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HOW TO Calculate Yarn Yardage Easily

HOW TO Calculate Yarn Yardage Easily

How to calculate yarn yardage


An important question asked when starting crocheting or knitting is; How to calculate yarn yardage. Or even more typical “How much yarn do I need?”.
If you continue reading, you’ll learn the answer to those questions, & a few suggestions on how to calculate yardage. I’m also answering questions like these:


  • 100 grams of yarn equals how much yards?
  • How to calculate how much yarn you’ll need?
  • How much yarn do I need for “…..” project?
  • How to calculate how much yarn is needed for a crochet project?
  • Yarn count calculation formula?
  • Yarn yardages vs yarn meter?


Just by reading these questions I’m guessing you’re figuring out that you’re in the right place.

When you’ve learned how to calculate how much yarn you need, make sure to also visit my FREE yarn calculators & especially the yarn yardage calculator.


I’ve also made an amazing workbook you could use every time you’ll need to figure out how much yarn you need aka “The Ultimate How To Calculate Yarn Yardage Workbook”. Click picture below to download.


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A typical question when I started a crochet project was (or still is): How much yarn do I need? Mostly my solution was to buy extra! I always thought I could use the excess yarn in a scrap yarn project (read here for ideas). Sometimes i make them, sometimes i don’t. However the worst case scenario for me has always been ending up with missing one skein or not to be able to finish up that time consuming project that was almost done. It’s simply not worth it. Thus I’ve almost always, especially earlier, bought 1-2 extra skeins of yarn even though I knew I could learn how to calculate yarn yardage.

It’s been a few years since I learned to calculate yarn yardage & since then I’ve ended up with less excess yarn too. For the most part I’m happy about that, because it means I could buy new yarn for my next crochet pattern design. But I’m still love finding scrap yarn projects too.


Resource: Yarn Yardage Calculator Based on Weight


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how to calculate yarn yardage



There is many ways to calculate how much yarn you’ll need. Two of the most common ways is;

  • Weight
  • Length.

In this post you’ll learn more about how to calculate how much yarn you’ll need in length or yardage.

Resource: Yarn Yardage Calculator Based on Weight



By reading the name of this post, I’m sure you’ll now one of the answers to this questions; Yardage. However as I’m actually not that used to measure yarn in yards, as I’m used to metric measurements. Thus I want to show you that there’s other measurements you could calculate your yarn in; Meters/Centimeters or Inches. This would give you these options:

  • Yards
  • Inches
  • Meters
  • Centimeters

On yarn labels you’ll typically find yards (yds) or meters (m). Either one of those or both. For calculating, you’d might go for those smaller measures, like inches or centimeters, before you convert to meters or yards. More on that further down.


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Before I go ahead  & teach you how to calculate yarn yardage, I’m guessing you might hesitate & think you might need to learn this. It might be too complex or hard to understand. However let me convince you. Next I’m promising you it won’t be as hard as you might think.

You might be thinking why do I need to know this, since most good crochet projects should give you this information. Well in most cases the information given in the pattern is sufficient. However in some cases you would choose to substitute the yarn & the yardage might differ from the one suggested for this particular crochet project. In other you might crochet tighter or looser & the amount of yarn you would need will change. The more reason to calculate how much yarn you’ll need in yards/inches or meters.

Ready to learn now? Keep reading.


how to calculate yarn yardage




Before I give you the steps you’ll need to take to calculate yarn yardage, I’m going to give you a list of what you’ll need:



1. Make a test square:

If you choose to calculate yardage for your crochet project you should start by making a test square for each of the most used stitches in the pattern. Mostly I suggest that you crochet a test squares that are 10 stitches wide & 10 rows high. In that way you can also check the gauge for the pattern at the same time.


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Resource: FREE Gauge Calculator

Resource: FREE Yarn Yardage Calculator


2. Measure how long  10 stitches are:

When you have tested the gauge you will focus on the yardage again. Check how much yarn the last 10 stitches you made contains with a tape measure (use yards/inches/meters/cm). All you need to do is pull out/frog the stitches & measure the length.


3. Calculate how long 1 stitch is:

Make your self a list of how many different stitches is used for the pattern & how long 10 stitches of each is. Then divide by 10 to know how long 1 stitch is. Preferably in inches or cm, then you’ll need to convert back to yards or meters on step 6.


4. Calculate how many stitches the crochet pattern contains:

Read the pattern in detail to figure out how many stitches (of each stitch type) there is in each row, & multiply by the number of rows. Then you have the number of stitches.


5. Calculate how much yarn you’ll need for each stitch:

Use the length of each stitch & multiply it with the total number of stitches in the crochet pattern (repeat for each stitch that is frequent in the pattern).

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6. Add together how much yarn in total:

Add together how much yarn each of the stitch requires & you have the total cm or inches of yarn needed. As I mentioned previously, most yarn labels give you the amount of yarn in either yards, meters or both. Thus you’ll need to convert your cm or inches to yardage/meters needed for the crochet pattern.


7. Calculate how many skeins of yarn you’ll need:

When you’ve got the total yards/meters of yarn needed for the crochet pattern, you can divide it by the length given on the yarn label to figure out how many skeins of yarn you’ll need.


8. Compare to suggested yarn amount for the crochet pattern:

When you have calculated yardage for the whole crochet pattern you can check to see if your total is close to or similar as the suggested amount for the crochet pattern. If you are not sure if you would follow the crochet pattern in detail I would always suggest that you buy an extra skein to be sure. It’s the worst if you almost finish a project, but can’t find the last skein of yarn.


Hey! That’s all. Please remember to download the workbook, as you’ll be able to jot down all the numbers as you go, & this makes it even easier to calculate yarn yardage.



A typical question I haven’t really answered earlier, is how much yarn equals 100 grams of yarn. To be short there’s not one simple answer to that question. But here’s how you’ll figure it out:

  • Check the yarn label to see if it is given either in yards or meters. Also remember to check how heavy 1 skein of yarn is.
  • What 100 grams of yarn equals in yards or meters depends on the yarn weight. The thicker the yarn, the less yards or meters 1 skein or 100 grams will equal. Thinner yarn equals much more yards or meters.


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Finally I hope you enjoy testing & using  this method. Comment below to let me know your experience.

If you find you need some crochet essentials to test this technique, feel free to read more about my favorite crochet resources here. 


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Resource: FREE Gauge Calculator

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Resource: Yarn Yardage Calculator Based on Weight


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