Crochet Patterns

Stash Busting

We’re challenging you to look through your stash of yarn, and make something beautiful!

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1. Potholders

These potholders don’t require very much yarn. You can use any cotton yarn you already have.

2. Western Style Wall Hanging Crochet Pattern

The Western Style Wall Hanging is a versatile home decor piece.

This scarf has such a pretty lacy pattern with some fringe added in. It takes about 2 skeins of yarn but you can rotate between multiple colors.

3. The Seaglass Bandana Scarf Crochet Pattern

Keep your sunglasses safe inside of your purse and easy to grab with this protective pouch!

4. Crochet Striped Sunglasses Pouch

Make your own boho clutch in whatever yarn color you choose. You can even attach straps to make it easy to carry on the go with you!

5. Crochet Clutch

Protect your furniture with some homemade coasters. They don't need a lot of yarn, and you can choose whatever colors you want!

6. Crochet Coasters

To crochet this easy Plant Hanger you’re not going to need: Just a pot, a plant, crochet hook & yarn.

7. Crochet Plant Hangers

Beanies made out of crochet patterns are so cute! The best thing about colder winter months is being able to wear these crochet beanies!

8. Crochet Beanies

That's right, these are reusable face scrubbies you can make at home. Use them to remove makeup or wash your face each morning. They're really cute!

9. Flower Face Scrubbies

For more free crochet patterns, visit our blog, Joy of Motion Crochet!

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