5 Bulky Yarn

On this page you can find crochet patterns using yarn weight 5 Bulky Yarn, also commonly known as chunky yarn.

Yarn weight refers to the thickness of the yarn, learn more with this yarn weight size chart showing all yarn weights.

Common crochet hook sizes for 5 Bulky Yarn are:

Learn more about how to choose crochet hook for the yarn weight.

What is size 5 bulky yarn?

5 bulky yarn refers to the thickness of the yarn. Yarn weights range from 0 to 7, where 0 is the thinnest and 7 is the thickest. 5 bulky yarn is also commonly known as chunky yarn.

What size crochet hook for bulky 5 yarn?

For 5 Bulky Yarn, common crochet hook sizes to use range from 6.5 mm to 9 mm.

Is 5 yarn bulky?

Yes, yarn marked 5 is the same as Bulky Yarn.


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