Different Granny Squares

List of crochet patterns compiled by Janne Kleivset for Joy of Motion Crochet

You know the traditional granny square, but do you know other granny squares? Discover heart granny square, sunburst granny square, daisy granny square and more!

The daisy granny square is crocheted from the middle outwards, traditionally starting with a yellow or mustard for the first round. 


Daisy Granny Square

The Sunburst Granny Square pattern is a beautiful alternative to the traditional granny square. Many also call it the Sunflower Granny Square. 


Sunburst Granny Square


The star granny square is crocheted from the center outwards, starting with the Crochet Granny Star or Crochet Star Pattern. 

Star Granny Square


The solid granny square crochet pattern is a beautiful alternative to the regular granny square where you eliminate some of the lace details or gaps. 

Solid Granny Square


The crochet heart granny square is crocheted from the middle of the heart outwards. 

Heart Granny Square


It’s crocheted from the center of the skull outwards, using the skull crochet pattern and then you turn it into one of the great granny square crochet patterns. 

Skull Granny Square


Many learn the simple granny square as crochet beginners, however this crochet tutorial is a great refresher if it’s been a while since you crocheted it. 

Classic Granny Square


The granny square is made up of only 3 rounds, and makes a beautiful 4 petal flower or Leaf Clover. 

Leaf Clover Granny Square


The Ferris Wheel Granny Square, is a crochet square I’m sure you’re going to love. The square is made up of only 3 rounds.

Ferris Wheel Granny Square

We have even more than these 9 granny squares to choose from on our website. Discover 9 different granny shapes as well!

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