7 Fall Crochet Patterns That Keeps You Warm

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Today I’m sharing a list of 7 fall crochet patterns that keeps you warm. It’s some of my favorite projects for the fall season.  When the leaves start changing colors & the nights get darker, it’s usually the time when everyone start crocheting again. Longer nights, candlelight & a cup of tea accompanied by a new crochet project is all I could ever ask for.

For me the first priority is to start adding some more wool yarns to my crochet projects as soon as I let my self admit that summer is over. And YES, id rather wait to admit that until the very last week of September. Even though summer for me is usually more or less over as soon as school starts in August.

These 7 fall crochet patterns is all about wool yarn & warm, cozy projects.



Before I start sharing those fall patterns with you, I’d like to take the time to share crochet pattern ideas from other seasons too. Below there’s a list of related topics featuring both fall, winter, spring & summer crochet ideas. Just open them in a new tab before you start digging into those fall crochet patterns for this post.


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Listed below I’ve mostly added links to both Pinterest & also to the original pattern. Let’s dive into those fall crochet ideas.


1. Socks.

First I’d like to start of with suggesting you’ll add a pair of socks to your fall crochet list. It’s such a amazing & timeless crochet project. It’s gotten a too little love, as you’ll almost never see crocheted socks. Most are unfortunately knitted. Look at amazing ideas over at Pinterest, & search for “Crochet Socks”.


fall crochet patterns


2. Shawl.

The second fall crochet idea is to add a shawl to you crochet list this season. It’s nothing like a real warm & cozy shawl. It’s so many shawls to choose from when you’re going to crochet a shawl. You’ve got striped shawls, lacy shawls & more detailed designed shawls.

Joy of Motion has got a couple of shawls that work well both for warmer & colder Seasons. They can be made in both Cotton, but also warmer yarns such as merino or alpaca. Below you see the Actus shawl pictured, which are one of the easy shawl crochet patterns.


Related: Also available are the Decorus Shawl.


7 Fall Crochet Patterns That Keeps You Warm



3. Blanket.

For fall I do really believe you should make something cozy. That’s why I’m adding a blanket to the list of fall crochet patterns. I do think it’s only fitting to sit back & relax & make the rest of the fall crochet projects whilst having this new handmade crochet blanket wrapped around you!

On Pinterest there’s thousands of blanket ideas, but I did find one that stood out to me. It’s from Cortney from Always Rooney. She made the easiest, coziest & most rewarding blanket ever. It is for sure a easy blanket to make, & I would even say it’s skill level beginner.

Learn To Crochet: Chunky Blanket.



4. Crochet Shrug.

The next fall crochet pattern is a crochet shrug. It’s so many lovely crochet shrugs out there, & it’s a rather easy crochet project to make. The anatomy of a crochet shrug is easy, as you just have to crochet a rectangle, then  sew or crochet togehter the corners on both sides.

However to make a really good designed & unique crochet shrug, you need to mix up the stiches, the colors or details. That’s something I believe Jessica from Mama In A Stitch has successfully done with her light frost easy blanket sweater crochet pattern. The stitch is interesting, as well as both the colors & details.

Light Frost Easy Blanket Sweater Crochet Pattern.



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fall crochet patterns

5. Crocheted Mittens.

Crocheted mittens are another great idea to add to your list to crochet during fall. It’s often the hands that gets cold first whenever you spend time outside during fall & winter. That’s why starting to make mittens during fall will keep you warm throughout the season. That’s why making mittens are one of my favorite crochet projects during fall.

I do love how different crocheted mittens can turn out, from the more chunky mittens the to more detailed ones. I’ve added a picture below of the bellus mittens. They are one of the designs from Joy of Motion.


Resource: Bellus Mittens Crochet Pattern Design.

Related: Bulky Mittens Crochet Pattern Design.


bellus mittens crochet pattern design


6. Steering wheel warmer.

As the title of this article suggested, it would contain fall crochet patterns that would keep you warm. That’s why it’s only fitting to add a crocheted steering wheel crochet pattern too. The idea is to cover the steering wheel of the car with some warm wool, to make it warmer for cold hands during winter season.

I did find many lovely steering wheel warmers when I searched Pinterest for “steering wheel crochet”, but it’s a pattern from Corina fro Stitch 11 that stood out to me. Her steering wheel cover crochet pattern was both easy & interesting.

Steering Wheel Cover Crochet Pattern.



7 Fall Crochet Patterns That Keeps You Warm


7. Crochet Cardigan.

The ast idea is to crochet for fall a cardigan. I do love how you can make cardigans in cotton for summer, but then change it up & make the exact same cardigan in wool for fall & winter. Often those lace crocheted cardigans are more than warm enough during the colder season too.

Joy of Motion has a design called the Summer Cardigan. Even though it’s named “summer”, doesn’t mean it would work well with wool yarn for other seasons.


Resource: Summer Cardigan Crochet Pattern.


Or the Regelo Cardigan is a great fall crochet cardigan – see picture.


Resource: Regelo Cardigan Crochet Pattern


I hope you enjoy these ideas & don’t end up with starting no crochet project this fall. Please comment below if you’ve got more crochet project ideas for fall.

Happy crocheting!

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