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Wool And The Gang – Feeling Good Yarn Reviewed

Wool And The Gang – Feeling Good Yarn Reviewed

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I’m super eager to share this review with you, “The Feeling Good Yarn Reviewed”, because I’m going to share my experience with what’s become my favorite squishy winter yarn.

To be perfectly clear with you, I’ll share my affiliate links where you can grab this yarn, because I love it so much!


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Let’s dive into what you can expect from this yarn!


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feeling good yarn reviewed



The Feeling Good Yarn is a yarn from Wool and the Gang, a yarn company that offers high quality yarn. On their page they talk about how they source materials with consideration to reduce impact on our environment. They also use yarn fibers that are natural, renewable & biodegradable.

What’s also cool is that they work with fashion factories to re-purpose their waste into yarn. This can be seen in some of their amazing yarns such as the Billie Jean Yarn.




The Feeling Good Yarn is a yarn made from 70 % baby alpaca, 7 % merino & 23 % nylon. It’s described by Wool and the Gang as being light as a feather. Having a fluffy brushed appearance with a nice texture. The yarn is described to being a highly durable yarn with plenty of volume. Finally it’s described as super soft, warm & cosy.



Fibers: 70 % baby alpaca, 7 % merino & 23 % nylon

Ball size/weight/lenght: 50 gram ball, 130 metres & 142 yards.

Suggested crochet hook: 5 mm.

Colors: 18 amazing colors.


feeling good yarn reviewed



The Feeling Good Yarn can be used for both crochet & knitting as well as other fiber arts. On the Wool & the Gang homepage, you’ll find crochet patterns & knitting patterns designed especially for this yarn. You can also find knitting & crochet patterns using this yarn on Ravelry  & Love Crochet.

As the description of the yarn says, it’s a great yarn to be used for warmer months, & I think I would definitely agree with that.


Resource: My crochet pattern using the Feeling Good Yarn (picture below)


nivis cardigan crochet pattern design



I just recently got the chance to use Wool and the Gangs Feeling Good Yarn & I fell in love with this yarn fast. Honestly I always do, because what they deliver is such high quality!


From opening the package:

Starting with how the yarn was delivered & the packaging. It came in a beautiful well designed black & white paper bag with the text “Wool and the Gang” on it. It also had their hashtag #madeunique printed on it. This packaging tells me already that I’ve received a high quality product.

The yarn balls themselves are also well presented with beautiful, good printed labels, with clear descriptions of necessary information. With a thick paper labels they feel like good quality.

Finally my first impression with the yarn is that it’s soft, almost so soft that I couldn’t expect anything like that. Which truly takes me by surprise.

Concluding chat I can’t wait until I can start making something with it.

(Picture is from receiving another yarn from Wool and the Gang, but the experience was just as good)!


Crocheting with the yarn:

I got the yarn to crochet with it. Because let’s be honest, I really can’t knit & it’s the only way I use yarn. I also got the yarn with the goal to design a garment with it, more specifically a cardigan.

As the yarn suggests it works well with crochet hooks in size 5 mm, and I decided to go up just slightly to a 5.5 mm.

Working with the yarn was a breeze. It was light, super soft & easy to work with.

I ended up designing a crochet cardigan, a pattern I’m particularly satisfied with because of the yarn quality. I also had friends & family asking me to make one for them, which confirmed my feeling that this was a good yarn & design.

(My friends & family tends to tell me if there’s something they don’t like)!


nivis cardigan crochet pattern design


Quality after some time has passed:

Since crocheting with the yarn, I’ve used the crochet cardigan multiple times & have also washed it. What’s great is that it hasn’t changed in any way. There’s no signs yet that the cardigan has been used & it looks just as great as when I first used it.



So where can you grab this amazing yarn? Well, I’ll share a few options with you.


Wool and the Gang Website:

The first option is to visit the Wool and the Gang website. They let you purchase the yarn as single balls. Available in all 18 colors.

The single balls price at full price, is at the time of writing, $12.50.

Wool and the Gang offers shipping worldwide, with a shipping speed at 2 days to the closest locations, while just 14 days to the furthest locations. That’s fast! A plus is that they offer tracking with all orders as well.


feeling good yarn reviewed

See Also


Love Crochet:

My favorite place to buy any yarn these days is Love Crochet, mostly because they offer a huge variety of yarns. Luckily they’ve also got Wool and The Gang Feeling Good Yarn. Available in 18 beautiful colors.

Love Crochet sells the yarn as single balls & offers free shipping if you purchase for more than $60.

On Love Crochet you can also find patterns designed by indie designers featuring this yarn.

Find the yarn on Love Crochet.



nivis cardigan crochet pattern design



Listing up my pros & cons in this summary for “The Feeling Good Yarn Reviewed”: read  “+” for positives “-” for negatives.



+ The Wool and the Gang Feeling Good Yarn is the softest & fluffiest yarn I’ve ever crocheted with – that’s good!

+ It has so many beautiful colors available that I can’t get tired of it.

+ It’s available worldwide from at least 2 shops (Wool and The Gang / Love Crochet ).

+ The packaging shows quality & the product delivers.



– The yarn is a little expensive, meaning I can’t always buy it (However the quality is worth every penny).


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