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Rustic Ridges Crochet Sweater

amazing easy sweater crochet pattern for woman. Suitable for new crocheters!

This beautiful sweater is really fun to make. You will find that the pattern is easy to adjust so the sweater can fit any body shape.

Rustic Ridges Sweater comes in 9 sizes, from XS to 5XL, with instructions on how to make it longer or shorter.

HDC is the main stitch because it's very beginner-friendly so you can crochet this sweater in no time at all!

Cotton Merino yarn from Drops Design is a great yarn to use because it's soft to the touch. This amazing crochet yarn is 50% cotton and 50% merino wool.

This sweater is worked from bottom up in two main panels and has a ribbed edge, collar and sleeve cuffs. Sleeves and collar are crocheted onto the body once it’s sewn.

You can grab the color-coded downloadable  PDF with step-by-step instructions and photos directly on Etsy.

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