Crochet Resources + Crochet Essentials Every Crocheter Needs

Being a crocheter you’ll need good crochet resources right?
First off all good crochet essentials

During my years of crocheting I’ve come across lots of crochet resources that I’d like to share with you.
This page give you my list of number 1 go-to crochet resources that I’ve tested & use frequently. In that list you’ll find crochet essentials, as well as some more advanced tools.

Before you start digging into this list of awesome crochet resources, I’d like to let you know that some links on this page are affiliate (learn more here). That means that if you click the link & choose to purchase anything, I will earn a commission. This comes to no additional cost to you. Please understand that I only recommend products/websites I’ve tested, used & loved, & that I feel is useful to any great crocheter. Please only spend your money on products you’d really like to have & feel will be useful to you.

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Yarn Shops

  •  Love Crochet – I have always had great experience with Love Crochet. As I’m living in Norway, I always love to get my hands on yarn from all over the world. When designing crochet patterns I’d love to be able to suggest yarns that also are available wherever you live. Whats so great about Love Crochet is that they ship worldwide & has a huge yarn collection from all over the world!

crochet resources love crochet

  • Etsy – Is actually a great place to find yarn. I’ve purchased yarn from many smaller Etsy shops. Through Etsy you can get your hands on great & unique yarns from smaller shops, that’s really exciting. As Etsy is based on smaller shops, where they ship depends.

crochet resources

  • Wool Warehouse – Is a great shop where you can purchase lots of different yarns from many great yarn brands. I love using Wool Warehouse as they have many of the brands I frequently use & they ship Worldwide!

crochet resources

  • Amazon – Is a great place to shop yarn, as you can find lots of different yarn brands. Amazon ships Worldwide & you can also find other great crochet resources.


When purchasing a crochet pattern from anyone, even from my shop, sometimes you’d like substitute the suggested yarn. Maybe you already have a particular yarn in your yarn-stash or you’d prefer purchasing another yarn. I’ve got 2 FREE resources for just this!

  • YarnSub – Is a FREE resource I frequently use when I’m substituting yarn for different crochet patterns & crochet projects. It works like a search engine.

crochet resources

  • Ravelry – Is a FREE resource I use when I’m going to substitute yarn for different crochet patterns & crochet projects. It works like a search engine & offers all the details about the yarn, as yarn weight, fiber, gauge, hook size ect.

crochet resources ravelry


Ever since I started crocheting, I’ve been exploring different hooks, & I’ve got 2 types of hooks that have really helped me ergonomically & with tension.

  • Knitpro* – Symphonie Rose Crochet Hooks – My first choice as of now is the Symphonie Rose Crochet Hooks from KnitPro (pictured below). They opened my world to wood hooks &  impressed me with their amazing lightness & how they feel in my hand. Even though they’re not padded, they never give me any strain while using them. I’ve only come across them in sets They are available here:
  • KnitPro* – Waves Crochet Hooks – Are the crochet hooks I use almost as my favorite. They are padded hooks & are comfortable to crochet with.  They are a little heavier than wooden hooks, but the padded comfort is truly amazing. You can purchase these both in sets & alone. They are available here:

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*KnitPro crochet hooks & Knitters Pride crochet hooks are essentially the same. KnitPro are made for the European marked, while Knitters Pride are made for the North American marked.


  • The Beginner Guide To Crochet – It’s the FREE beginners guide I’ve got on the blog. Truly starting from the beginning. No previous knowledge needed.
  • Learn to Read a Crochet Pattern It’s the FREE  guide I’ve got on the blog. It contains all the details of a crochet pattern & what’s important with all parts.


Crochet resources also includes crochet essentials like scissors, needles, blocking kits, pompom makers, row counters & stitch markers. I’ve got some of my favorites below.

  • Peacock Scissors – Well, I do love my Peacock Scissors. You don’t however need a special scissor, just a scissor that works. As I like my peacock scissors so much, I’ve decided just to link to that one:

crochet resources crochet accessories

  • Needle – When finishing a crochet project, you’ll always need a needle. In my experience there’s always too easy to loose them, however I try my best to keep them safe. I either fasten them to yarn labels or skeins of yarn. You can find needles here:

bulky mittens materials needed

  • Tape Measure – Yes, this is also one of the essential crochet resources. If you’re going to crochet something that’s actually going to fit you’ll need a tape measure. Hence I’ve listed a few for you here:
  • Stitch Markers –  are great whenever you need to mark off where you are in the crochet project. To mark of increases or decreases or to secure the thread when you’re traveling (more about that here). I do like plastic stitch markers & you can find them in many brands & colors. However they are essentially the same. You can find stitch markers here:

crochet resources one skein crochet projects

  • Digital Row Counter – Is a great crochet resource when you crochet. I’ve literally saved hours when I’ve used mine. Consequently I don’t recount rows anymore. You can find yours here:


Sheets included: Hook sizes, Yarn weights, Crochet Hook for Yarn Weight, US vs UK Terms, Crochet Chart Symbols

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