Flight of the Dragonfly Pillow – FREE Crochet Pattern

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You’re going to love the Flight of the Dragonfly Pillow! It’s the perfect addition to everyday décor or can even be modified to suit your seasonal décor. When I think decorative pillow or throw pillow I always think back to my grandma’s embroidered pillows that were on every chair in her house and there were always at least 3 on her bed. She would sometimes switch them around, but they were always there and that is a memory I treasure.

With the Flight of the Dragonfly Pillow I’d like to think I threw together my love of my grandma’s old-fashioned nature with my love for dragonflies; as well as, a modern twist to bring you something that everyone will enjoy and want as part of their home! The Flight of the Dragonfly Pillow is inspired by my love of all things dragonfly and my desire to always be in nature; dragonflies are just so majestic and beautiful, graceful and delicate and there is always a joy to be found in being outside!


Flight of the Dragonfly Pillow - FREE Crochet Pattern


Before we get into the pattern itself, here’s just a little bit about me: My name is Ruthie and I have a slightly more than normal obsession with dragonflies, so you’ll find them in a lot of my patterns! I also have a love of teaching and helping others so I began teaching a couple of crochet classes, one for a local group of home-school kids and another for adults. I also began a local group for crocheters to get together and create things for donating to our community; as well as, larger organizations. 

Flight of the Dragonfly Pillow - FREE Crochet Pattern

Flight of the Dragonfly Pillow - FREE Crochet Pattern




This pattern was designed using all Caron Simply Soft worsted / #4 weight yarn. The main color used is Soft Blue to represent a beautiful spring sky. The other colors used are Teal Tourmaline as the main dragonfly wing color, with Purple as a wing accent, Autumn Red for the flowers, Chartreuse and Dark Green for the leaves, and Black for the stems and dragonfly bodies.

What made me choose this particular yarn for this pattern was first and foremost the softness of it, but the vibrant beautiful colors came in as a close second. 

Flight of the Dragonfly Pillow - FREE Crochet Pattern



The Flight of the Dragonfly Pillow is the perfect addition to any decor and you can change up the colors as you see fit so that this beautiful pillow will work with your style. You can also make several pillows to correlate with the different seasons by changing the colors of the leaves, flowers, and dragonfly wings!

Seasonal color change ideas:

Spring: A light blue background, cherry blossom pink wings with a lavender accent, deep pink flowers, light green leaves with dark green accents

Summer: A deeper blue background, hot pink wings with a yellow accent, purple flowers, dark green leaves with light green accents

Fall: A sunset yellow background, red wings with an orange accent, sunflower yellow flowers, light green leaves with brown accents

Winter: A white background, royal blue wings with an ice blue accent, red flowers, brown leaves with light green accents

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Flight of the Dragonfly Pillow - FREE Crochet Pattern

Flight of the Dragonfly Pillow - FREE Crochet Pattern



How long it takes to crochet something varies depending on your skill & how fast you crochet. But that isn’t a helpful answer is it?

Well, I’ve developed a yarn calculator to help you get the answer to this question.

It will help you calculate exactly how much time you’ll spend crocheting a project.

All you need to know is how much yarn you will use on the project in either meters, yards or skeins. Then crochet your test square & time it.

Calculate how long it takes to crochet that. 








The Flight of the Dragonfly Pillow is available here with written instructions. You can purchase the full pattern with written instructions and a chart on Ravelry. The pattern features 2 options on sizing using single crochet or half double crochet. You also have the option of doing 2 front panels with the design on either side or doing a front panel with the design and a solid color back panel.

Flight of the Dragonfly Pillow - FREE Crochet Pattern




Read about skill levels.




Size 5.5 mm / US: I/9 / UK: 5



Yarn used:

Caron Simply Soft in Soft Blue (SB)

Caron Simply Soft in Teal Tourmaline (T)

Caron Simply Soft in Purple (P)

Caron Simply Soft in Chartreuse (Lt. G)

Caron Simply Soft in Dark Green (Dk. G)

Caron Simply Soft in Autumn Red (R)

Caron Simply Soft in Black (B)


Yarn amount used: 

2 skeins of the Caron Simply Soft in Soft Blue (about 500 yards) and >1 skein (about 20-40 yards of each) in each of the following colors Teal Tourmaline, Purple, Chartreuse, Dark Sage, Autumn Red, and Black

Note: If doing the hdc size option you will need 3 skeins of Soft Blue


Yarn characteristics:

  • 4 worsted weight medium yarn
  • 100% acrylic





Measured with single crochet crocheted in rows:

16 stitches & 14 rows per 10 cm / 4”.



  • This crochet pattern is written in US terms (more details).
  • All measurements given are unblocked.
  • Note that measurements are given as exact as possible. But crochet tension & technique might give variations in the result; that changes from person to person.
  • Read pattern instructions carefully before beginning to make sure you understand everything. It might save you hours!
  • Make a swatch that measure at least 10 x 10 cm / 4 x 4 inches using the stitch the gauge is given for. If your swatch matches the gauge, you’re good to go. If the gauge is wrong, you might need to change your hook. Go up in crochet hook size if your stitches are smaller & go down in crochet hook size if your stitches are bigger (more details).
  • Check yarn info if you want to find an alternative or test your yarn against the gauge (more details). 
  • This pattern is written for 1 size, however size adjustments are suggested under the heading “Size & Measurements”. 
  • At the end of each row, the stitch count is given in parenthesis. Every row will have the same amount of stitches as row 1.
  • This pattern is written in rows, so turns are assumed at the end of each row, not written; therefore please ch 1 and turn at the end of each row.



SC Option: 

Width: 19″

Height: 9″


HDC Option: 

Width: 24″

Height: 16″



ch = chain (s) (tutorial)

hdc = half double crochet (tutorial)

sc = single crochet (tutorial)

st = stitch (es) 



SB: Soft Blue

T: Teal Tourmaline

P: Purple

Lt. G: Chartreuse

Dk. G: Dark Sage

R: Autumn Red

B: Black



This pattern was designed using sc, but it looks beautiful in hdc as well and hdc also increases the size.



You need to have a familiarity with sc (and/or hdc), color changes, color carrying, and sewing pieces together.


Flight of the Dragonfly Pillow - FREE Crochet Pattern



Directions: (make 2 or do solid backing)


Row 1 – Using SB chain 76, turn, SB75

Row 2 – SB75

Row 3 – SB26, T3, SB14, (Lt.G) x 4, SB21, R, SB6

Row 4 – SB5, R3, SB20, Lt.G, Dk.G, B, (Lt.G) x 2, SB12, T6, SB24

Row 5 – SB23, T3, P2, T2, SB11, (Lt.G) x 3, B, Dk.G, Lt.G, SB11, (Lt.G) x 4, SB5, R5, SB3

Row 6 – SB2, R6, SB4, (Lt.G) x 2, Dk.G, B, Lt.G, SB5, (Dk.G) x 3, SB4, Lt.G, Dk.G, B, (Lt.G) x 2, SB12, T3, P, T3, SB22

Row 7 – SB21, T2, P3, T2, SB12, (Lt.G) x 2, B, Dk.G, (Lt.G) x 2, SB3, (Dk.G) x 4, SB5, (Lt.G) x 2, B, Dk.G, (Lt.G) x 2, SB4, B, R3, SB3

Row 8 –  SB7, B, SB3, Lt.G, B2, (Lt.G) x 3, SB4, Dk.G, Lt.G, B, (Dk.G) x 2, SB4, (Lt.G) x 2, Dk.G, B, Lt.G, SB14, T3, P2, T, SB3, B2, SB15

Row 9 – SB14, B4, SB, T4, SB3, T5, SB9, B2, (Lt.G) x 2, SB5, (Dk.G) x 2, B, (Lt.G) x 2, Dk.G, SB5, (Lt.G) x 3, B2, SB2, B, SB7

Row 10 – SB7, B2, SB, B, SB8, (Dk.G) x 2, B2, (Dk.G) x 2, SB9, B, SB8, T3, P3, T2, SB4, T2, B4, SB14

Row 11 – SB15, B3, T, SB2, T3, P3, T4, SB9, B, SB9, (Dk.G) x 3, B2, Dk.G, SB8, B3, SB8

Row 12 – SB5, (Dk.G) x 3, B3, SB8, Dk.G, B, (Dk.G) x 3, SB10, B, SB8, B2, T12, B2, T8, SB8

Row 13 – SB4, T6, P2, T4, B2, SB6, B, SB6, B2, SB7, B2, SB12, B, SB6, B4, SB, B3, Lt.G, Dk.G, SB4

Row 14 – SB3, Dk.G, (Lt.G) x 2, B, (Dk.G) x 2, SB4, B8, SB12, B, SB7, B2, SB7, B2, SB4, B2, SB, T2, SB2, T2, P2, T6, SB2

Row 15 – SB2, T3, P3, T2, SB2, T3, SB3, B, SB4, B, SB9, B, SB7, B2, SB7, B6, SB10, (Dk.G) x 2, B2, Lt.G, Dk.G, SB3

Row 16 – SB2, (Dk.G) x 6, SB16, B6, SB, B2, SB8, B, SB9, B, SB4, B, SB3, T2, P, T2, SB2, T5, SB3

Row 17 – SB9, T, P3, T, SB5, B, SB3, B, SB2, B4, SB3, B2, SB7, B3, SB2, B2, SB19, (Dk.G) x 5, SB2

Row 18 – SB22, R4, B, SB5, B2, SB6, B, SB3, B2, SB2, B, SB2, B, SB3, B, SB6, T2, P2, T, SB8

Row 19 – SB7, T2, P, T2, SB7, B2, SB3, B, SB, B2, SB2, B, SB3, B, SB5, B2, SB6, B, R5, SB21

Row 20 – SB22, R5, SB8, B, SB3, B2, SB3, B, SB4, B2, SB3, B, SB9, T5, SB6

Row 21 – SB6, T4, SB10, B, SB4, B2, SB3, B, SB4, B, SB, B2, SB9, R3, SB24

Row 22 – SB15, B, SB9, R, SB11, B, SB, B, SB5, B4, SB4, B, SB21

Row 23 – SB21, B, SB13, B2, SB8, T3, SB10, B, SB16

Row 24 – SB16, B, SB9, T4, SB8, B2, SB12, B, SB22

Row 25 – SB35, B, SB10, T, P, T2, SB7, B, SB17

Row 26 – SB17, B, SB6, T2, P, T, SB11, B, SB35

Row 27 – SB34, B2, SB11, T2, P2, T, SB5, B, SB17

Row 28 – SB18, B, SB3, T, P2, T2, SB2, T5, SB6, B, SB34

Row 29 – SB18, (Lt.G) x 4, SB12, B, SB5, T2, P2, T4, SB2, T3, SB3, B, SB18

Row 30 – SB18, B2, SB, T2, SB2, T2, P5, T3, SB5, B, SB11, (Lt.G) x 5, SB18

Row 31 – SB12, R, SB, R, SB3, (Lt.G) x 2, Dk.G, B, (Lt.G) x 2, SB9, B, SB8, T5, P3, T4, B2, SB19

Row 32 – SB6, T13, B2, T8, SB12, B, SB8, (Lt.G) x 2, B2, Dk.G, Lt.G, SB3, R5, SB11

Row 33 – SB10, R7, SB2, (Lt.G) x 2, Dk.G, B, (Lt.G) x 2, SB7, B4, SB17, B3, T, SB2, T3, P3, T5, SB5

Row 34 – SB5, T2, P4, T2, SB4, T2, B4, SB13, (Dk.G) x 2, SB, B, SB2, B2, SB6, Lt.G, B2, Dk.G, Lt.G, SB3, R7, SB10

Row 35 – SB11, R2, B, R2, SB5, (Lt.G) x 2, B2, SB6, B, SB3, B2, Lt.G, (Dk.G) x 2, SB12, B4, SB, T4, SB3, T6, SB5

Row 36 – SB11, T4, P, T, SB3, B2, SB12, (Dk.G) x 2, Lt.G, B2, Dk.G, SB4, B, SB3, B3, SB7, B4, SB13

Row 37 – SB17, B2, SB7, B4, SB5, (Dk.G) x 2, B, Lt.G, (Dk.G) x 2, SB18, T, P, T5, SB9

Row 38 – SB8, T4, P2, T, SB19, (Dk.G) x 2, Lt.G, B, (Dk.G) x 2, SB9, B3, SB3, B2, SB18

Row 39 – SB19, B, SB3, B, SB11, (Dk.G) x 3, Lt.G, (Dk.G) x 2, SB20, T, P2, T4, SB7

Row 40 – SB6, T3, P3, T, SB21, (Dk.G) x 6, SB11, B2, SB, B, SB20

Row 41 – SB20, B3, SB13, (Dk.G) x 4, SB23, T2, P3, T, SB6

Row 42 – SB7, T3, SB26, (Dk.G) x 2, SB15, B, SB21

Row 43 – SB21, B, SB15, (Dk.G) x 2, SB36

Row 44 – SB54, B, SB20

Row 45 – SB20, B, SB54 

Do not fasten off and continue to sewing your pieces together.



To put the pillow together line up your edges and place stitch markers (or safety pins) into the four corners. Next begin to single crochet or half double crochet around your pillow adding 2 extra stitches to each corner for a total of 3 stitches in the corners where you placed your stitch markers. Once you get three sides put together add your pillow form and close up the last side. Fasten off, weave in your ends, and enjoy your beautiful new decorative pillow.

Flight of the Dragonfly Pillow - FREE Crochet Pattern



Flight of the Dragonfly Pillow - FREE Crochet Pattern

Ruthie Smith is the designer, creator, and owner of Dragonfly Creations. She resides in beautiful Montana with her husband, two children, and several fur babies. She has a very busy life and when she’s not crocheting or working she can be found homeschooling her children, teaching crochet classes, participating in church activities, quilting, reading, and hiking. Ruthie has been crocheting since the age of 6, when she was taught by her grandma. Her passion for crochet has only grown throughout the years and then in 2019 she began writing down her patterns to share with the world; but she has been designing them for years. Most of Ruthie’s patterns are dragonfly inspired as the dragonfly is elegant, graceful, enchanting, and a sign of change, transformation, and adaptability; plus they’re absolutely beautiful! Dragonflies are a stunning piece of nature and the beauty of the world is filled with inspiration to be drawn from. Several of her patterns have been published in Happily Hooked Magazine and she also design patterns for Darn Good Yarn (DGY)! Use coupon code DRAGONFLY15 at for 15% off your entire order!

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