30+ Crochet Placemat Patterns

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Explore the world of crochet placemat patterns with this handpicked selection designed to refine your dining experience.

From rustic charm to modern elegance, find patterns that align with your table setting theme, including cozy farmhouse styles and chic geometric designs.

These crochet placemat patterns offer a blend of practicality and style, ensuring your table is dressed to impress.

Immerse yourself in the craft of creating functional beauty and set the stage for memorable meals with your own touch of crochet sophistication.

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Materials Needed to Crochet Placemat Patterns

To follow the Crochet Placemat Patterns there are some materials needed such as:

On each of the placemat crochet patterns below you can find specific yarn suggestions and crochet hook sizes. If you want to substitute yarn, I recommend crocheting a gauge swatch.

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30+ Crochet Placemat Patterns Pin

Free Crochet Placemat Patterns

Transform your table setting with our free crochet placemat patterns.

From the cozy allure of farmhouse designs to the sleek lines of modern chic, these patterns cater to every aesthetic.

Create placemats that are not only practical but also a stylish statement for your dining area.

Dive into this collection and start crocheting placemats that will impress your guests and make every meal special.

Crochet Placemat Pattern
Indulge in the charm of this crochet placemat pattern, destined to elevate your dining room decor with its elegant appeal. Crafted using simple crochet stitches, it's an enjoyable project suitable for all skill levels. Don't forget to complete the set with a matching crochet coaster ensemble for a cohesive and stylish tabletop aesthetic.
See the Crochet Placemat Pattern
Easy Free Crochet Placemat Pattern
This is an exquisite and simple free crochet placemat pattern. It produces a chic and speedy modern rectangular design!
Crochet the Easy Free Crochet Placemat Pattern
Crochet Jorja Placemat Pattern
The Jorja Crochet Placemat Pattern is a delightful and straightforward project that promises both ease and enjoyment in its creation. With its simple yet elegant design, this placemat adds a touch of charm to any dining setting. Its practicality extends beyond aesthetics, offering protection for your table while providing a pleasing border that enhances its overall appeal, ensuring it will be a standout piece in your home.
Crochet the Jorja Placemat Pattern
Tangerine Placemat Crochet Pattern
Have you been preparing for a dinner gathering, and felt like something was missing? Add some zest to any traditional setting with this vibrant Tangerine Placemat Crochet Pattern! The vivid orange hue brings the whole room together, injecting a whimsical charm into your table setting. Your friends will marvel at the unique placemats, and you bask in the satisfaction of elevating the dining experience from mundane to enchanting!
See the Tangerine Placemat Crochet Pattern
Bohemian Mosaic Crochet Placemat Pattern
Crafted using the overlay mosaic crochet technique, the Bohemian Mosaic Crochet Placemat Pattern boasts an intermediate skill level, forming a rectangular shape measuring approximately 15.3×12.2” (39×31 cm). With a repetitive main element section, you can easily adjust the width to create a mosaic crochet table runner, although additional yarn may be required beyond the specified amount. So, seize your hook and let's begin!
See the Bohemian Mosaic Crochet Placemat Pattern
Simple Boho Placemat Crochet Pattern
If you're a fan of bohemian decor or seeking a straightforward yet textured addition to your space, this crochet boho placemat pattern is perfect for you! This pattern comes with comprehensive video and photo tutorials to guide you through the crochet pattern seamlessly. Additional matching design for the coaster too!
Crochet the Simple Boho Placemat Pattern
Free Crochet Oval Placemat Pattern
Crochet vibrant placemats to add a pop of color to your table using this complimentary oval crochet placemat pattern. These placemats work up swiftly, especially when using Lion Brand Basic Stitch or a similar worsted weight yarn. Select your favorite color yarn, crochet hook, and let's get started!
See the Free Crochet Oval Placemat Pattern
Nutmeg Nibbles Placemat Pattern
Embrace the autumn season with this delightful placemat crafted from Yarn Bee Nutmeg Nibbles Sugarwheel Cotton. Quick and enjoyable to make, this project requires just one skein of yarn, making it perfect for welcoming fall into your home.
Crochet the Nutmeg Nibbles Placemat Pattern
Modern Crochet Placemat Pattern
Contemporary and chic, this crochet square placemat pattern boasts a modern design crafted with DK weight yarn. Measuring 14" across, it showcases the intricate extreme stitch, adding flair to your dining table.
See the Modern Crochet Placemat Pattern
Seashore Bliss Placemat
Crafted with the serene beauty of the seaside in mind, the Seashore Bliss crochet placemat pattern offers simplicity and tranquility. Utilizing the Mini Bean stitch in a diagonal fashion, it produces a contemporary design reminiscent of woven textures. Whether opting for two colors as recommended or a single hue, this pattern promises an enjoyable and meditative crocheting experience. Let's embark on this creative journey!
Crochet the Seashore Bliss Placemat
Coastal Placemat
The Coastal Placemat is a charming enhancement for any summer table setting. Consider crafting several for each guest or perhaps just one as a delightful accent piece.
Crochet the Coastal Placemat
Making Waves Placemat
Meet the Making Waves Placemat, a cozy yet practical accessory to your home decor. This pattern is easy enough for beginners. I used DK / #3 light weight yarn because it offers lots of drape and is soft. Accompanying pattern for a table runner available too!
See the Making Waves Placemat Crochet Pattern
Beautiful Crochet Round Placemat
Explore this simple yet elegant free crochet pattern for round placemats. Craft a set for your own dining table or give them as a thoughtful and stylish gift.
See the Beautiful Crochet Round Placemat Pattern
Easy Crochet Placemats with Fringe
Searching for a breezy summer crochet project? Try making these charming fringe placemats to infuse a whimsical element into your boho table setting! This free pattern offers three size options.
Crochet the Easy Crochet Placemats with Fringe
Mandala Placemat Crochet Pattern
Add a pop of color to your home decor with the beginner-friendly Mandala Placemat crochet pattern. Use your scrap yarn in up to ten colors or choose to use less and customize the colors to your preference. Access the free, detailed pattern here!
See the Mandala Placemat Crochet Pattern
Diamond Shells Lace Placemat
Get ready to crochet a truly stunning piece with the Diamond Shells Lace Crochet Placemat pattern! Made with absorbent cotton yarn, this vintage-inspired design is perfect for beginners and measures 18” wide and 11” high when finished. Let's grab your hook and dive into this beautiful project!
Crochet the Diamond Shells Lace Placemat
Ribbed Crochet Placemat Pattern
Enhance your holiday table decor with charming ribbed crochet placemats. This free pattern guides you through creating both a simple solid color placemat and one with a ribbed border featuring a delightful pumpkin design.
Crochet the Ribbed Crochet Placemat Pattern
Blossom Stitch Crochet Lace Placemat Pattern
Made with the captivating blossom stitch, this crochet lace placemat pattern boasts a simple yet elegant lace design. While the stitch is open, it offers sufficient solidity to safeguard your table from plates and dinnerware. For added protection, consider crocheting a solid layer to accompany it, or sew a fabric liner for the back.
Crochet the Blossom Stitch Crochet Lace Placemat Pattern
Easy Round Crochet Placemat Pattern
Join me in creating a delightful project with this round crochet placemat pattern. It’s a delightful way to add flair to your table settings with charming crochet creations! Even beginners will find joy in crafting this simple yet playful crochet round placemat.
See the Easy Round Crochet Placemat Pattern
Crochet Pocket Placemat
The Crochet Pocket Placemat is versatile, suitable for outdoor barbecues, picnics, and everyday dining! It works up quickly and is crafted from soft 100% cotton, making it machine wash friendly. YAY for easy care and stylish functionality!
See the Crochet Pocket Placemat Pattern
Crochet Placemat Sunflower Pattern
Create your own charming sunflower placemat with this free crochet pattern! Add a touch of farmhouse country charm to your table setting with these bright and beautiful sunflowers, perfect for adding a cheerful vibe to any mealtime.
Crochet the Placemat Sunflower Pattern
Seed Stitch Crochet Placemat Pattern
This Seed Stitch Crochet Placemat Pattern offers versatility by allowing the addition of stripes to match your dining room's color scheme. Adding two or three stripes not only adds visual interest but also provides a practical use for leftover yarn. Consider experimenting with variegated yarn for a unique look. The seed stitch technique, comprising single and double crochet stitches, creates a textured fabric that is both visually appealing and durable for table protection.
Crochet the Seed Stitch Crochet Placemat Pattern
Summer Waves Placemat
Transform your dining experience with the Summer Waves Placemat, whether indoors or out! This easy four-line repeat pattern allows you to customize colors for a festive and vibrant table setting. Opt for beachy blues and greens, match your garden blooms, or unleash your creativity with any color combination. With a simple yet versatile stitch pattern, you can elevate your table decor with ease.
Crochet the Summer Waves Placemat
Fall Decor Autumn Crochet Placemat Pattern
Does this crochet placemat capture the fall spirit or what? Use this free crochet pattern as added protection for your table, to spice up your table decor or as a gift. This Fall Decor Autumn Crochet Placemat is easy-to-make and will infuse any corner of your home with a delightful autumnal vibe. The beauty of crochet lies in its versatility—you can simply switch up the colors to suit any season or occasion.
See the Fall Decor Autumn Crochet Placemat Pattern
Holiday Placemat
The Holiday Placemat adds a touch of elegance to your festive table setting. Whether used as a functional placemat or incorporated into your centerpiece decor, it brings a beautiful holiday charm to any dining arrangement.
Crochet the Holiday Placemat Pattern
Easy Crochet Christmas Placemats Pattern
This simple crochet Christmas placemat pattern features colors that evoke the festive spirit of Christmas. However, you can customize it with different yarn colors to suit any occasion throughout the year. Whether for the holiday season or other celebrations, this versatile placemat will enhance the beauty of your table setting.
Crochet the Easy Crochet Christmas Placemats Pattern
Crochet Christmas Placemat
Have fun with this Crochet Christmas Placemat, perfect for a family gift or to add some holiday cheer! This design is a simple project that uses up left over yarn and basic crochet stitches. Multiple sizes available to decorate your table in full!
See the Crochet Christmas Placemat
Sweetheart Placemat
Elevate your dining experience with the elegant Sweetheart Placemat, crafted using Tunisian crochet techniques. This stunning piece requires proficiency in chaining, Tunisian simple stitch, colorwork, and binding off, as well as blocking for the perfect finish. Perfect for creating a romantic ambiance for special evenings with your loved one.
Crochet the Sweetheart Placemat Pattern
Crochet Beach Glass Placemats Pattern
Crafted with the moss stitch, these Beach Glass Placemats offer both style and functionality for your dining table. Dive into this free crochet pattern and grab your hook to get started on creating your own set!
See the Crochet Beach Glass Placemats Pattern
Granny’s Scrappy Placemat
Check out this delightful Granny's Scrappy Placemat Pattern! I opted for cotton yarn to enhance absorbency and durability, but feel free to experiment with any yarn you have on hand. Plus, there's a matching coaster and table runner design available, so let's dive into some crochet fun today!
Crochet the Granny’s Scrappy Placemat Pattern
Jute Crochet Placemats
Enhance your table with a rustic yet chic touch using these charming jute crochet placemats. Whether for your own use or as a thoughtful gift, these placemats add a special flair to any dining setting! Each finished placemat measures approximately 12 inches in diameter.
See the Jute Crochet Placemats Pattern
Stag Placemat
Explore this free crochet pattern for the Stag Placemat, featuring a finished size of approximately 16 inches wide by 12 inches high. For a larger version, you can utilize a bigger hook or thicker cotton yarn with a corresponding hook size.
Crochet the Stag Placemat
Round Sunflower Crochet Placemat Pattern
The Round Sunflower Crochet Placemat Pattern adds a vibrant touch to your dining setup. With its cheerful design, it's a delightful addition to any sunflower-themed decor. Beyond placemats, this pattern can also be used as a stunning table centerpiece or doily. To create the placemat, simply adjust the center and petal patterns accordingly for a larger sunflower design.
See the Round Sunflower Crochet Placemat Pattern

Get Started on Crochet Placemat Patterns

Crochet placemat patterns allow you to blend functionality with artistic flair, offering a unique way to enhance your dining experience.

This presents an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your crochet skills while creating beautiful and practical tableware.

Whether you’re drawn to rustic charm or modern elegance, there’s a placemat pattern to suit your style.

Embrace the chance to delve into various crochet techniques and designs, crafting placemats that are not only useful but also a testament to your creative prowess.

Begin your journey with crochet placemat patterns and set your table apart with handmade elegance.

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