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Crochet Beach Bag

It’s quite natural that the bag stretches a little when you use it, which makes it easy to fit all the beach essentials in the bag!

A beach bag is so nice to have, whether you're planning a beach vacation or not. You can use this bag for grocery shopping or storing your crochet projects too.

To make this Crochet Beach Bag crochet pattern I used 1 skein of fabric yarn. It’s the perfect material for a bag and is pretty sturdy!

It’s made with t-shirt yarn and a big crochet hook, so it stitches up just in an hour or two. Make it in your favorite color.

The Litus beach bag is crocheted from the bottom up, then the handles are crocheted directly on the bag.

For more crochet patterns that use this really thick and stretchy tshirt yarn, head to our blog for more ideas!

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