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7 Spring Crochet Ideas That Will Make You Excited

7 Spring Crochet Ideas That Will Make You Excited

spring crochet ideas


Spring crochet ideas are all about letting the wool yarn rest for a few months, while you start using cotton yarn when you crochet. The days get’s gradually longer & you start seeing the sun more often. Because of that your hands easily gets warmer while you crochet & thus will cotton feel better to work with.

Spring is also the time of year when you see more colorful crochet projects, with brighter colors & easily they feel more fun. I do love to make a few really colorful crochet projects during spring. That’s why this article is filled with just the possibility to add colors to your crochet projects.

These 7 spring crochet patterns is all about cotton yarn that fits those warmer days.



Before I start sharing any of the 7 spring crochet patterns with you, I do want to take the time to share some crochet ideas for all seasons. Maybe a summer will fit your crochet “mood” better? Open all the articles filled with crochet ideas in new tabs before you start reading this one. You’ll certainly feel inspired to crochet after reading all of these!



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Listed below I’ve mostly added links to both Pinterest & also to the original pattern. Let’s dive into those spring crochet ideas.


1. Crochet Flower Neclace

I did say how spring crochet ideas reminds me of brighter colors. That’s why a crocheted flower necklace is a perfect crochet project for spring. You can use all the fun colors you’d like to make a great crocheted necklace.

I searched Pinterest to find one to share, however it wasn’t easy to select just one. However I did end up with a necklace from Soozs, that was shared on Flickr.

Daisy Chain Tutorial.



spring crochet ideas


2. Crochet Purse

To crochet a purse is a cute & fun idea. You can make them in lot’s of different ways, however the ones made with metal flex frames are my favorite. I do love lining them with fabric, to give them a small pop of color when you open them.

Joy of Motion have got a design for a crocheted purse using metal flex frames. You can read more about it when you follow the link below.

Resource: Cute Purse Crochet Pattern.

credit card and coin purse crochet pattern design


3. Crochet Espadrilles

Crochet espadrilles might not be an idea you’ve seen lots of places, however I really love the idea. Right now I haven’t been able to make a pair for myself, however it’s for sure on my ever groving list of “crochet ideas I want to make”.

Make and Do Crew is the master of crocheted shoes, crochet slippers & also crochet espadrilles. I really love how amazing they look.

Crochet Espadrilles With Flip Flop Soles.



4. Crochet Bracelets

I really love wearing a bracelet or two. It’s even beter when you can make the bracelets yourself. A sure amazing idea is to crochet the bracelets. There are thousands of ways you can make crocheted bracelets. If you mix up the crochet stitch you use, as well as yarn color, you’ll be able to make lot’s of interesting crocheted bracelets.

When I searched for a fun crochet bracelet, I fell in love with a bracelet from Kadie from Live Craft Love The Darice Craft Blog.  What made that bracelet stand out to me was the fact that it uses beads. You can see how the bracelet is made by following the link below.

DIY Beaded Wrap Crochet Bracelets.



spring crochet ideas


5. Crochet Picnic Basket

To crochet a picnic basket is a great way to make something that you can use during spring & summer picnics. A crocheted picnic basket must be crocheted with rather close crochet stitches, thus you’ll have to stay positive while you make it. Honestly it might end up being a little hard on your hands. However I believe it will be very rewarding once it’s finished.

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I found a crochet picnic basket pattern from Joyful Life Makes. It’s really a kid’s picnic basket, however if you do want to make a larger one you’ll need to adjust the pattern. Read more about it by following the link below.

Picnic TIme Crochet Pattern.


spring crochet ideas


6. Crochet Easter Decor

Easter crochet decor is for sure a spring crochet idea. During spring they often turn up in my feeds on Facebook, Ingsagram or Pinterest. Everything from easter eggs, to chickens & bunnies. It’s often hard to choose what to make & some projects turns out to big to make right before Easter.

I found one of the cutest bunnies when I searched for easter crochet ideas. It’s a small and quick crochet project, from Whiskers & Wool.

Easter Marshmallow Bunnies.



7. Crochet Tunic

A crocheted tunic is for sure perfect for spring. A tunic for me is something to wear during the warmer months, especially if they’re crocheted. What I think about is crocheted lace tunics, that looks great in spring colors. They can often be great to throw over jeans, leggings or sometimes they can almost be made long enough to wear as a summer dress.

Joy of Motion has got a crochet pattern for a crochet tunic. It’s called the Alba top. You can read more about it by following the link below.

Resource: Alba Top Crochet Tunic .

alba top crochet pattern design

I really hope you enjoyed these fun spring crochet ideas, & that you’re excited to start crocheting. Please remember to comment below to share other spring crochet ideas with me & other readers. Help each other get inspired to crochet during spring.


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