How to Crochet A Pumpkin

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The Pumpkin Crochet Pattern

Crocheting a pumpkin is a great crochet pattern idea for fall.  Decorate your home with a few cute crocheted pumpkins!

Post Stitches

For this crochet pattern you will use post stitches to create the rib texture on the pumpkin!

5 mm crochet hook / US: H- 8 2-3 yarn colors of your choice Scissors Tapestry Needle Tape Measure

You Will need

Step 1

Gather materials.  Grab your crochet hook and yarn to start crocheting this cute crochet pumpkin pattern.

Step 2

Start with a magic loop.  The first steps is to crochet a magic loop and work stitches into it. Then you will slowly increase stitches to make the first half of a ball.

Step 3

Decrease stitches. When you finish increasing, you will work a few rounds with the same stitch count until it's time to decrease again. Then you will have a round ball.

Step 4

Make the stem & weave in ends.  To finish you will shape the ball, crochet the stem and weave in all yarn ends.

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