Crochet Hook Anatomy And Types 

Janne Kleivset - Joy of Motion Crochet 

Everything You Need To Know

There's actually 8 specific parts of the crochet hook anatomy!  Lets see --->

Do you know the parts of a crochet hook?

Let's list the 8 parts & then place it on a photo --->

1. Handle 2. Thumb Rest 3. Shaft 4. Head 5. Bowl 6. Lip 7. Point 8. Throat Let's check out the details --->

The photo above shows all the parts of the crochet hook anatomy. You can see that the head contains for parts; lip, bowl, point and throat. While the other parts are the shaft, handle and grip. 

There's actually not a big difference, but let's dive into the details ---->

Do you know the difference between an inline and tapered crochet hook?

On a tapered crochet hook the final part towards the head is not aligned with the rest of the hook.

On an inline crochet hook the head of the crochet hook is aligned with the shaft. 


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