the simple stitches of single crochet, slip stitches and chains, even a beginner crocheter can create an impressive piece in no time.

Impress your friends and family with this thoughtful handmade gift that will last for years to come!

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20. Free Crochet Pattern for Dryer Balls

These crochet dryer balls are great projects to finish in just an hour!

This free pattern is simple enough for beginners, and the finished product makes a great crochet gift or addition to your laundry room.

With just one hour of crocheting, you can make this useful home accessory that will help reduce static cling in clothes while reducing energy costs.

Get ready to create something special – try out this 1-hour crochet project today!

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21. Crochet Flower Pattern

Are you looking for a unique and beautiful project that can be completed in just one hour? Look no further than this less than 1-hour crochet flower pattern!

This simple yet stylish design is perfect for adding a touch of elegant beauty to any room or outfit.

With easy-to-follow instructions, even beginners can master the art of crocheting- Get creative with color combinations to make something truly special. So what are you waiting for? Start crafting today!

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22. Crochet Washcloth Pattern

If you’re looking to learn how to crochet a washcloth, you’ve come to the right place! This crochet washcloth pattern is perfect for a quick and satisfying crochet project.

Not only are crocheted washcloths great to make as gifts, but they’re also an excellent project for beginners.

With this easy crochet pattern and simple stitches, you’ll have a beautiful crochet washcloth in no time at all!

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23. Crochet Striped Sunglasses Pouch

Are you looking for a unique and stylish 1-hour crochet project? Look no further than this gorgeous striped sunglasses pouch!

This easy yet eye catching design is perfect for summer.

The pattern is easily customizable to make it your own – switch up the yarn, add extra stripes or use a new easy stitch combination.

It’s an ideal quick project that will give you plenty of satisfaction when you’re finished.

Whether it’s a gift for someone special or just something fun to make yourself – this sunglasses pouch checks all the boxes! Create your own one hour wonder today!

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What Is The Easiest And Fastest Thing To Crochet?

The easiest and fastest thing to crochet is a single crochet stitch. However, if you are looking to finish a project really quickly, a crochet granny square or coaster are a good choice.

What Can I Crochet Fast?

Fast crochet projects are ideal for those who want to create something quickly, without sacrificing quality. Some of the most popular fast crochet projects include crochet scarves, crochet hats, and dishcloths. Scarves can be made in a single evening with bulky yarns and large hooks, while hats and dishcloths require only a few hours each. For experienced crocheters looking for more of a challenge, cowls or headbands also make great fast projects.

What Can You Crochet In 60 Minutes?

In 60 minutes, you can crochet a variety of items depending on your skill level. For beginners, you could make a simple crochet scarf or pot holder. If you’re more experienced, then in an hour you could create a cozy hat or cowl. The possibilities are endless with this versatile craft.

Ready to Try Some 1 Hour Crochet Projects?

Now that you know there are plenty of 1 hour crochet projects, why not pick one up and give it a try?

You can make something beautiful while also learning new crochet stitches and techniques.

If you’ve lost your crojo on bigger crochet projects, these quick patterns are a great choice to get the feeling of accomplishment.

With just an hour of your time, you’ll be able to create something priceless that will last much longer than the time it took to make it!

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