8 Creative Scrap Yarn Crochet Ideas

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Scrap yarn crochet ideas is something you should always look for to keep your creative side excited. There’s no reason to always purchase new yarn & not use all the scraps or left over yarn. Because – You have accumulated them too right? A pile of scrap yarn that you are not sure what to do with, but you don’t have the heart to throw away? & you should definitely not throw them away!

My pile used to grow more and more for each crochet project I finished. I had scrap yarn from each and every crochet project I finished. Consequently I needed to find a solution for my problem. That’s why I’ve gathered these scrap yarn crochet ideas for you & me to use. I’ve already made quite a few of these & I have also started designing crochet patterns that are amazing for scrap yarn.

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Resource: The Crochet Pattern Shop to find amazing crochet patterns that works great with scrap yarns.


The list of what you’ll need for these scrap yarn crochet ideas:

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When you hear “scrap yarn” or leftover yarn it’s easy to think it might be boring. Giving you the feeling that the finished scrap yarn crochet projects will not have the same quality. Because it’s a great feeling to purchase yarn, I guess that’s every crocheters weakness.

However if you’re like me you might think it’s safer to purchase at least one extra skein of yarn, rather than ending up having too little. Consequently you’ll have much scrap yarn stashed away. To reduce this habit you could learn more about calculating yardage or even how to calculate how much yarn you need by weight.

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Anyway there’s many reasons why you should use your left over yarn. Two important reasons is that it’s more friendly to both your wallet & the environment. Because you don’t really need new yarn if you’ve already got some yarn to use. I have to admit I need to work on this part too!

The final reason is that there’s so many amazing projects that’s perfect for scrap yarn. If you keep reading, I’m going to share 8 of these with you right now. But if you find that these 8 are not enough, I’ve also gathered a list of 50 scrap yarn ideas you could download too (link below).


1. Wrist warmers

This totally fits into a scrap yarn project as it can be made with just one skein of yarn or multiple piles of scraps. Wrist warmers really can be made in thousands ways.

A pair of wrist warmers are from my collection of crochet designs. The Delicatus wrist warmers are amazing & could easily be made with scrap yarn. You’ll also learn to master Broomstick Lace Crochet, that are for sure an amazing way to crochet.
Delicatus Wrist Warmers. 

2. Flowers

Making crochet flowers is a really cute project. They can be made in all sizes and difficulties. There is a couple of different ways to make them that come to mind – flat laying flowers & more “real life” shaped flowers.

I really think crocheted flowers can be great as embellishments on store bought clothes as well as handmade. They can also make a nice hair accessory.

Here is what i found when I searched for “crochet” & “flowers” on Pinterest:

scrap yarn crochet ideas

The crochet flowers I found that I loved the most was the flowers from Make & Do Crew. Jess from Make & Do Crew are doing an amazing job sharing crochet inspiration.
See the lovely cherry blossom flowers here:

Cherry Blossom Crochet Pattern. 

3. Cushion Covers

Making crocheted scrap yarn cushion covers is a great idea. They would also look great together with a scrap yarn crochet blanket (read more here).

Just to explain the idea quickly – collect all small scraps of yarn in any color & thickness. Crochet cushion covers. This is a quick project & will end up wonderful & unique.

8 Creative Scrap Yarn Crochet Ideas

I’ve found a great & easy pattern for cushion covers that could easily be made using scrap yarn.

Solveig from Solstrikke has this amazing pattern that you should try if you consider making a pillow cover (Thank you Solveig!):

Triangles – geometric pillow

4. Boot cuffs

Boot cuffs are really an easy accessory to crochet. They can be made in thousands of ways & are a great companion to winter & fall boots. This is what i found when i searched for “Boot”, “Cuffs” & “Crochet” on Pinterest.

scrap yarn crochet ideas

One of the crochet patterns I liked the most when I searched on Pinterest was the Boot Cuffs from Tammy from Posh Patterns. She has shared a pattern that’s just lovely (thank you Tammy!).

Crochet Pattern Elegant Boot Cuffs.

5. Potholders

Potholders are a must in the kitchen. In addition it’s the perfect crochet project to make & gift. They can be unique & decorating as well as really practical. The key is to make them thick enough to keep yourself form getting burned when you need them.

scrap yarn crochet ideas

I’ve got a pattern for Potholders & Egg Warmers as one of my designs, but you could also easily find a pattern on Pinterest.

Resource: Potholder & Egg Warmers Pattern.

6. Edgings to other projects & t-shirts

Making crochet edgings can be a fun way to spice up either clothes or other crochet projects. They can be made in another color to make boring t-shirts interesting. They can also make a fun edge on crochet blankets and so on. The possibilities are endless.

This is what I found when I searched for “Crochet” & “Edging” on Pinterest.

scrap yarn crochet ideas

When I searched on Pinterest a pin from Zween stood out to me. The T-shirt edging crochet tutorial is from Emily, who has made a beautiful crochet t-shirt (Thank you Emily!).

Crochet Neckline; DIY Shirt Refashion

7. Earrings

Crochet earrings can be made in many ways. I searched & found some amazing crochet patterns on Pinterest with the words “Crochet” & “Earrings”.


The final idea is really one of the cutest ideas I’ve found. Crocheted bookmarks can be made with any crochet stitch & is really an amazing project to make when you are trying out new crochet stitches. Make a rectangular and long crochet piece & use it as a bookmark in one of your favorite books.

scrap yarn crochet ideas

I also found a cute crochet bookmark from Brittany from Just Be Crafty when I searched for crocheted bookmarks om Pinterest. It’s a great pattern & tutorial you should have a look at (Thank you Brittany!).

Mini Bow Bookmark. 

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Hope you enjoyed this!

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