45+ Summer Crochet Tops You’ll Love to Make

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Summer crochet tops are a great way to enjoy the summer weather. They’re typically light and airy, making them perfect for hot days. Plus, they’re not too difficult to crochet–even beginners can start with these free crochet patterns!

This crochet garments roundup features some of the best summer crochet tops designs out there. Whether you’re in the mood for a casual top or something more dressy, these crochet tops will have you looking your best.

So whether you’re on the hunt for a new summer crochet top or just want to check out some of our favorite designs, be sure to browse through this list of free crochet summer tops! I’ve been inspired by them all!

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Materials Needed to Crochet Summer Tops

To follow the Summer Crochet Tops Patterns there are some materials needed such as:

On each of the summer crochet tops patterns below you can find specific yarn suggestions and crochet hook sizes. If you want to substitute yarn, I recommend crocheting a gauge swatch.

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Are Crochet Tops Good for Summer?

The short answer is YES, there are many summer crochet tops! Crochet top patterns typically include lightweight yarns and sometimes looser stitches, making them very comfortable to wear in warmer weather. You can make crochet blouses, tank tops, crop tops, tunics, and swimsuit covers that fit you.

How Much Yarn Do I Need to Crochet a Summer Top?

The amount of yarn you’ll need will depend on the type of crochet top and the size you want to make. Crop tops will require fewer skeins than tank tops and blouses, but generally, you can expect to use between 3 and 9 skeins of yarn for any crochet top.

Free Summer Crochet Tops Patterns

These stunning crochet summer tops are fun and rewarding projects that you can make to give away as gifts or expand your own wardrobe!

If you’d like to add an intricate project to your crochet portfolio, check out these awesome patterns.

Spider Lace Crochet Top Pattern
The Spider Lace Crochet top is such a great lace top to crochet for summer. It’s a great crochet top in sizes XS to 5XL.
See the Spider Lace Crochet Top Pattern
Crochet Parisian Tunisian Top
The Crochet Parisian Tunisian top from Sewrella is such a great top to crochet for summer or any season. It’s a great crochet top with fabulous ruffles.
Crochet the Parisian Tunisian Top Pattern
Catalina Crochet Tank Top
The Catalina Crochet Tank Top from Stitch & Hustle is such a great summer crochet top. Make this free crochet pattern using all of your favorite yarn colors! You can make it fit like a crop top or add rows to create more coverage, allowing you to get precisely the look and fit you want. It’s perfect for the beach or everyday living!
See the Catalina Crochet Tank Top
Striped Crochet Top Pattern
This Striped Crochet Top Pattern is the perfect short-sleeved crochet tee for any season. Wear it with jeans and make it in different colors that work with your wardrobe. Maybe skip the stripes and a solid-colored top? You choose!
Crochet the Striped Crochet Top Pattern
Diagonals for Days C2C Crochet Top
This C2C crochet top from One Dog Woof is a fun crochet top for summer. It can be made in one color and for a more exciting look, use two yarn colors to create chevron stripes. What’s amazing about the c2c design is that it allows you to create a chevron pattern!
Crochet the Diagonals for Days C2C Crochet Top Pattern
Summer Valley Crochet Top
This summer crochet top by Breann from Hooked on Homemade Happiness is such a great top to wear once the temperature rises outside. The lovely detail in the back makes the top speak for itself. Wear it with a fun detailed bralette or bikini all summer long!
See the Summer Valley Crochet Top Pattern
Dogwood Flower Top – FREE Crochet Pattern
The Dogwood Flower Top can be styled in multiple ways, depending on the outfit it’s part of. It’s made from crochet flowers that are pieced together to create this one-of-a-kind top!
Crochet the Dogwood Flower Top Pattern
Talulah Top
The Talulah Top is such a great and easy crochet top for summer. It’s an easy top to crochet, where you just crochet in rows and assemble it with a few seams. It’s also such a great piece for your wardrobe!
See the Talulah Top Crochet Pattern
Shore Points Crochet Top
This crochet top by Croyden Crochet is a great summer crochet top. It’s a beautiful crochet top, and it’s also easy to crochet. The neckline on this crochet top is really unique!
See the Shore Points Crochet Top Pattern
Mana Halter Tank Top – FREE Crochet Pattern
This halter tank top is great because it is lightweight and has beautiful lace detail. The lightweight top was a lot of fun to dream up and create. It features a halter neck and a cute eyelet bodice on the front and has a lovely drape and stretch.
Crochet the Mana Halter Top Pattern
My Favorite Summer Top
The easy crochet top from A Crocheted Simplicity is such a great summer top. It has openwork at the back and subtle waist shaping. You’ll also love that this top is seamless!
Crochet My Favorite Summer Top Pattern
Split Sleeve Tee
This Split Sleeve Tee has such fun details on the sleeves, which makes the top such a great top for summer. This design is effortless, and it’s great for someone new to crocheting.
Crochet the Split Sleeve Tee Pattern
Liberty Crop Top
Crochet crop tops like this one from Yarn Hook Needles is a top perfect for summer. It’s made in one piece and then seamed. Crop top patterns with amazing stitch details like this make it a truly unique piece in your wardrobe.
Crochet the Liberty Crop Top Pattern
Top Down Crochet Top – FREE Pattern
This crochet tee is made from the top down with lovely braided detailing. Crochet shirts like this is easier than it might look, as it’s mostly single crochet stitches. It’s great for any season, and the pattern includes a range of sizes.
See the Top-Down Crochet Tee Pattern
Peek a Boo Summer Top
This crochet top from Jenny and Teddy is excellent for summer. This top is great-looking and easy to crochet, with detailed stitch work that gives it an impressive look. The top is made from cotton yarn and light weight yarns like this has a flattering fit. The basic stitches are simple but effective, making this top perfect for anyone looking for an easy summer crochet project.
Crochet the Peek a Boo Summer Top Pattern
Easy Crochet Summer Top
The Caeli Top is a great free crochet top and a beginner-friendly crochet top for summer. It is easy to assemble because the pattern requires basic stitches. It’s also a great cover-up when going to the beach! You can also adjust the design to fit all kinds of body types.
See the Easy Crochet Summer Top Pattern
Bandeau Style Top with Puff Stitch Straps and Back-Ties
This bandeau-style summer top has six puff-stitch straps radiating from the center, converging into thick straps in the back. There are thick, textured straps that add visual interest. The straps help create a comfortable piece that will stay in place so you can wear it comfortably all day long. It’s the perfect top to wear to a summer music festival or concert!
Crochet the Bandeau Style Top with Puff Stitch Straps and Back-Ties
The Summertime Tank
The Summertime Tank is the perfect top to take wherever the sun leads you. This beautiful top can be styled in many ways to compliment any summer situation, especially on those hot summer days.
See The Summertime Tank Crochet Pattern
Sea Breeze Tank Top
The Summertime Tank is the perfect top to take wherever the sun leads you. This beautiful top can be styled in many ways to compliment any summer situation, especially on those hot summer days.
Crochet the Sea Breeze Tank Top Pattern
Sagebrush Tank Top
This easy ribbed tank top is perfect for summer! It features a flattering round neck and comes in cropped and standard lengths.
See the Sagebrush Tank Top Crochet Pattern
The Dragonfly Top
This crochet halter top is a versatile pattern that can be made into a dress and simply a halter top. As you can see, there is a silhouette of a dragonfly that appears on the front and back of the crochet top.
Crochet The Dragonfly Top Pattern
Granny Square Flower Top
This crochet summer crop top is made of flower granny squares in this stunning pattern! What makes the top so special is the unique and colorful pattern. The colors are vibrant and eye-catching, making this a perfect top to wear during the hot summer months.
See the Granny Square Flower Top Crochet Pattern
Chasing Summer Tank Top
This summer tank top is designed with thin straps and vertical stitching, providing an incredible fit on any size. This piece offers a fantastic fit for any body type, with thoughtful shaping around the chest.
Crochet the Chasing Summer Tank Top Pattern
Poncho-Style Summer Crochet Top
This summer crochet top is made from simple stitches that create two simple rectangles. It features lace stitches that are interesting enough to keep you engaged but not too complex to make–you can even watch TV while creating this cute boho top.
See the Poncho-Style Summer Crochet Top
Raglan Crochet Tee Pattern
Lovely crochet raglan top featuring only single crochet stitches. Pattern includes sizes from XS to 5XL.
See the Raglan Crochet Tee Pattern
Simple Tee Pattern – Free Crochet Pattern
Simple and easy crochet pattern for a tee featuring a lovely lace pattern.
Crochet the Simple Tee Crochet Pattern
Crochet Singlet Pattern for Women
Beautiful crochet singlet for women in sizes XS to 5XL using worsted weight yarn.
Crochet the Singlet Pattern For Women
The Eyelet Lace Tee – FREE Crochet Pattern
Beautiful crochet tee for warm weather with a simple lace detail at the shoulder and hips.
See the Eyelet Lace Tee Crochet Pattern
Crochet Tie Front Top – Free Pattern
Introducing the Crochet Tie Front Top, a charming addition to any wardrobe, available in sizes XS to 5XL. This lovely top features a beautiful crochet neckline and a straight silhouette from bust to hips. With an easy crochet pattern showcasing simple variations of single crochet stitches, crafting your own stylish top has never been easier.
See the Crochet Tie Front Top Pattern
Crochet Summer Top Pattern
The Crochet Summer Top is a beautiful garment pattern for women, available in sizes XS to 5XL. With just 2 crocheted rectangles, it's easy to construct and perfect for exploring different stitches.
See the Crochet Summer Top Pattern
Crochet Raglan Top – FREE Crochet Pattern
The crochet Raglan Top is a fantastic addition to any wardrobe. This free crochet pattern serves as an excellent introduction to crocheting raglan garments due to its simplicity. Moreover, it's suitable for all seasons and perfect for layering with your favorite crochet cardigan. Available in 9 sizes, it accommodates petite, regular, and plus sizes.
Crochet the Crochet Raglan Top Pattern
Crochet Wrap Top – FREE Crochet Pattern
You'll adore this crochet Wrap Top, featuring sizes from S to 5XL. With plenty of texture, it's lightweight and ideal for summer wear. So, grab your hook and yarn, and let's crochet!
See the Crochet Wrap Top Pattern
Crochet Tank Top Pattern
You're sure to adore this Crochet Tank Top Pattern for the Vivo Top. If you're passionate about crocheting garments, this one's tailor-made for you. Following the success of the crochet Vivo dress, I knew I had to create a top version of the pattern as well. What's even more exciting about this women's crochet tank top pattern is that you can wear it with the buttons either in the back or in the front—your choice!
Crochet the Crochet Tank Top Pattern
Ladies Crochet Top Pattern
You'll absolutely love this Ladies Crochet Top Pattern! It features a round yoke top-down crochet tee with beautiful color-changing details. Available in 8 sizes, from S to 5XL, it's a versatile summer top perfect for any season. The fun colors make it ideal for summer, but you can choose your favorites and make it work for any time of the year!
See the Ladies Crochet Top Pattern
Crochet Shirt Pattern with Bobbles
Discover this free crochet shirt pattern featuring bobbles. It's a fantastic loose-fitting t-shirt that complements any wardrobe. Pick your favorite colors and wear it year-round, layering it for extra warmth during the coldest months. Grab your hook, and let's dive in!
Crochet the Crochet Shirt Pattern With Bobbles Pattern
Back to Basic Tee Crochet Pattern
Discover the "Back to Basic Tee," a beginner-friendly pattern designed to make a big impact using basic crochet stitches and constructions. This tee is worked flat using two rectangular pieces, with back and front post double crochet in contrasting color to join. It's super cute for layering over a loose dress, pairing with shorts, under overalls, or with high-waisted jeans. Plus, the length is easily adjustable to create a longer tee.
See the Back To Basic Tee Crochet Pattern
Favourite Baseball Raglan – FREE Crochet Pattern
Get ready to fall in love with this adorable and practical summer tee! The Favourite Baseball Raglan is crafted in a top-down raglan style, featuring intarsia through the yoke for charming contrasting sleeves. Let's start crocheting and make this your new favorite piece!
Crochet the Favourite Baseball Raglan Pattern
Crochet Nivis Tee – FREE Crochet Pattern
The crochet Nivis Tee is sure to become a beloved addition to your wardrobe. This free crochet top pattern serves as an excellent introduction to crocheting raglan garments with cables, offering a beautiful design. Furthermore, it's perfect for fall and winter, providing warmth and coziness. Pair it with jeans and customize it with your preferred yarn colors. Available in 9 sizes, it accommodates petite, regular, and plus sizes.
Crochet the Nivis Tee Pattern
Color Block T-top – FREE Crochet Pattern
Looking for a new project? Try the color-block T-top, a quick and simple design mostly made of hdc stitches with minimal seaming. Starting with a wide ribbed bottom border of back loop only single crochet stitches, the band creates a stretchy and flattering shape. The sleeves are seamlessly worked as extensions of the upper body in easy hdc rows, with pretty borders added for a finishing touch. Whether you're a confident beginner or have some crocheted garments under your belt, this T-top is a great project to tackle!
Crochet the Color Block T-Top Pattern
My Favorite Tee – FREE Crochet Pattern
Inspired by my well-worn go-to old t-shirt, I designed "My Favorite Tee," a pullover sweater with a similar fit. This advanced beginner crocheted garment pattern is ideal for those venturing into making their own clothing and for everyday wear. Constructed in one piece with minimal seaming, the sleeves are worked directly on. Textured, oversized, and with a worn-in feel, it's destined to become your favorite.
Crochet My Favorite Tee Pattern
The Melanie Tee – FREE Crochet Pattern
Introducing The Melanie Tee crochet pattern! This design aims to captivate the imagination of those who adore oversized tops with flair. With a loose fit and added drama in the back, its slightly boxy shape flatters all profiles and sizes. Whether worn alone or layered, The Melanie Tee is versatile enough to accompany you through every season.
Crochet The Melanie Tee Pattern
Not Your Granny’s Tee – FREE Crochet Pattern
You're going to love Not Your Granny’s Tee crochet pattern! This pattern is breezy, lightweight, and incredibly fun to make. It's perfect for enhancing your summer wardrobe and can be effortlessly layered for winter fashion too. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out, and I hope you enjoy making one for yourself!
See the Not Your Granny’s Tee Crochet Pattern
Playful Bobbles Tee – FREE Crochet Pattern
Explore the Playful Bobbles Tee, a delightfully fun crochet raglan garment crafted from the top down, featuring charming bobble details along the raglan lines. Available in a wide range of sizes from XS to 5X, as well as child sizes 2 to 12!
Crochet the Playful Bobbles Tee Pattern
Ocean Waves Halter Top – FREE Crochet Pattern
Introducing the Ocean Waves Halter Top! This simple and beginner-friendly crochet top is crafted from lightweight cotton, perfect for the hot summer months. Even if you've never made a crochet garment before, you can easily create this one, as it's worked flat with minimal seams. It's a fun and stylish top you'll want to wear all summer long.
See the Ocean Waves Halter Top Crochet Pattern
Iris Irene Tee – FREE Crochet Top Pattern
Allow me to introduce the Iris Irene Tee—a lacy, textured, and feminine top. With sizes available from Small to 4XL, this top offers both comfort and style, making you feel feminine and confident when you wear it.
Crochet the Iris Irene Tee Pattern
Crochet Beachcomber Halter Top – FREE Crochet Pattern
If you love halter tops with racer-style backs, then this free crochet pattern is for you! The Beachcomber Halter Top is a beginner-friendly project perfect for those looking to venture into garment making for the upcoming summer months. Happy crocheting!
See the Crochet Beachcomber Halter Top Pattern
The Sun-Ray Summer Tee – FREE Crochet Pattern
Crafted with warm days and beach sunsets in mind, the Sun-Ray summer top is your perfect crochet project for a stylish summer vibe. Featuring unique openwork details in the front and back, achieved effortlessly with simple chain stitches, this tee is both distinctive and easy to create. With minimal shaping and the option for customization, whether you prefer a shorter or longer tee, it's suitable for beginner crocheters. Plus, the "turned in" ribbed sleeves add a charming finishing touch to this delightful design.
Crochet The Sun-Ray Summer Tee Pattern
Crochet Rectangle Top for Summer
Embrace the perfect summer crochet endeavor: a stylish rectangle top tailor-made for beginners! Constructed from only two rectangles, this simple yet fashionable piece is an excellent starting point for crochet novices. Embrace its light and airy feel, and with nine size options available, ranging from XS to 5XL, effortlessly elevate your summer wardrobe!
See the Crochet Rectangle Top for Summer Pattern

More Crochet Pattern Collections

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Get Started on Your Summer Crochet Top

From simple blouses to intricate lace tops, these designs will inspire your next project. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crocheter, these patterns will help you create a stylish summer wardrobe! Which free pattern will you try first?

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