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5 Valentine’s Crochet Patterns in the Spirit of Love

5 Valentine’s Crochet Patterns in the Spirit of Love

valentine's crochet patterns


Joy of Motion has been a fan of making crochet idea lists for quite a while now, & in this article you’ll learn about some great Valentine’s crochet patterns. Valentine’s is truly a day when you appreciate the loved ones around you, & it’s often hearts that comes into mind when you think about February 14th. In Norwegian it’s often called “All Hearts Day”, which gives a clear association with the symbol of the heart.

Valentine’s is also about romance & love. It’s the day where you spend time together with your boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s a day for candlelight & dinner together. If you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend you might send that typical anonymous Valentine’s card, & maybe it’s the day you let your future boyfriend/girlfriend know that you’re interested.

Before Valentine’s it’s fun to crochet gifts or something to related to this special day. Let’s see which 5  great crochet pattern ideas you can make for Valentines day.



Before I start sharing the Valentine’s crochet ideas with you, I’d like to share the fact that Joy of Motion has got other crochet pattern ideas from all Seasons. I’ve listed them below to inspire you to crochet all year long. Open them in a new tab before you continue reading about what to make for Valentine’s.



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5 Valentine’s Crochet Patterns in the Spirit of Love (This article).


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Remember also to download the 44 crochet ideas for the different seasons. You might need it for the 5th & final crochet idea.




In the list below you’ll find links to Pinterest, as well as to the different crochet pattern designers behind the patterns. Please take the time to visit their pages & give them some love. Remember to pin each of the pins, to make sure you find them later. I hope you enjoy this list in the spirit of love.


1. Crochet Hearts:

It’s the most obvious thing to crochet for Valentine’s. It’s the very symbol of what Valentine’s is all about – LOVE. Hearts can be crocheted in a lot of ways & can also be used in the same amount of ways. You can crochet hearts for decoration anywhere in your home; like heart garlands. You can also crochet smaller hearts to decorate a Valentine’s card to your loved one. It’s just your imagination that limits you.

As earlier have I used Pinterest as inspiration for this blog post, & you’ll find lots of heart crochet patterns over there. I found a pattern for crochet hearts from Michelle from The Painted Hinge, that I really liked. Just follow the link to see it.

The Easiest Heart Crochet Pattern Ever!



valentine's crochet patterns


2. Crochet Boyfriend-Girlfriend Mittens

I call them boyfriend-girlfriend mittens, others might call it couples mittens. Its those mittens where you share one mitten & can hold hands while wearing it. It’s really quite romantic to be able to hold hands on Valentine’s. With a pair of mittens like these it’s perfectly romantic.

I’ve searched for a crochet pattern for these mittens, but haven’t been able to find it. However I’ve fund a pin for a pair that is sold handmade over on Etsy. Check out the pin here:


3. Crochet Candle Covers

Crochet Candle Covers are perfect for Valentine’s as well as many other occations. It’s the typical picture of love & romance together with candlelight. Setting the mood for a romantic dinner with some candle light makes it perfect. This is also quite a fast project & you’ll for sure be able to finish a few right before Valentine’s.

Joy of Motion has at least 8 designs for crochet candle covers for glass jars. They are all made with different crochet stitches, which gives unique light. You can read more about them by following the link below.

Resource: Mason Jar Candle Covers.


mason jar covers crochet pattern


4. Crochet Sleeping Mask

A sleeping mask is quite a cute (or sexy) idea to crochet for Valentine’s. It all depends on how it’s made. It’s was a pattern by Maryanka on Ravelry that have given me this idea. Joy of Motion haven’t tried this pattern, but really loves how it looks.

See Also

Sleeping Mask Or Not!! Valentine’s Day.



valentine's crochet patterns


5. Crochet A Gift For Your Loved One:

Well, this is really an unlimited & vague idea. However Valentine’s is really a day for celebrating your loved one, & nothings better than making something for him/her. Since crochet is quite often a woman’s hobby, I’ve searched for a few crochet ideas for men on Pinterest.

To crochet a hat for you man is one of the ideas:

valentine's crochet patterns


Next you can crochet anything Star Wars.

valentine's crochet patterns


Finally I suggest you download the 44 crochet pattern ideas by clicking the picture below. It’s not just ideas to gift the man in you life, but it’s something for all seasons and all situations. It might give you the perfect idea to crochet for Valentine’s that I haven’t covered yet.



This is my small list of ideas to crochet for valentines. Please comment below if you have any other ideas to supplement. Enjoy!


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