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Crochet Easy Plant Hanger – FREE Crochet Pattern

Crochet Easy Plant Hanger – FREE Crochet Pattern

crochet EASY PANT HANGER crochet pattern, tutorial for a crochet plant hanger, picture collage

You’re going to love this pattern for the Crochet Easy Plant Hanger. It’s a great crochet idea for a quick crochet project & it’s also a great project that needs less than one skein.

To crochet this Easy Plant Hanger you’re not going to need a lot of time, yarn or extra materials. Just a pot, preferably with a plant, your crochet hook & less than one skein of yarn.

What’s so great about this crochet pattern is that it can be customized to pots at any size, preferably pots that keeps the same circumference from bottom to top.






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crochet EASY PANT HANGER crochet pattern, tutorial for a crochet plant hanger,

crochet EASY PANT HANGER crochet pattern, tutorial for a crochet plant hanger,




For this crochet pattern I used a great yarn from Lion Brand Yarn. It’s their yarn called Kitchen Cotton. It’s a sturdy cotton yarn that works well with any home decor, kitchen accessories (as the name suggests) & of course also crocheted plant hangers.

This yarn is what I typically call a “dry” cotton, which means it’s not as soft as other cottons. What’s great about this is that the stitches won’t move a lot, because the surface isn’t smooth.

For that reason the Kitchen Cotton from Lion Brand is perfect for the crochet Easy Plant Hanger.


You can find the yarn from Lion Brand here.




The idea of crocheting plant hangers is definitely a crochet idea that’s perfect for summer, mostly because you bring your pots decorated with your plant hangers outside.

But there’s no reason not to make the crochet Easy Plant Hanger at any time of year. Place it in a window during winter & give your plants as much sun as possible.


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How long it takes to crochet something varies depending on your skill & how fast you crochet. But that isn’t a helpful answer is it?

Well, I’ve developed a yarn calculator to help you get the answer to this question.

It will help you calculate exactly how much time you’ll spend crocheting a project.

All you need to know is how much yarn you will use on the project in either meters, yards or skeins. Then crochet your test square & time it.

Calculate how long it takes to crochet that. 



Pattern options:


About the pattern:

Crochet Easy Plant Hanger is a great quick crochet pattern for your home. It works up in just a few hours & you’re going to love how sturdy it is for you plants.

The pattern is easy to follow & you can make it fit any pot size.




Skill level: 



Read about skill levels.


Materials Needed:


  • Cotton yarn – 4 Medium Yarn:
    • Yarn I used: Kitchen Cotton from Lion Brand Yarn
    • Amount needed:
      • Depends on the size of your pot, but less than 1 skein.
    • Yarn used for pots pictured:
      • Big pot:
        • Measurements: 12 cm / 4.7’’ high & 16 cm / 6.3’’ diameter
        • Yarn used: <1 skein / 32 g / 50 m / 56 yards
      • Small pot:
        • Measurements: 6.5 cm / 2.5’’ high & 7 cm / 2.7’’ diameter
        • Yarn used: <1 skein / 10 g / 16 m / 17 yards



  • A pot (& a plant)



Isn’t important for this pattern, as you will work based on your own pot.


Size & Measurements:

There’s no set size for this pattern.

Instructions will help you get the size needed for the pot you have.




beg = beginning

ch = chain (s) (tutorial)

ch-ring = ring made with chain stitches

FPdc = front post double crochet (tutorial)

hdc = half double crochet (tutorial)

Prev = previous

sc = single crochet (tutorial)

sk = skip

sl st = slip stitch (tutorial)

st = stitch (es)



  • This crochet pattern is written in US terms (more details).
  • All measurements given are unblocked.
  • Note that measurements are given as exact as possible. But crochet tension & technique might give variations in the result, that changes from person to person.
  • At the end of each round, the stitch count is given in parenthesis. It includes starting chain(s).



Stitches you will need:

To make the crochet Easy Plant Hanger you will need to know the:




Crocheted from the bottom up.



Ch 4, sl st in 1st ch.

Round 1: Ch 1 (counts as 1st st), sc 7 st in ch-ring, sl st in 1st ch from beg of round (=8 st).

Round 2: Ch 3 (counts as hdc & ch 1), *hdc 1 in next st, ch 1, do not sk st*, repeat from *to* 6 more times, sl st in 2nd ch from beg of round (=16 st).

Round 3: FPdc 1 around 1st 2 ch from prev round. *ch 2, sk 1 ch, FPdc around next hdc*, repeat from *to* 6 more times, ch 2, sl st around FPdc from beg of round (=24 st).

Round 4: FPdc 1 around 1st FPdc from prev round, *ch 3, sk 2 ch, FPdc around next hdc*, repeat from *to* 6 more times, ch 3, sl st around FPdc from beg of round (=32 st).

Round 5 – you cover the bottom of your pot: Repeat row 4, increasing the number of chains you do in between the FPdc stitches by 1. The stitch count will increase by 8 stitches for each round.



The bottom of the pot should be covered to get the correct size.



Do not cut yarn, continue directly on the sides.


See Also


Repeat the last row you crocheted on the bottom until you have almost covered the sides of the pot. Leave about 1 cm / 0.4 inches.

Note: If you have an irregular shaped pot, you might have to repeat the increase on row 5 to get the correct fit.



Do not cut yarn, continue directly on the straps.



The length of the straps can be customized to fit your pot & the look you want.

For the big pot & the plant pictured the length of the straps equals 40 ch, but you can change the length by deciding on another number to make them longer or shorter.


1st strap: Ch 40, ch another 5, sl st in 5th ch from hook, making ch-ring*.


Note: All straps will connect to this ch-ring on the top of the hanger.


2nd strap: Ch 40, sk 1 FPdc on the sides. Attach the 2nd strap to the next FPdc as follows: Sl st around the chains leading up to the FPdc, sl st around the FPdc & sl st around the chains moving from the FPdc. Turn.

Sk the 3 sl st.  Sl st 1 in each of the 40 ch made on 2nd strap. Sc 2 in ch-ring.



3rd strap & 4th strap: Repeat instructions for 2nd strap.

Finishing 1st strap: Sl st 1 in each the 40 ch you made on the first strap. Sl st around the chains leading up to the FPdc, sl st around the FPdc & sl st around the chains moving from the FPdc.

Sk the 3 sl st. Sl st in next st.


Fasten off & cut yarn.





Fasten threads & weave in ends.



I really hope you liked the Crochet Easy Plant Hanger!

However, if you really like it, make sure to share the FREE pattern & share pictures of your Crochet Easy Plant Hanger that you’ve made with me.


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I can’t wait to see your pictures!


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