like a pro!

Writing a crochet pattern doesn’t have to be complicated, but when upping your game, there might be a few super Tools and Services You Need To Write A Crochet Pattern

All these tools and services has helped me get organized, get things done in time & finally to get those crochet patterns published.

All my crochet patterns starts with a plan. For that I use Asana, which is a great project management tool for organizing your ideas and crochet projects. With Asana, you can also set deadlines.


With Power Point, I’ve designed my own crochet pattern template easily and can reuse it for all my patterns quickly. No need to start over each time!


The tool I use the most is the Women’s Garment Size Calculator for Knitters and Crocheters. This is the base of how I decide on sizing and keeping it consistent.

Yarn Calculators

You can place stitches and export them to multiple formats. You can customize them using your own brand colors too.


This tool is perfect when you’re designing crochet patterns with color changes. The tool is free to use up to 15 charts, but with a few limitations.

Stitch Fiddle

writing your first crochet pattern

Writing your first crochet pattern can be daunting, but at the same time you can be really excited about starting this new journey.