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Tools and Services You Need To Write A Crochet Pattern Like A PRO

Tools and Services You Need To Write A Crochet Pattern Like A PRO

Tools and Services You Need To Write A Crochet Pattern Like A PRO

Writing a crochet pattern doesn’t have to be complicated, but when upping your game, there might be a few super Tools and Services You Need To Write A Crochet Pattern Like A PRO.

I’m not talking about spending a lot of money, but investing in a few great services & utilizing a bunch of free ones.

All these tools & services has helped me get organized, get things done in time & finally to get those crochet patterns published.

I’ve split the tools into 3 sections:

  1. The Tools and Services I use to stay organized.
  2. Tools and services I use for the crochet pattern writing process.
  3. Tools and services I use for the crochet pattern testing process.


In this blog post I truly open up & share a LOT of details on how I work. A few designer secrets that will help you find a way to get your crochet pattern design business going.


Disclosure. Most blog posts on this website contain affiliate links. This means I get a small commission if you click-through & purchase (no additional cost to you). Read more here.

This website also contains ads, which makes it possible for me to provide FREE posts & crochet patterns.


Or simply upping your game as an already seasoned crochet pattern designer.

The tools I use might not be the best fit for you, but I’m sharing exactly why I use them & you can too.

Make sure to comment below & let me know what you got out of this blog post. Which tools and services helps you the most?

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Any tips I share with you in my blog posts are my personal experiences. Please don’t view it as the only way to do a specific task, research. Finally, even though my tips might show how things ideally should be done, doesn’t mean I get it right every time, but I do my best.






1. Asana

All my crochet patterns starts with a plan, it’s as simple as that.

For that I use Asana, it helps me get organized, stay on track & hit deadlines.

I create one main task for the crochet pattern. After that I use a template for sub tasks. On the list of sub tasks I create all main events for the pattern, starting with actually designing, crocheting & writing the pattern.

There’s also tasks for photography & everything that goes into that. Next, there’s also lists & tasks relating to the testing of the crochet pattern.

Not to mention uploading the pattern to shops, writing descriptions & finally promoting the pattern once it’s published.


Under each main task I add sub tasks related to that specific topic. It can be finalizing a specific part of the pattern. Adding pictures to a specific page or simply remembering which crochet hook I use.


Without Asana I wouldn’t have been able to know when each task is due & remember to check off all small tasks.


But you might think, this amazing tool must cost a fortune? No! The version of Asana I use is completely free. Yay!


Go to get organized on Asana here.




2. PowerPoint (Microsoft Office 365)

The next on the Tools and Services You Need To Write A Crochet Pattern Like A PRO is having a program where you write your patterns.

You can do this in many different ways & I’m personally on my 3rd, PowerPoint.

After both using Microsoft Word & InDesign, I’m now using the solution I’ve found to be the easiest.

Word ended up being to simple, yet not easy to use when I wanted to do something custom. Then InDesign ended up being to complex & I spent a lot of time getting everything just right.

With Power Point I’ve designed my own crochet pattern template easily & can reuse it for all my patterns quickly. No need to start over each time.

With that said, I would absolutely recommend PowerPoint as your tool when writing your pattern.

Take some time to make yourself a template & stick with it.


More info about PowerPoint & Microsoft Office 365 here.



3. Google Sheets (Google G Suite)

This next tool on the Tools and Services You Need To Write A Crochet Pattern Like A PRO I use ALL the time. It’s absolutely the best!

It’s a part of Google G Suite, & it’s just one of the tools I use from Google daily.

First of all this is where I keep & build my style sheet.


Style sheet? What’s that? 

The style sheet is where I list all standard terms I use in my crochet patterns. In that way my crochet patterns end up consistent. Keep your eyes out for more details on creating your own style sheet soon.


I also use google sheets for all kinds of calculations for my crochet patterns. This is the place where I grade my crochet patterns to different sizes & also figure out yardage for each pattern.

Being a crochet pattern designer who loves to make garments, I’ve had to become as good as possible with math.

Because of that, I’ve also developed yarn calculators that I use regularly when grading & calculating all details of a pattern.


Learn more about Google G Suite here.



4. Yarn Calculators

As I mentioned above, I also use Yarn Calculators when designing & writing crochet patterns. That’s why I’ve added this to the Tools and Services You Need To Write A Crochet Pattern Like A PRO.


The tool I use the most is the Women’s Garment Size Calculator for Knitters and Crocheters. This is the base of how I decide on sizing & keeping it consistent. In that way I feel confident that my garments will fit the size given.


Next I also use the Gauge Calculator a LOT. Why?

Because even though the standard is to give gauge per 10 cm or 4 inch, there’s a lot of value in knowing the gauge per 1 cm or 1 inch when calculating sizes & grading crochet patterns. It’s definitely the easiest way to go.


The next invaluable yarn calculator is the Decrease and Increase Evenly for Crochet and Knitting Calculator. When designing a crochet pattern it’s easy to get all the numbers mixed up & when deciding on a decrease or increase, this is definitely an invaluable tool.

This calculator gives you the exact numbers for increasing or decreasing evenly, how many stitches you should crochet before a decrease or increase and so on.


Best of all, I’ve shared all these calculators as FREE tools for everyone to use.

There’s also even more yarn calculators available, that I didn’t even mention, but find them here:

Find the Yarn Calculators for Knitters and Crocheters here.



5. Stitchworks Software

When designing and writing crochet patterns, sometimes there’s need for implementing crochet charts in the crochet pattern. That’s why Stitchworks is also a part of my list of Tools and Services You Need To Write A Crochet Pattern Like A PRO.

It appears like Stitchworks doesn’t get any updates at the moment, but it’s still a great tool when creating charts.

You can place stitches & export them to multiple formats. You can customize them using your own brand colors too.

It takes a little bit of time to get used to how the program works, but once you’ve invested a little time using it, it works perfectly.


Download the Stitchworks Software here.



6. Stitch Fiddle

The final on the list of Tools and Services You Need To Write A Crochet Pattern Like A PRO I use for writing crochet patterns is Stitch Fiddle.

This tool is perfect when you’re designing crochet patterns with color changes.

The tool is free to use up to 15 charts, but with a few limitations. Using PRO gives you more options & you can make an unlimited amount of charts.


Get more information about Stitch Fiddle & start using it here.




7. Convertkit / Seva

Next on my list of Tools and Services You Need To Write A Crochet Pattern Like A PRO is Convertkit / Seva,

Why? I thought you’d might think that.

Convertkit /Seva is a email service provider & why on earth should you need to use this tool to write a crochet pattern?

Let me tell you:

I use it for crochet pattern testing.

The first step is getting my testers on the list. I’ve provided a form for them to fill out on this page. On that page they sign up & agree to my terms.

Next, over the first few weeks as a pattern tester for me, they receive a few emails from me. In those emails I set expectations. Tell them how the testing process work & give them a chance to reach out to me & in that way I get to know them better.


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Next, when I have a crochet pattern that needs testing, I send a general email to all testers asking them if they want to test.

In that email I attach a form for them to fill out. Using the tool I’ll get to next.


But first, this must be expensive?

Well, I already use Convertkit / Seva as my Email Service Provider for my newsletters & the extra cost of keeping a list of crochet pattern testers isn’t that big.

As a Email Service Provider Convertkit / Seva is definitely my top recommendation. This is a super easy tool to use. It’s easy to set up & gives you lots of opportunities for automation’s.

Let’s face it, a little automation helps get things done when time is on short for a busy Solopreneur or Crochet Designer.

I’ve used several different email service providers for my newsletters. However, when I finally found ConvertKit /Seva, I was sold. It’s hands down the best tool I’ve used!

Start using Convertkit / Seva & learn more about this time-saver.



8. Google Forms

The next on the list of Tools and Services You Need To Write A Crochet Pattern Like A PRO is Google Forms.

Google Forms is another tool from Google G Suite, a tool I’m super grateful that I invested in. Because I use the Google G Suite daily & for multiple parts of my crochet design business, I’ve already mentioned Google Sheets.

In google forms I ask my crochet pattern testers to fill out information about the crochet pattern testing as an application.

When the testers that are interested in testing that specific pattern has filled out the form, I go through to see which testers will be the best fit for that specific pattern.

There’s an easy way to move the data from Google Forms into Google Sheets to have an overview of the applicants.


Learn more about Google G Suite here.



9. Gmail (Google G Suite)

The second to last on my list of Tools and Services You Need To Write A Crochet Pattern Like A PRO, is Gmail.

To be able to communicate with my crochet pattern testers I use gmail. This is also a part of Google G Suite & was the reason why I first decided to invest in using Google G Suite.

Gmail is easy to use & offers a lot of customization when it comes to sending regular emails. There’s tools for tagging emails, which I do a log.

Let’s say, I have someone test a specific pattern, then I use gmail to tag their emails, making it easier for me to review the feedback at the end of the testing process.


Gmail also offers a great way to search for specific terms. It’s easy to find previous conversations with testers & check who’s completed & given feedback on that specific pattern.


It’s also easy to send emails to multiple testers at a time, which I do often, especially when everyone needs an update of the pattern in the middle of testing.


Learn more about Google G Suite here.



10. Facebook

The final tool on the list Tools and Services You Need To Write A Crochet Pattern Like A PRO is Facebook.

I also use Facebook to communicate with crochet pattern testers. I have a specific group for testers & I open up for discussion about the testing process there.

This is a great way to get more feedback om a pattern, because all small details about the pattern can get discussed openly.

After working with testers for a long time, I’m prepared for them to rip the pattern to pieces & let me build it again after the pattern testing process is over.

Because those honest opinions makes the difference between a good crochet pattern and a great one.


Find my tester group on Facebook here.



Make sure to comment below & let me know what you got out of this blog post. Which tools and services will you start using? Do you use other tools or services?

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  • Hi Janne

    Thank you for this post. I am attempting to write and publish my first crochet pattern. I have it written. The crochet work is done. I am attempting to make the pattern look pretty. I had never thought of using power point. Thank you for the suggestion.

    • Hi Amanda,
      I’m so glad that you found this post helpful 🙂
      Wishing you all the success on your first pattern! It’s so exciting!


  • Hi Janne,

    Thanks for publishing this great article. I have recently just started writing patterns (in my notebook only) and am looking to start publishing them online. I will definitely use some of your great suggestions.

    • So glad my post can be helpful! Please check back & let me know if you have questions or if some of the tips helped 🙂

  • I am so glad I found your blog. I love to crochet, but sometimes the directions make no sense. So, I hand diagram the pattern where I find mistake after mistake. I wish the people who think they are good at writing pattern would be the one trying to read it. I know they must have never had their pattern tested. I want to begin writing patterns and am so happy you are here, it gives me hope.

    • Thank you so much, I’m glad what I’m sharing is helpful.
      I know how frustrating it is to try following patterns with mistakes. That’s why it’s so important as a designer to go through it in detail multiple times before it is released. Both before & after working with testers & editors.

      Sadly I’ve sometimes found errors in my own patterns (sneaking in) even after all that work. But rather than feeling too bad about it, I’m now just focused on fixing it, notifying everyone & putting it behind me.
      We’re all human after all & those small errors occur.

      Wishing you all the best & hope you’ll start writing your patterns 👌👍🏻

  • I have a little one on the way and thought turning my hobby into a form of semi-passive income might be the most time effective way to contribute to family income. I found your blog very informative. Are there tutorials on how to use Powerpoint for the purpose of pattern making? Or do you essentially use this as a visual tool to see how certain things such as color and stitches look together? Also, when I began crocheting I didn’t have the first clue on what types of stitches there were let alone how to read a pattern. I would often just sort of go for it and see what turned out. Once I did start learning how to read patterns though I fell mostly in love with using them with various hooks/needles and yarns, even different ones than what the pattern would call for. How do you create patterns without ending up feeling like you have plagiarized someone else’s work?

    • Liona, thank you so much for your positive comment.

      I use Powerpoint as the template for my patterns when I sell them. So I don’t use them for creating the pattern, just for the PDF I sell.

      When it comes to creating unique patterns & not feeling like you’ve plagiarized someone else’s work, my most important tip is to NOT look at others work while you’re in your creative “state”. That means, while you plan & imagine what you’re going to make, don’t look at everyone else’s stuff. Never read a pattern & then create your own.
      I’ve personally never been stressed about plagiarizing, because I never copy. I create based on my own ideas, I put the stitches together & make something.

  • What an extremely informative and well written article! I am pretty new to crochet, but I have a very specific blanket design I want to make and didn’t know where to even begin. This is really helpful. Thank you!

    • Hi Lauri,

      thank you so much! I’m so glad this article was helpful!
      I really would love to share even more tutorials on writing patterns.

      Good luck on your blanket design!


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