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10 Christmas Crochet Ideas Filled With Joy

10 Christmas Crochet Ideas Filled With Joy

christmas crochet ideas


This article is filled with 10 Christmas crochet ideas. It’s all about the Christmas decoration, & not exactly Christmas gifts. I really want to inspire you to crochet some of the typical Christmas decorations. You’ll also learn about ways to crochet your Christmas wrapping, which are a great idea for giving that personal looking gift.



If you’re looking for something to crochet as a Christmas Gift, I’d suggest you look at the 44 crochet ideas for all season which are linked in the picture below. In addition I’ve added the link to the different crochet pattern idea articles for the different season as an inspiration too.


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Below I’ve added links to the Christmas crochet patterns, as well as sometimes to Pinterest. Remember to visit the different crochet pattern designers pages & show them some love + pin to remember the crochet ideas for later.


1. Crochet Christmas Stars

Crocheted Christmas Stars can be both decorative on the Christmas tree or in a window. They also work well for wrapping Christmas gifts.

For the Christmas gift wrapping bundle I’ve made a small & simple star pattern.  It can however be used many ways.  This star is not just for decorating Christmas presents. I’m letting one hang in a window, but you could easily hang it on the Christmas tree or everywhere around the house to make your home ready for Christmas.

Resource: Christmas Gift Wrapping Bundle.

Christmas Wrapping Crochet Pattern Design


2. Crochet Santa Claus

This is really a crochet idea for Christmas only. Make this idea as a Christmas decoration. The crochet Santa Claus idea I found was for a square. It can be used for a bigger Christmas Character Afgahn or maybe you want to make a pillow of it?

The crochet pattern is from Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me. You can see it by following the link below.

Crochet Santa Pixel Square.


christmas crochet ideas


3. Crochet Christmas Balls

I came across this idea years ago, & it’s one of the cutest ways to make your Christmas decoration a little more personal. If you search on Pinterest you will find lots of directions on how to make the.

My favorite pattern is from Sascia from Epipa. There’s not an explanation in English, but the pictures tells the whole story.

DIY Häkelball.


crochet christmas ideas


4. Crochet Christmas Stocking

A crocheted Christmas Stocking is a really cute & personal gift. I really liked one of the Christmas Stockings I found when I searched for “Christmas”, “Stocking” & “Crochet” on Pinterest. It’s from Alexis from Crafts Unleashed. I do love that it’s not made in the very typical red & green Christmas colors, which makes it a little different.

Free Crochet Stocking Pattern.


christmas crochet ideas


5. Crochet Christmas Threes

To crochet Christmas threes can be done in many different ways. It can be cute Christmas ornaments. Joy of Motion has a pattern for crocheted Christmas threes. The Christmas threes was originally designed for the Christmas gift wrapping crochet pattern bundle. But it can be used in several ways. I’m thinking that the three can hang in the window, on the Christmas three, & even on wine bottles. There’s really no limit, its just your creativity that needs to run wild.

Resource: Crochet Christmas Threes Pattern.


Christmas Wrapping Crochet Pattern Design


6. Crochet Santa Hat

Well I’m not going to forget one of the most typical Christmas crochet ideas; The Santa Hat. Mostly I think Santa Hats are really cute for children, however you could consider crocheting a whole Santa Claus outfit as a costume for “The Santa Visit”. I’m not sure how this is done in other countries, but here in Norway there is typically a member of the family that dresses up as Santa & comes with presents to the children.

Back to the Santa Hat. I found a really cute newborn hat crochet pattern. It’s not actually truly a santa hat, but an elf hat. It’s from Molly on Andrea’s Notebook.

Pixie Elf Striped Newbort Hat Crochet Pattern.


christmas crochet ideas


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7. Crochet Small Christmas Gifts

Yet another idea that is stolen from the Christmas Wrapping Crochet Pattern Bundle. However this can also be used in a lot of ways. I think it can be decorative in the same way as the Christmas trees & the Christmas Star. I’ve not found a place for them yet, but they will go up on the wall soon.  Just use your imagination to use yours in different ways too.

Resource: Christmas Wrapping Bundle With Small Gift Pattern.

Christmas Wrapping Crochet Pattern Design


8. Crochet Ginger Bread House

When searching Pinterest for Christmas Crochet Ideas this was the one idea that amazed me the most! The details & the creativity on the crocheted ginger bread houses are truly genius. I’m letting the Pictures speak for themselves.

I did find a pattern from Carolyn Christmas that she has shared on Ravelry.

Stitchy Gingerbread House.


christmas crochet ideas


9. Crochet Snowmen

The second to last Christmas crochet idea is to crochet snowmen. Snowmen can be cute decorations for Christmas. I did find a favorite from Moji Moji Design, named the Teeny Tiny Snowmen. You can see them by following the links below.

Teeny Tiny Snowmen.


christmas crochet ideas


10. Crochet Garland

The final idea is combining almost all of the previous ideas to a garland. I’m thinking the different ideas together, or just one of them as a garland. It would look great with the stars, Santa Claus, the Christmas balls, the small Christmas gifts, & for sure the Christmas trees.

I’ve added the small Christmas gifts as a garland in this picture to give you an idea. However I would really make lots of them to make the perfect garland.

Christmas Wrapping Crochet Pattern Design

I hope you enjoyed these Christmas crochet ideas, however if you’d like another 44 crochet ideas from all seasons just download them by clicking below.


If you do have other Christmas Crochet Ideas, please comment below to share them with me & other readers. You would help inspire others to crochet for Christmas. If you don’t have any ideas, just check below if you finde one that’s already there.



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