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Interested in learning about some crochet garments? Have you been feeling like it’s out of your reach because you’re relatively new to crochet or haven’t made anything like that before. Sweaters and tops look complicated but that's not always the case!

You’re in the right place, because I’ll teach you which crochet projects are beginner friendly. Let me show you the top 3 types of garments that are easy to crochet for beginners.

In my opinion and experience, the crochet garments that mostly contain some form of squares or rectangles are the easiest to make. Here are the easiest types of garments to make: – 4 part sweaters/top – 2 part top – 1 part cocoon sweater

Those crochet garments are often made up of more than one part. Then they are crocheted together to finish them. In other types of crochet patterns, you have garments made in one big piece, with complex shaping and everlasting instructions.

1) Sweaters/tops in 4 parts

The 4 part sweaters/tops are a favorite because there are unlimited possibilities! The first one is the front part, covering your tummy, breasts, and up to your shoulders. The second one is the back part, covering your back and up to your shoulders. The two last parts are the arms.

sweaters and tops with four parts




Here are a few four part clothing tops for you to check out!

2) Tops with 2 Parts

The 2 part tops are even easier than the 4 part tops and sweaters. The first part is the front part, and the second part is the back. Often these designs are made up of the front and back parts being exactly the same.

sweaters and tops with two parts




Here are a few two part clothing tops for you to check out!


Yes, you read correct, just ONE part! The cocoon sweaters are made up of just a square. It's as easy as that. Essentially they're as easy as making a crochet blanket.

cocoon sweaters with one part




Take a look at these crochet patterns for cocoon sweaters. They are so cute and stylish!

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