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Crochet Pattern Tester

Do you want to join my group & become a crochet pattern tester?

I’m constantly in the need for crochet pattern testers to test new designs. I’m looking for pattern testers with all kinds of experience, from beginners to experienced. Through this page you can read all about how crochet pattern testing for Joy of Motion works. You can also find out how you sign up to become a crochet pattern tester. In addition to that you’ll learn more about what’s in it for you, as well as me/Joy of Motion.

crochet pattern tester

Why I need crochet pattern testers:

I’m constantly working on designing new crochet patterns. All designs ranging from patterns with skill level beginner to experienced. Even though I’m becoming a more & more skilled pattern writer, It’s also constantly a struggle to be 100 % sure that you’ve remembered all the small details. Even though I’m often crocheting & testing my patterns more than once, I’ll easily skip some of the important details. I’ll often end up blinded by my own text. That’s why I’m always making sure some crochet pattern testers discover the mistakes for me.

I’m currently having my crochet pattern testers sign up through this site, as I’m always interested in making new crochet friends & partners.

Why  become a pattern tester?

There’s many reasons to why you should sign up to become a pattern tester. The most important reason might be to increase your set of skills & gain experience. Through reading different types of patterns & looking at them closely, you’ll easily gain experience that will help you become a better crocheter. If you’re also a crochet pattern designer or starting out as one, you’ll also gain great experience in pattern writing through testing patterns.

If you’re just enjoying crocheting & love the looks of a pattern, you’ll also be benefited as you’ll get the pattern you liked for free. I’m currently not able to endorse you further for your work, except also sharing pictures through social media as mentioned below.

Before signing up to test a pattern you should consider if this is a pattern you would like to make anyway, because you will have to purchase the yarn for the item you would like to test yourself. At the same time, the finish project will be 100 % yours.

crochet pattern tester sidus cardigan
crochet pattern tester

How does it work?

As of now all you have to do is to sign up through this page. You’ll then be signed up to be notified the next time I’m having a pattern ready for testing.
What I’ll do is to send you an email every time a crochet pattern is ready for testing. In that way you’ll always be in the loop to get a chance to test a pattern.

Those emails will contain all the details of this new pattern. What skill level, a few pictures of it, as well as a time limit for when the testing should be finished.
Then what you’ll need to do is to send me an email containing your details: Skill level, your experience & also some details about you. I’ll also prefer if you share any social profiles you’ve got if you have any. If you think you’re not able to finish the pattern within the time limit, please don’t sign up for testing that pattern.

After that I’ll spend about 1 week from the pattern tester call out started to review any sign ups & to choose those that will get the chance to test it.
I’m not able to let all those who sign up join each time, but I’ll try my best to change up & invite different people along to each pattern.

What’s the requirements?

When you get the chance to be a crochet pattern tester, you’ll get an email with all  the details about the pattern testing, as well as the pattern of course. Then you’ll have to purchase the yarn for your pattern. As of now I’m not able to provide you with yarn, & you should only sign up for testing if you’d like to make the item anyway.

The email you receive confirming that you are selected at a tester will contain both the time limit for the testing (as also noted in the first email), a little details about what I’m looking for. But generally I’m hoping you’ll give me feedback on all details.

I’m also looking for pattern testers that’s interested in sharing pictures of the progress, as well as the finished crocheted item with me, as well as through their social media platforms. I’m constantly sharing pictures from costumers & testers through social media & I’m always crediting the photographer/you for it. I love how this can help both me & you gain exposure & helps spread creativity & crochet socially.

If you for some reason can’t complete the pattern you signed up for, you’ll need to contact me as soon as you figure it out. This means I’ll need to find someone else as soon as possible.

crochet pattern tester

How can I sign up to become a crochet pattern tester? Just add your information below!