40+ Crochet Flower Patterns

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Uncover the beauty of crochet flower patterns with this specially chosen collection designed to enhance your crafting abilities.

From the soft daisy to the majestic sunflower, find patterns that fulfill all your floral dreams, including both straightforward petal designs and intricate botanical wonders.

These crochet flower patterns are the ideal launching pad for incorporating a touch of nature into your projects, making every item bloom into a masterpiece.

Revel in the variety of flowers and turn your crochet projects into a flourishing garden of handmade treasures.

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Materials Needed to Crochet Flower Patterns

To follow the Flower Crochet Patterns there are some materials needed such as:

On each of the flower crochet patterns below you can find specific yarn suggestions and crochet hook sizes. If you want to substitute yarn, I recommend crocheting a gauge swatch.

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40+ Crochet Flower Patterns Pin

Free Crochet Flower Patterns Collection

Blossom into crochet artistry with these free crochet flower patterns.

Create everything from dainty daisies to lush roses, perfect for enhancing any project or crafting standalone botanical beauties.

These patterns offer a variety of floral delights, inviting you to bring the essence of a garden into your crochet creations.

Begin your journey into floral crochet and watch your projects bloom.

Crochet Flower Pattern
Here's a fantastic pattern for an 8-petal crochet flower, perfect for utilizing leftover yarn and ideal for quick crochet projects. These versatile flowers can be used as embellishments, added to home decor, incorporated into crochet wreaths, or combined to create charming crochet garlands. With just 2 rounds of crochet, this pattern is simple and easy to follow. Let's get started and bring these lovely flowers to life!
See the Crochet Flower Pattern
Narcissus Crochet Pattern
Discover the joy of crocheting stunning narcissus flowers with my complimentary pattern. Follow along with detailed instructions on crafting your own narcissus blooms. Incorporate these charming flowers into your crochet projects to add a touch of elegance and natural beauty.
Crochet the Narcissus Crochet Pattern
How To Crochet a Daisy Granny Square
If you're eager to crochet a daisy granny square, you're in luck! This step-by-step tutorial will guide you through creating your very own daisy granny square. With clear instructions and visuals, you'll learn the techniques needed to crochet this charming variation of the classic granny square. It's a delightful project for those who appreciate the timeless appeal of granny squares.
Learn How To Crochet A Daisy Granny Square
Free Crochet Poppy Pattern
Check out this fantastic free crochet Poppy Pattern, perfect for creating stunning flower decorations. I've crafted both vibrant red poppies and delicate pink ones, known as Iceland poppies, but you can customize this pattern with any color you desire! The poppy is crocheted from the center outwards, starting with the center circle, followed by each petal, and finishing with a back piece. Don't hesitate—let's start crocheting!
See the Free Crochet Poppy Pattern
How To Crochet a Sunburst Granny Square
Looking to add the sunburst granny square to your crochet repertoire? You're in the right place! This comprehensive tutorial will guide you through each step of crocheting a beautiful sunburst granny square. With detailed instructions and helpful images, you'll quickly grasp the techniques required to craft this captivating variation of the traditional granny square.
Learn How To Crochet A Sunburst Granny Square
Boho Summer Flower Crochet Bracelet Pattern
Prepare for the summer season with this charming Boho summer flower crochet bracelet pattern. Discover how to crochet a delightful bracelet adorned with beautiful flowers.
Crochet the Boho Summer Flower Crochet Bracelet Pattern
How to Make the Crochet African Flower Hexagon
Crafting the exquisite African Flower Granny Square Hexagon involves working from the flower center outward, resulting in a delightful bloom with six petals. Feel free to experiment with various color combinations and consider crocheting the third and fourth rounds in the same color to highlight the intricacy of the flower petals. This unique hexagonal pattern offers a refreshing twist on the classic granny square, making it an ideal option for those who appreciate granny square designs.
Learn How To Make The Crochet African Flower Hexagon
Scrap Flower Crochet Pattern
Utilize your leftover yarn effectively with this scrap yarn crochet flower pattern. These crochet flowers can embellish various items beautifully. While I opted for bulky weight yarn, you can freely choose any yarn weight you prefer and use the recommended hook size accordingly.
See the Scrap Flower Crochet Pattern
Flower Power Crochet Wallflower
Create a stunning crochet wallflower to adorn your walls! This enjoyable and quick crochet project will add a vibrant touch to any space.
See the Flower Power Crochet Wallflower
Crochet Flower Pot
This adorable flower pot is simply irresistible! Originally crafted for Mother’s Day, these charming hydrangeas are perfect for any occasion, be it birthdays, anniversaries, or just because!
Crochet the Flower Pot
Lacy Dogwood Blossom
Explore the enchanting world of flower crochet patterns with this delightful Lacy Dogwood Blossom. Perfect for Easter, spring, or embellishing any project, this free pattern is a joy to create. Beginning with a magic loop, you'll swiftly work up this charming dogwood flower in just two rounds of crochet.
Crochet the Lacy Dogwood Blossom
Frilly Flowers
How delightful is this Filly Flower crochet pattern? It's a free flower pattern requiring just one color of yarn and is easy to follow, inspired by the Hydrangea. Access the tutorial video by clicking here!
Crochet the Frilly Flowers Pattern
Flower Garden Bookmark Crochet Pattern
Are you a bookworm who also enjoys crocheting? This crochet bookmark is perfect for you! It's an easy pattern, ideal for beginners, and can be completed in about half an hour. Plus, it features the charming crochet flower garden stitch.
See the Flower Garden Bookmark Crochet Pattern
Easy Floral Coin Purse
Here's a free crochet pattern to create an adorable Easy Floral Coin Purse using embroidery floss and basic stitches. The floral motif adds a charming touch, making it perfect for gifting to loved ones!
Crochet the Easy Floral Coin Purse Pattern
Large Crochet Flower Pattern
Check out this fantastic free pattern for a vibrant and large Crochet Flower! The popcorn stitches add an extra dimension, making it truly special. Raid your yarn stash for a burst of color and let's get crocheting!
See the Large Crochet Flower Pattern
Flower Coasters Pattern
Simple Flower Coasters like this can spice up any table! Use them as coasters, facial scrubbers or for gifts, and they are quick to finish. Remember to place a stitch marker at the end of each round, as the pattern is crocheted in a continuous spiral.
Crochet the Flower Coasters Pattern
Simple Flower Headband Crochet Pattern
Here's a fantastic stash buster project for craft fairs: the Simple Flower Headband pattern. It's a quick project, with just two easy rows that you'll soon commit to memory and be able to whip up a dozen in no time! What's more, you can customize it with any weight of yarn, making it perfect for using up leftover yarn from your stash.
See the Simple Flower Headband Crochet Pattern
Easy Crochet Flower Pattern
For a fast and effortless way to spruce up your hat or bag, look no further than this simple crochet flower pattern. With two sizes available, you can choose the one that suits your needs best!
Easy Crochet Flower Pattern
Two Layer Crochet Flowers
Check out how these Two Layer Crochet Flowers pop to life! This free pattern for easy 7-petal flowers is beginner friendly and includes written instructions along with a helpful photo tutorial. All you need are some small yarn scraps, and you'll be creating a bunch of these charming crochet flowers to share in no time!
See the Two Layer Crochet Flowers
Dahlia Crochet Pattern
The Dahlia crochet pattern is a stunning flower embellishment project, perfect for adding flair to hats or headbands. You can also use it to adorn bags, blankets, or other home decor items. Get your crochet hook ready and let's start crafting!
See the Dahlia Crochet Pattern
Daisy Flower Coaster
Craft a delightful collection of crochet flower coasters using this comprehensive and simple-to-follow Daisy Coaster Crochet Pattern, complete with a helpful video tutorial! This engaging crochet coaster pattern allows you to whip up a set of charming and practical flower coasters in approximately 30 minutes, adding a touch of beauty to your home decor.
Crochet the Daisy Flower Coaster
Crochet Bridal Flowers
You're going to have so much fun crocheting this bridal flower pattern! The vintage design includes a bridal bouquet and matching boutonniere, featuring sweet roses with bright lime green leaves. Plus, these bridal flowers will last a lifetime!
Crochet the Bridal Flowers Pattern
Sweet Summer Sunflower Bag
Isn't it just delightful how sunflowers bring a burst of cheerfulness to the summer season? They're like the ultimate display of nature's beauty, shining brightly as summer fades into fall. And what's even better? This adorable summer sunflower bag captures that vibrant spirit perfectly.
Crochet the Sweet Summer Sunflower Bag Pattern
Sassy Sunflower Crochet Crossbody Bag
On those days when you're craving a touch of sweetness to lift your spirits, nothing beats the charm of a petite accessory. Picture this: a darling crossbody bag, adorned with the sunny allure of a sassy sunflower, perfectly sized to hold your essentials like phone, keys, and a bit of cash. It's the ideal companion for adding a splash of cheer to any dreary day!
Crochet the Sassy Sunflower Crochet Crossbody Bag
Crochet Sunflower Potholder
This crochet sunflower potholder is not only beautiful but also wonderfully distinctive. Crafted with dishcloth cotton yarn, it features a textured center and easy-to-crochet flower petals. Plus, there's a matching Sunflower dishcloth with a scrubber on the back and a coordinating Sunflower Coaster, all made from the same cotton yarn. With these charming pieces, your table will exude the vibrant charm of a sunflower field.
See the Crochet Sunflower Potholder
Crochet Magnolia Pattern
Have fun crocheting this easy, beginner-friendly patter for crochet magnolias! Magnolia flowers can be white, purple, pink, or yellow, so pick your favorite yarn and matching crochet hook, and let's start crocheting!
See the Crochet Magnolia Pattern
Crochet Cherry Blossom Earrings
You're in for a treat with these Crochet Cherry Blossom Earrings! Crafted to celebrate the beauty of spring and the blooming cherry trees, these dangling crochet earrings are a delightful accessory. With this crochet pattern, you can whip up a pair in just one evening. They're not only easy to make but also perfect for a quick handmade gift.
See the Crochet Cherry Blossom Earrings
Crochet Lilac Flowers
Lilacs are not only beautiful but also known for their enchanting fragrance, making them a favorite flower for many, including myself. Their fleeting bloom coincides with the celebration of Mother's Day, adding to their significance.
See the Crochet Lilac Flowers Pattern
Flower Field Crochet Wall Art
Crocheting flowers is a beloved craft with countless patterns available online and in books. While I've provided specific flower patterns for this project, feel free to explore and use your favorite designs to customize your creation.
See the Flower Field Crochet Wall Art
Blooming Spring Flower
Introducing the Blooming Spring Flower crochet pattern! It's the perfect warm weather project, ideal for celebrating the joys of spring. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned crocheter, you'll love adding this charming flower to your creations. Let's dive into this delightful pattern and bring a touch of spring to your crochet projects!
Crochet the Blooming Spring Flower
Rose with Wired Stem and Leaves
Discover how to crochet a simple yet beautiful rose complete with stem and leaves using this complimentary crochet pattern and accompanying video tutorial. This charming creation is an ideal present for Mom, a cherished friend, or any loved one.
Crochet the Rose with Wired Stem and Leaves
Spring Blossom Necklace
Discover the enchanting Spring Blossom Crochet Necklace pattern, a delightful creation perfect for the season! Crafted in two separate pieces, the necklace is then seamlessly joined around the flower centerpiece. Whether for yourself or as a thoughtful gift, this necklace is sure to add a touch of springtime elegance to any outfit!
Crochet the Spring Blossom Necklace
Water Lily Crochet Pattern
Introducing the captivating Water Lily crochet pattern! This delightful design is not only perfect for various projects but also works up quickly, making it an ideal choice for crocheters of all skill levels. With endless possibilities for color combinations, you can truly let your creativity blossom. So, grab your hook and let's dive into this fun and enchanting project!
Crochet the Water Lily Pattern
Crochet Tulip Flower Pattern
Explore this free and easy Crochet Tulip Pattern, complete with written instructions and helpful photos to guide you through crafting a gorgeous tulip flower. These crocheted tulips are not only simple and quick to make but also perfect for creating a stunning handmade bouquet. Spend just under an hour crocheting a few while enjoying your favorite TV show, then delight in assembling them into a beautiful display of tulip blooms. Let your creativity bloom with this charming crochet project!
See the Crochet Tulip Flower Pattern
Daffodil Crochet Pattern
Discover the joy of crocheting Daffodil flowers with this simple and delightful pattern. As spring Daffodils herald new beginnings and the promise of summer, crafting these blossoms will bring a touch of seasonal cheer to your home. Follow these easy steps to create your own Daffodil blooms and celebrate the beauty of nature's renewal in your crochet projects.
See the Daffodil Crochet Pattern
Lavender Flower Pattern
earn how to crochet Lavender Flowers with ease! These delicate blooms are quick and simple to create, making them an ideal project for beginners. Add a touch of color and texture to any room with these everlasting flowers. This pattern is perfect for using up leftover yarn from your stash, and Lavender's soothing hue makes it a popular choice for crochet projects of all kinds.
Crochet the Lavender Flower Pattern
Lily of the Valley
Discover how to crochet Lily of the Valley Flowers with our detailed written pattern and helpful photo tutorials. These delicate bell-shaped flowers, known for their white color and elegant drooping, are perfect for adding a touch of charm to any crochet project. In folklore, Lily of the Valley is associated with luck in love and is often included in wedding bouquets. Spotting these flowers in the wild signifies ancient woodland, adding to their allure and mystique.
Crochet the Lily of the Valley Pattern
Laurel Crochet Flowers and Leaves Pattern
Here's a delightful and free crochet pattern for crafting crochet laurel leaves and dainty flowers. Use two shades of green to create depth and detail, with the lighter hue for the stems and a slightly darker tone for the leaves. Simply crochet five flowers for each sprig, adding a charming touch to your creations!
See the Laurel Crochet Flowers and Leaves Pattern
Daisy Flower Bucket Hat
Introducing a fabulous and free crochet pattern for a Daisy Flower Bucket Hat. This written pattern guides you through creating a stylish black bucket hat adorned with delightful daisy flowers. To crochet this trendy granny square bucket hat, all you need is double knit yarn and a 4.0mm hook. With this easy-to-follow pattern, you'll be fashioning these sought-after bucket hats in no time, perfect for the upcoming summer season!
Crochet the Daisy Flower Bucket Hat
Rose Garden Stitch – FREE Crochet Stitch Tutorial
The Rose Garden Stitch is a stunning floral crochet stitch ideal for various projects. Incorporate it as a decorative border or create an entire project highlighting its beauty. I've personally utilized it in the Rose Garden Blanket Square design.
Learn the Rose Garden Stitch
Crochet Rose Blanket Square – FREE Pattern
I'm thrilled to introduce the Crochet Rose Blanket Square, showcasing delicate roses intertwined with lush green leaves. This is sure to be one of your favorite new flower crochet patterns and is easy to learn using the rose garden stitch. Whip up this charming pattern in under an hour for a quick and satisfying project completion.
Crochet the Rose Blanket Square Pattern

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Get Started on Crochet Flower Patterns

Crochet flower patterns open the door to a blooming world of creativity, where you can infuse your projects with the delicate charm of handmade blossoms.

This is your chance to flaunt your crochet skills by crafting an array of floral designs, from simple petals to elaborate bouquets.

Embrace the opportunity to bring the beauty of nature into your crochet work, creating pieces that resonate with floral elegance.

Start your adventure with crochet flower patterns and let your creations flourish into stunning botanical wonders.

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