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Summer Sweater Crochet Pattern Design – Skill Level Easy

About Project


If you are looking to make a light weight summer sweater, the Summer sweater crochet pattern design is perfect for you. It is thin & oversized, but also easy to make. Let’s dive into what you can expect from this design.



This was the first sweater pattern that Joy of Motion designed. I had spring & summer in mind when I designed the Summer sweater. I wanted to make a sweater with thinner yarn & also a bigger crochet hook, consequently to get a lacy sweater..

The Summer Sweater crochet pattern design has a lovely stitch pattern that widens when you use it. You can also choose to make it’s bigger “sister” the Summer Cardigan, if a sweater isn’t what you’re looking for.



I designed the Summer Sweater crochet pattern design with the mission that almost anyone should be able to make it. Thus you’ll just need to have a few beginner crochet patterns under your wings first. Consequently I’ve made sure that they are skill level easy. You’ll need to get familiar with a easy crochet stitch, however I’ve got videos covering teaching you that part.



The Summer Sweater crochet pattern design is made with 100 % cotton wool & you’ll need a crochet hook size 6 mm / US: J – 10 / UK: 4. Next you’ll also need a needle to finish off the crochet pattern.


The Summer sweater crochet pattern design has 4 available sizes. It ranges from woman’s S to XL. You’ll also be able to adjust this pattern if needed.

I believe the sweater is perfect women during the warmer months as spring & summer. However if you’d want it for the colder months, I’d suggest you change the yarn to a warmer material. Finally just change the color to fit your preferences.



Finally I hope you’re excited about this light & easy oversized sweater crochet pattern for that Summer sweater. The Summer sweater crochet pattern design is truly a winner during those warmer months.

Purchase the crochet pattern by clicking the link below:


Email Joy of Motion with a picture of your sweater + a couple of sentences about the pattern to get featured. I’ll link to you for the feature.

The materials(s) listed below are the materials used & recommended by other makers for this pattern. Joy of Motion can not promise the result, however I would like to offer you options shared by other makers. 

Email Joy of Motion with a picture of your sweater + a couple of sentences about the Summer Sweater materials needed/used to get featured. I’ll link to you for the feature.

Meet: Heather aka @thecrochetmama.

She made the Summer sweater & said this about it:

“I loved how the simpe stitches worked up so easily and the final product truly is for a nice chilly summer evening.”


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thecrochetmama/

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Meet: Leonia aka @leoniahickox

She made the Summer sweater & said this about it:

“This pattern was the first I used to make a garment and the instructions were very easy to follow. I really loved the simplicity of it and it’s my favorite sweater to snuggle up in.”

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leoniahickox/

Website: http://www.leoniahickox.net

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May 4, 2013