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Crochet Row Counts

The Ultimate Way to Keep Track of

Here are a few easy ways to help you keep track of each of your crochet projects!

Whether you're brand new to crocheting or an experienced novice, counting your rows during a crochet project can be a frustrating experience!

An Easy Solution Keep Track of Row Count While Crocheting—Stitch Markers! Let me show you how to do it -->

Place stitch markers every ten rows to make it easier counting rows. For this, you can use everything from just a piece of yarn (pictured over), to actual stitch markers.

Alternatively, you can use scrap yarn pieces to count every 10 rows. Cut them to be about 2 inches long so you can easily thread them into the 10th row and so on.

Now this is the best solution for counting rows—a digital row counter! This one allows you to leave a crochet project and come back to it, knowing exactly where you left off.

This digital row counter is very affordable (less than $5) and it's also such a HUGE time saver! Never worry about losing track of your crochet projects ever again.

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