How to Block Crochet Projects Easily - 3 steps

Janne Kleivset - Joy of Motion Crochet 

First grab your tools and supplies. All you need is pins, a blocking mat and a spray bottle!

What you need

It's just 3 steps

1. Pin item to blocking mat 2. Dampen the crochet project using a spray bottle. 3. Let dry while pinned down.  --->


Pin the crochet project onto the blocking mat. Shape it and stretch it carefully as you pin the crochet piece down.

Fill a spray bottle with room temperature water and spray the crochet piece while pinned down on the blocking mat.


Let your crochet piece dry while it is still pinned down with the pins on the blocking mat. Make sure it's on a flat surface.


When to block?

There are many crochet projects that benefit from blocking. However, when to use this technique is ultimately your choice!

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