Face  Scrubbies Crochet Pattern

crochet pattern tutorial created  by janne kleivset for joyofmotioncrochet.com

The Face  Scrubbies  Crochet Pattern

Crocheted face scrubbies are a great bathroom accessory that will save you money, because these are reusable & no need to buy one use scrubbies all the time.

Puff Stitch

For this crochet pattern you will need to know or learn the puff stitch. It's an easy stitch that create texture and softness.

4.5 mm crochet hook / US: 7 <1 Skein of Cotton Yarn Scissors Tapestry Needle Tape Measure

You Will need

Step 1

Gather materials.  Gather the materials you need to crochet face scrubbies. Matching the gauge isn't important for this crochet pattern, so you can use the yarn you have available.

Step 2

Start with a magic circle.  The first step is to make a magic circle and then work puff stitches into the magic circle and pull to tighten.

Step 3

Crochet next rounds. Then crochet the next couple of rounds to make the circle bigger. Finish off with one round of crab stitch.

Step 4

Finish & weave in ends.  To finish your crocheted face scrubbies, weave in any yarn tails. Then it's time to accessorize your bathroom with your new crochet face scrubbies.

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