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8 Fall Crochet Ideas That Will Get You Excited To Create

8 Fall Crochet Ideas That Will Get You Excited To Create

fall crochet ideas


This article is all about fall crochet ideas for that is exciting to make. They are all true fall crochet patterns & most of them are rather quick makes to. Fall is for me the time of year when I spend the most time crocheting. It’s due to the evnings getting longer & longer, as well as there’s not as fun being outside during the typical storms during fall. Then it’s much better to sit inside with the hook in my hands, crocheting something exciting.

For fall I do try to use mostly wool yarns. It naturally has a warmer feel when you make it, as it’s easy to get cold fingers when you crochet. Next the item’s you do make during fall is best ending up warm too.



Even though I got you all excited about those fall crochet ideas, you might just get as excited about the crochet ideas I’ve got for other seasons too. Below is a list of crochet ideas for other seasons, to get to read them all just open them in a new tab to save for later.


Fall & Winter:

7 Fall Crochet Patterns That Keeps You Warm.


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Spring & Summer:

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Listed below are the 8 fall crochet patterns, I’ve mostly added links to both Pinterest & also to the original pattern, ready?


1. Crochet Headbands

Headbands are quick & easy to make. They are wonderful to make & are really my favorite accessory to use throughout fall & winter. They are often easy to make & the size is easy to regulate. Changing up the yarn & thickness & you’ll have completely different headbands.

Joy of Motion has quite a few headband crochet patterns, & one of them is pictured below.

Resource: Bellus Headband Crochet Pattern Design.

Related: Headband With Cross Pattern.

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bellus headband crochet pattern design


2. Crochet Wrist warmers

Making wrist warmers is really a quick project, however they can also be the most wonderful gift. The wrists are really tender joints that easily gets sore & cold during winter. Keeping them warm is really a great way to keep them from any pain. There is an endless range to choose from when it comes to crocheting wrist warmer, but here is a picture of a pair that is among Joy of Motions designs.

Resource: Wrist Warmers Design.


delicatus wristwarmers crochet pattern design


3. Crochet Cowls

There’s really lots of amazing crocheted cowls out there! I’m really loving wrapping a warm, soft & wonderful cowl around my neck during freezing cold days. That’s why crochet cowls are such good fall crochet ideas. If you’re like me, you might agree that cowls are perfect as gifts too? A little hint on what’s comming up.

Joy of Motion have got a couple of cowl desings, & you can see one of them below.

Resource: Infinity Cowl (pictured).

Related: Cozy Cowl.


infinity cowl crochet pattern design


4. Crochet Boot Cuffs

Crocheted boot cuffs are for sure a sign that fall has begun. It’s just that time of year when you start finding those warmer boots. It’s a great idea to start making boot cuffs early, in that way you’ll have them ready for colder days. A boot cuff with warmer yarn, will for sure help you keep warm during fall & winter, however there’s also some boot cuffs that’s just simply decorating. What you decide to make is totally up to you.

Wile searching for crocheted boot cuffs, I found a pair that stood out. It is a pattern by Bethany from Whistle & Ivy. She has made boot cuffs with plaid pattern, & they look amazing.

Crochet Plaid Boot Cuffs.





5. Crochet Warm Sweater

I’m guessing that you know that I’m really a fan of crocheting sweaters. Mostly I’m using cotton for my sweater patterns, but I’m really also enjoying the idea of changing the material used in my sweaters, & making them in alpaca, merino or any really warm & soft wool. It makes the sweaters easy to use during those colder seasons.

Resource: Coelum Crochet Sweater Pattern.

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coelum sweater crochet pattern design


6. Crochet Candle Covers

This article started with getting you all excited about sitting inside crocheting while it rains outside & there’s storm. Nothings better than lighting som candles during those hours. My favorite make when it comes to candles is covering mason jars or glass jars with lacy crochet. It gives the bets light & looks really great.

Joy of Motion has a bundle of many patterns with different stitch designs for mason jar candle covers. Some of them are picured below.


Resource: Mason Jar Candle Covers.


mason jar covers crochet pattern


7. Crochet Mug Cozy

Well, after covering that cozy idea with sitting & crocheting in candlelight during those cold fall days, I thought I’d might condinue on the same path. Imagine having that cup of tea or coffee in your hands too. It totally makes it perfect. However it’s even better if you’ve crocheted a cozy for you mug too.

There’s many patterns for mug cozys out there, & the picture below illustrates just how a search for them on Pinterest looks like. But I did find a simple pattern that I really liked, & it’s because it’s such a simple yet beautiful pattern. The pattern is from Devon from Midwestern Moms.

Simple Crochet Mug Cozy Pattern.



fall crochet ideas


8. Crochet Christmas gifts

I have to admit, this is not really a specific idea. Christmas gifts really can be anything. Ranging from the 7 previous ideas to something completely different. However I’m adding this idea to get your head going on planning your handmade Christmas gifts. It’s really nothing to compare with such a personal & unique gift. If you don’t get excited about those previous 7 ideas, the total of 44 downloadable ideas might just be right for you. Click below to download them.


I truly hope you got inspired by these fall crochet ideas, however if you do have other fall crochet ideas you’d like to share, please comment below.


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