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Well hello there!  I’m so excited to be featured on the Joy of Motion blog today, and even more jazzed to share with you my first Tunisian crochet beanie.

The Thimble Beanie was one of those designs that just kind of fell off my hook.  It came together perfectly, and I cannot wait to see these adorning heads everywhere this winter!

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The Thimble Beanie - FREE Tunisian Crochet PatternPin Pin

The Yarn

I used Lion Brand’s Color Made Easy, and it has quickly become my favourite bulky weight yarn.  I’m a sucker for good, solid colours, and there are over 20 choices with this one!  For my samples, I used the colours Shade and Pomegranate.  A solid colour is best for this pattern, to allow the texture of the stitches to really stand out.

The Thimble Beanie - FREE Tunisian Crochet Pattern Pin


Tunisian crochet creates a thicker fabric than most regular crochet stitches, so this beanie is going to be perfect for keeping heads warm all winter.  It also uses a larger hook, so your hat works up quickly!  The pattern is written for 2 sizes, approximately child and adult, with fitted or slouchy options.  It is easily adjustable to suit your preferred fit!  The brim is worked first, then the body is worked in rows.  It is seamed up the back, cinched at the top, and topped with your favourite pom (or leave it as is if you’re not a pom person).  The unique texture that Tunisian crochet creates makes this fashion forward hat stylish and warm!

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The Thimble Beanie - FREE Tunisian Crochet Pattern Pin
The Thimble Beanie - FREE Tunisian Crochet Pattern Pin

How Long Does It Take To Crochet That?

How long it takes to crochet something varies depending on your skill & how fast you crochet. But that isn’t a helpful answer is it?

Well, I’ve developed a yarn calculator to help you get the answer to this question.

It will help you calculate exactly how much time you’ll spend crocheting a project.

All you need to know is how much yarn you will use on the project in either meters, yards or skeins. Then crochet your test square & time it.

Calculate how long it takes to crochet that. 


Pattern Options


About The Pattern

As I mentioned above, this pattern is written for convenient sizes, but is easily customizable.  It also includes options for a fitted beanie or a slouchy style depending on the look you’re going for.

The Thimble Beanie - FREE Tunisian Crochet Pattern Pin

Project Level 

Intermediate Skill Level

Read about skill levels.


Take the Quiz

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Materials Needed

Crochet Hooks

Size 9 mm / US: M/13 / UK: 00  regular crochet hook

Size 10mm / US: N/15 / UK: 000  Tunisian crochet hook with cord attached

Or size needed to obtain gauge


For this design, I chose Lion Brand Yarn Color Made Easy.  It has a soft, squishy texture that is perfect for hats!  I used Shade for the child size slouchy sample, and Pomegranate for the adult size beanie version.

Find it here.

Yarn amount used: 

1 skein / 7 oz / 200 g / 226 m / 247 yards

The hat uses between approximately 100 yds for the child beanie, to approximately 160 yds for the adult slouchy.  One skein will be enough, whatever size and fit you choose!

Yarn characteristics:

  • (5) Bulky
  • 100% acrylic

Other Materials Needed

  • Needle, find one here (if you don’t already have one)!
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • Row counter (optional)


Ribbing: 8 ribs (16 rows) = 4″ / 10cm wide

Body: 6.5 cross sts (13 loops) x 8.5 rows = 4″ / 10cm square


  • This pattern is written for two sizes: Child (Adult), but you may adjust the width by adding or removing ribbing rows in multiple of 2, and the height by adding or omitting repeats of body rows 2 and 3.
  • The ribbing is done with a regular 9mm crochet hook, and then the body of the hat uses a 10mm hook with a cord to allow for the Tunisian stitches.
  • Slip Stitch ribbing can be difficult to track your rows, so I recommend using a row counter to keep track.  Also remember that two rows form one rib.
  • The RetP for each body row will be the same: Ch 1, *yarn over and pull through 2 loops, repeat from * until 1 loop remains on the hook. This loop counts as the first stitch of your next row’s FwdP.

Size & Measurements

Hat Size Tip!

Learn more about crochet hat sizes & making the correct size on our detailed post: Crochet Hat Sizes!

The measurements below are taken with the hat laid flat, without pompom attached.  These are approximate, and of course will vary if you make any adjustments.

CHILD BEANIE: 8.25″ wide, 7.5″ tall

CHILD SLOUCHY: 8.25″ wide, 10″ tall

ADULT BEANIE: 9″ wide, 8.5″ tall

ADULT SLOUCHY: 9″ wide, 11.5″ tall


  • ch – chain
  • st(s) – stitch(es)
  • sl st – slip stitch
  • Tss – Tunisian Simple Stitch
  • FwdP – forward pass, pulling up loops to keep on your hook
  • RetP – return pass, where you will remove loops from your hook
  • cross st – Tunisian Cross Stitch
  • slip stitch bind off
  • dec – decrease stitch (see Working the Decreases below)

We try our best to include all crochet abbreviations in the list above for the crochet pattern, but sometimes we may forget one or two.

Learn more about crochet abbreviations & find a complete list on our Crochet Abbreviations & Terms post.

Stitches You Will Need 

The stitch pattern formed is called Diagonal Lattice Stitch. It is worked by alternating rows of staggered Tunisian Cross Stitch.  CLICK HERE for a detailed demonstration of the technique (fast forward to 21:27 of the video).  You should also be familiar with Tunisian Simple Stitch.


For each dec st, you will be working under three bars to pull up two loops, decreasing by one st for each dec st worked.  This keeps the lattice pattern intact in your decrease rounds.  Refer to the picture below (picture 7) for the following instructions: [1]  Insert your hook under the next three bars and pull up a loop.  [2]  Insert your hook under the first loop only, pull up a loop.  [3]  You will use these next three bars (marked with white dots) to work your next dec st.

The Thimble Beanie - FREE Tunisian Crochet Pattern Pin

Thimble Beanie Pattern Instructions


  1. Using a 9mm regular crochet hook, ch 8 and turn. Sl st into the back bumps of each ch st, ch 1 and turn.  (7 sts)
  2. Sl st into the back loop only of each st along the row. Ch 1 and turn.  (7 sts)

Repeat row 2 until you have completed 57(63) rows.  You may wish to use a row counter to keep track, or remember that each rib consists of 2 rows of sl sts.  Turn your work and switch to a 10mm hook with cord attached.


  1. Skipping the first space, pull up 2 loops in the spaces between the ribs. Finish the FwdP with 57(63) loops on your hook.  RetP, finishing with one loop on your hook.
  2. Work 27(30) cross sts, tss in the next st and tss in the edge st. Finish the FwdP with 57(63) loops on your hook.  RetP, finishing with one loop on your hook.
  3. Tss in the first st, then work 27(30) cross sts, tss in the edge st. Finish the FwdP with 57(63) loops on your hook.  RetP, finishing with one loop on your hook.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 alternating, for a total row count as follows:

Child Beanie:  8 rows

Child Slouchy:  12 rows

Adult Beanie:  10 rows

Adult Slouchy:  16 rows

If you would like to adjust the height of your hat, remove or add rows here before carrying on to the Decreasing Rows in the next step.

Decreasing Rows

  1. Dec across until 1 st remains. Tss in next st, tss in edge st, finishing the FwdP with 39(43) loops on your hook.  RetP, finishing with one loop on your hook.
  2. Dec across until 1(2) st(s) remain. Tss(cross st) in the next st(s), tss in edge st, finishing the FwdP with 27(29) loops on your hook.  RetP, finishing with one loop on your hook.
  3. Dec across until 1(0) st remains.  Tss in the next st (child size only), tss in the edge st (both sizes).  Finish the FwdP with 19(20) loops on your hook.  RetP, finishing with one loop on your hook.


  1. Slip stitch bind off, working under 2 bars for each sl st.  Fasten off and leave a long tail.
  2. Fold your work in half, making sure to match the sides of the brim together evenly. It may help to secure your work with stitch markers to ensure it stays lined up.  With your long tail, seam the edges together using your favourite seaming method, starting from the top of your hat and working down towards the brim.  Make sure to use even tension so there’s no puckering along the seam.
  3. Cut a 15” length of yarn and weave it through the sts in the bind off row at the top of your hat. From the inside, pull it tightly to cinch the hole closed and secure it with a knot.

Weave in all ends, and finish with a pom of your choice!

The Thimble Beanie - FREE Tunisian Crochet Pattern Pin
The Thimble Beanie - FREE Tunisian Crochet Pattern Pin
The Thimble Beanie - FREE Tunisian Crochet Pattern Pin

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