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7 Crochet Sun Hats for Summer – Crochet Roundup

7 Crochet Sun Hats for Summer – Crochet Roundup

During summer I hope you have lots of sun & what’s better than to have a few crochet sun hats for summer? Use them at any time when you’re out in the sun & the sun hats will protect your skin & eyes.

You’re going to love the great crochet sun hats for summer I’ve gathered for this roundup. The 7 amazing crochet designers featured have definitely inspired me.



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1. Salt Grass Beach Hat

The Salt Grass Beach Hat by Salty Pearl Crochet uses airy stitches to help shade, while maintaining a light & airy feel for beach. It’s so beautiful, but also fun to make!

Crochet pattern by: Salty Pearl Crochet


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Crochet Sun Hats For Summer, the Salt Grass Hat for summer

Picture by Salty Pearl Crochet


2. Beach Day Sunhat

The Beach Day Sunhat by A Crocheted Simplicity is such a great summer crochet pattern. It’s designed to have a beautiful wide brim that’s slightly wavy.

Crochet pattern by: A Crocheted Simplicity


Crochet Sun Hats For Summer, crocheted sun hat by A Crocheted Simplicity on the beach

Picture by A Crocheted Simplicity


3. Crochet June Sun Hat

The Crochet June Sune Hat from Sewrella is perfect for summer. It’s super easy to make & uses just 1.5 skeins of yarn & that’s all, no extra materials needed. Such a fun hat to crochet!

Crochet pattern by: Sewrella


Crochet Sun Hats For Summer, a crochet hat by the sea from Sewrella

Picture by Sewrella


4. The Beginner Wide Brim Sun Hat

The Wide Brim Sun Hat from Jenny and Teddy is made with the beginner in mind. It’s easy to make & so great to crochet & wear for summer.

Crochet pattern by: Jenny and Teddy


Crochet Sun Hats For Summer, white crochet sun hat modeled

Picture by Jenny and Teddy


5. Let the Sun Shine! Sun hat

The Let the Sun Shine sun hat from My Hobby is crochet is such a fun crochet project. Whether you are poolside, relaxing on a beach, or working in the garden, you’re protected you from the sun with this great sun hat.

Crochet pattern by: My Hobby Is Crochet


Crochet Sun Hats For Summer, let the sun shine crochet sun hat

My Hobby Is Crochet


6. Straw Sun Hat

The Crochet Straw Sun Hat from Crochet For You is such a fun & easy crochet project for summer. The Sun hat looks lovely, especially with the stitch details from crocheting in the 3rd loop.

Crochet pattern by: Crochet For You


Crochet Sun Hats For Summer, abeige crocheted sun hat for summer

Picture by Crochet For You


7. Simple Sun Hat

The Simple Sun Hat from Be A Crafter is such a fun crochet hat for summer. It’s such a great summer accessory & protects you from the sun! This is such an easy & fun crochet project.

Crochet pattern by: Be A Crafter


crochet sun hats for summer, a white crocheted sun hat with a ribbon

Picture by Be A Crafter



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I also hope you found a pattern here to inspire your next project – or maybe not just one!


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