Lace Crochet Patterns

7 of the Loveliest

Adding lace stitches to your crochet projects is a great way to make them look elegant and sophisticated. Swipe right to see these inspiring patterns!

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This crochet pattern combines beginner-friendly basic stitches like double crochet, chains, and single crochet. It's a fashionable shawl that you can wear any time of the year!

1) Crochet Lace Shawl

It’s such a handy crochet reusable produce bag, featuring a lovely lace stitch and a sturdy round crocheted base.

2) Lace Produce Bag

This lacey t-shirt really is a garment that anyone can achieve and most of all enjoy making! The stitches repeat across multiple rows.

3) The Eyelit Lace Tee

The Lace Crochet Shawl isn’t going to take long to crochet, and the final result is going to be amazing!

4) Lace Crochet Shawl

What I love about these crochet wrist warmers is the fact that they show off the broomstick lace stitch beautifully!

5) broomstick lace wrist warmers

This crochet shrug has beautiful lace crochet stitch details, is a easy pattern to make. It's perfect to wear throughout the warmer season

6) Lace Crochet Shrug

Because of the lovely stitch details, you can make this bolero in a few hours. The stitching is so pretty to look at!

7) Callaina Tunisian Lace Bolero

For more crochet patterns and tutorials, visit our blog, Joy of Motion Crochet! We have lots of lovely lace crochet pattern ideas!

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