How to Crochet  a Round Rug

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Round Striped Rug Crochet Pattern

Let me show you how to crochet a striped round rug in just a few steps.  A great beginner friendly crochet pattern!

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Made with double crochet stitches

Easy crochet pattern that uses double crochet stitches only. Truly beginner friendly!

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5.5 mm crochet hook / US: I - 9 8 colors of 4 medium yarn Scissors Tapestry Needle Tape Measure

You Will need

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Step 1

Gather materials and test gauge.  Gather the materials you need to crochet the round rug. Then test the gauge to see if your yarn and crochet hook matches the given gauge.

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Step 2

Start with a magic circle .  Work 10 stitches into the magic ring to start the round rug.  You need to turn each round to keep the seam straight.

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Step 3

Change color as given in pattern or as you prefer.  After finishing a few rounds, change to the second color. Then keep changing colors as needed.

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Step 4

Fasten off & weave in ends.  Finish the crochet rug by fastening off and weaving in yarn ends. Block if necessary.

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