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10 Granny Square

These easy granny square free crochet patterns are perfect for beginners who want to crochet great patterns.

These free granny square crochet patterns all use the classic granny square. However you could easily swap it for a different granny squares.

Granny squares are easy to make for beginners. So pick your favorite six colors and get ready to assemble this lovely cardigan!

1) Granny Square Cardigan

Similar to the granny cardigan, the free pattern for the Granny Square Sweater uses the classic granny square motif. Choose your favorite yarn colors to make it your own!

2) Granny Square Sweater

You can essentially make this granny square bag using any granny square. The hook size and yarn weight isn’t as important for this pattern either.

3) Granny Square Market Bag

This free granny square project is a great idea to make for your home. It uses a single color base basket, then the granny squares are added as a decorative element.

4) Granny Square Basket

learn to crochet the classic granny square:

View the detailed step by step photo and video tutorial on the blog.

This granny square crochet pattern also uses the classic granny square. However it could easily be made with a different granny square, like the leaf clover granny square.

5) Granny Square Ottoman

This dishcloth is a quick crochet project that is easy for beginners. You can choose your favorite method to assemble it.

6) Granny Square Dishcloth

With only basic crochet stitches, you can make this beautiful crochet dish towel. You can even find some scrap yarn to crochet the squares.

7) Granny Square Dish Towel

To make this easy crochet pattern, you will crochet multiple squares and also a few half squares. Then the granny square shawl is assembled and you can add tassels!

8) Ferris Wheel Granny Square Shawl

learn to crochet the ferris wheel granny square:

View the detailed step by step photo tutorial on the blog.

This cushion cover granny square pattern is a beautiful pattern for your home. It’s easy to personalize your house with crochet.

9) Clover Leaf Granny Square Pillow

Lovely granny square pattern using the clover leaf granny square.  Work it up in the colors you love for a stunning crochet shawl.

10) granny square shawl

learn to crochet the clover leaf granny square:

View the detailed step by step photo and video tutorial on the blog.

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