6 Different Crochet Stitches  To Try

List compiled by Janne Kleivset - Joy of Motion Crochet joyofmotioncrochet.com 

In this tutorial I will show you 6 different crochet stitches you can try! All with beautiful texture and fun to crochet.

Fun Stitch Patterns

The 6 different crochet stitches:

1. Fan Stitch 2. Zig Zag Puff Stitch 3. Bobble Stitch 4. Spider Lace Stitch  5. Extra Extended Single Crochet 6. Alpine Stitch Let's check out the details --->


The crochet fan stitch is a lovely crochet stitch pattern featuring double crochet stitches and slip stitches. Works well in a lot of crochet projects.

The zig zag puff stitch is a popular stitch pattern that every crocheter should try. It has super easy repeats and are fun to crochet!


The lovely crochet bobble stitch is a beautiful textured crochet stitch that can be used in all kinds of crochet projects. 


The spider lace stitch pattern is an amazing lace stitch pattern. It works up beautifully in any crochet project, like a lace bag or produce bag. 


The extra extended single crochet is a lovely crochet stitch. It creates this lovely texture, perfect for crochet dish towels and other kitchen accessories.


The crochet alpine stitch is a great crochet stitch with lovely texture. Some of the stitches are worked in the front post to create this lovely stitch pattern.


Learn New Stitches

We have even more easy crochet stitches on our blog. Like the bobble stitch, herringbone double crochet and many more! 

Want to Learn Crochet?

Learn crochet with helpful tutorials and guides. Such as first steps, basic crochet stitches and reading crochet patterns.

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