25+ Crochet Tools Crocheters Need

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There’s a few crochet tools crocheters need and there’s even more tools that will help make the crochet experience better.

The essentials include a crochet hook and yarn supplies, but few crocheters would be able to finish off a crochet project without a yarn needle and scissors as well.

Lets dive into the list of crochet tools crocheters need, the essential crochet tools and beyond to get a professional finish!

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Crochet Tools Crocheters Need

There’s a few must-have essential tools you’ll need as you are starting out as a crocheter.

But there’s even more to add to your crochet toolkit that is recommended as you grow into the craft.

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1. Crochet Hooks
The most important took for any crocheter is of course at least one crochet hook. Without that you'll never be able to crochet.
If you are a crochet beginner, start with getting one crochet hook that matches the first skein of yarn you purchase.
In the long run, the best thing is investing in a good crochet hook set in a good range of crochet hooks in different sizes. Then you'll always have one ready when you find a new crochet pattern you want to make. For me this has become an important investment, at least when you also take comfort into consideration. There's no good reason to don't invest in the most important tool of the trade.
Having the right hook that suits your needs & hands is well worth it. Even though you're just a hobby crocheter this has it's importance. Strains in your hands due to the wrong hook might end up with decreasing your joy for crochet. Make sure you learn how to choose a crochet hook!
Some popular brands to consider is: Furls Crochet Hooks, clover, Susan Bates, but a regular set of unbranded aluminum hooks may be just what your need.
Get Crochet Hooks

Tape measure
If you're going to follow a pattern you'll need a tape measure for sure. Starting off for most patterns you'll need to check if the gauge is right before you start the pattern. This is important to make sure you make the pattern in the right size. Learn more about gauge here.
Next reason you'll need a tape measure is checking how much you've crocheted or to make sure you're actually making your project in the right size. The worst thing to do is not checking carefully enough & end up having to frog the whole thing. Say typically after many hours of crocheting. 
So make sure you have a tape measure by your side while crocheting.
Get a Tape Measure
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Yarn Needle or Tapestry Needle
Having at least one yarn needle is a must when embarking on a crochet project. Even though you might be able to avoid using them too much when using the technique described in "How To Save Hours Weaving in Ends". 
No matter what crochet pattern, small or big, there will always be some ends to weave in. 
See Crochet Pattern

You'll need a good pair of scissors whenever you finish off a crochet project, change yarn color or weave in ends. Choose between the practical and cute.
Small and cute scissors is a good choice, as you can carry them and a yarn needle in your notions bag without it getting too heavy.
Get Scissors

Crochet Notions Bag
It's great to have a crochet notions bag to store your crochet tools such as scissors, stitch markers, needle and more.
Get a Notions Bag
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Digital Row Counter
Counting rows can easily become a frustration when crocheting. I don't even want to realize how many hours I've spent counting rows. With the amount of crocheting I've done I might have "lost" hours or even days counting rows. 
My solution has been a digital row counter. It's a digital counter that I wear in my finger while crocheting I only have to remember to click the button once a row is finished & I now have totally control of the row count all the time. I only have to check once after I'm done. 
You can see more information about row counting here, where I also show 2 other solutions for counting rows.
Get a Row Counter

Stitch Markers
Marking off specific places in a crochet project is a great reason to add stitch markers to your crochet tools. 
Placing stitch markers, often can help you remember how & what you've done. That's also potential hours saved when it comes to repeating patterns. They can also be a great way to have instant control whenever you come back to a project after a day or two.
I've also written more about stitch markers in this post, & covered more genius ways to use stitch markers.
Get Stitch Markers

Crochet Swatch Ruler
When you are crocheting it's necessary to check the gauge for any crochet pattern that is made to a specific size.
With these handy gauge rulers, it's easy to check it by counting the number of rows and stitches that fits within the square.
Get a Crochet Swatch Ruler
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Crochet Project Bag
For crocheters on the go it's great to have a crochet project bag to bring your crochet projects with you.
If you're mostly crocheting at home, it's still a great place to store your ongoing crochet projects.
Get a Crochet Project Bag
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Crochet Tote Bag
Instead of a crochet project bag, you can get a crochet tote bag with a fun crochet related saying on it.
These are often cheaper and lighter, and is perfect for a crochet project on the go!
Get a Crochet Tote Bag
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Blocking Mats
For a professional finish, it's best to block your crochet projects. For this you would need a blocking mat.
Get Blocking Mats

Blocking Pins
To block your crochet projects, you would also need blocking pins to pin them down on your blocking mat.
Get Blocking Pins
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Crochet Notebook
If you like making adjustments on your crochet projects or simply like to note down what projects you made when, then a crochet notebook or crochet journal is just what you need.
Use it to keep track of your ongoing WIP's.
Get a Crochet Journal
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Grab a cute set of pens together with your crochet journal & keep them together.
It's a great tool for crocheters to take notes when following crochet patterns.
Get a Pen Set
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Yarn Winder
It's great to have a yarn winder if you like to use yarns that come in hanks.
To wind them into more handy yarn cakes, you'll need a yarn winder.
Get a Yarn Winder

Yarn Swift
Together with your yarn winder, it's also best to place the hanks of yarn on a yarn swift while you use the yarn winder to make yarn cakes.
Get a Yarn Swift

Pom Pom Maker
It's always great to have a set of pom pom makers if you like to crochet hats.
With these, you'll easily make great yarn pom poms in no time.
Having a set makes it easy to make just the right size every time!
Get Pom Pom Makers

Yarn Bowl
A yarn bowl is just what you need if you love round balls of yarn.
This way your ball of yarn won't end up on the floor all the time, and easily unwind as you crochet.
Get a Yarn Bowl

Yarn Storage
This is one of the best crochet tools crocheters need, yarn storage! There are many ways to store yarn and this is a smart hanging yarn storage organizer.
There's also shelves, boxes and more that can be use to store yarn.
Get Yarn Storage
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Neck Light
A neck light is perfect for when you are crocheting in dim light. Makes it easier to see the stitches.
Get a Neck Light

Crochet Stitches Book or Crochet Stitch Dictionary
All crocheters love to learn new stitches, and a great resource will always be to get a crochet stitch dictionary book.
It will show you how to crochet a great collection of crochet stitches.
Get a Crochet Stitch Dictionary

Crochet Supplies Crocheters Need

The most important crochet supply crocheters need is yarn. There are many different types of yarn, such as hand-dyed yarn, acrylic yarn, cotton yarn or wool yarn.
There's also many types of yarn weights to choose from, such as medium, worsted weight yarn, bulky yarn and more.
You will need a different type of yarn depending on the crochet pattern you are following and the result you are looking for.
You can get yarn individually, but it can also come in a crochet kit together with a crochet pattern.
The yarn label is your best friend when you select a yarn to use in your next crochet project.
Get Yarn

Digital Tools Crocheters Need

For crocheters having some digital resources can be great as you don’t need to physically have to bring them with you.

The second positive is that they can often also be free to read.

Crochet Tutorials
With some great crochet tutorials you will be able to learn what you need when you're stuck on a crochet project.
It can be how to crochet a specific stitch, weave in ends or even basic crochet knowledge that is useful for all crocheters to know.
These are often step by step crochet tutorials with photo and sometimes video guides.
Follow Crochet Tutorials

Crochet Pattern Library
Having a selection of amazing crochet patterns to choose from is just what a crocheter needs.
That way you will always have a great resources of crochet inspiration to get started on a new crochet project.
Find Amazing Crochet Patterns

Yarn Calculators
More crochet tools crocheters need is yarn calculators. These are amazing to calculate how much yarn you need, gauge and more!
Use the Yarn Calculators

Printable Crochet Tools Crocheters Need

There’s a few handy printable tools crocheters need as well. You can grab all of them below!

  1. Crochet Hook Size Chart
  2. Yarn Weight Chart
  3. Crochet Hook for Yarn Weight
  4. US vs UK Crochet Terms Translator
  5. Crochet Chart Symbols.
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