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Crochet Hook Sizes

all you have to know about sizes, US sizes, UK sizes, STEEL HOOK SIZES and more!

Your takeaway from this should be these important aspects: 1. The Complete Crochet Hook Size Cheat Sheet  2. The fact that the metric (mm) hook sizes are measurable. 3. Crochet hooks to try & use

When it comes to crochet hooks sizes, there’s a lot of fuzz, confusion and terms out there. Different crochet hook sizes and terms in different parts of the world.

There crochet hook sizes that are not decided on measurements and makes hook sizes different from different brands. Oh-no!

The metric crochet hooks has a sizing usually ranging from about 0.75 mm or less. Those small sizes is often steel hooks and are used when crocheting with thread.

Metric Crochet Hook Sizes

When it comes to US or American crochet hook sizes there are 3 size methods. – American Numbered Crochet Hook Size – American Letter Crochet Hook Size – US Steel Hook Size

U.S. Crochet Hook Sizes

The sizing in the UK is also often used in Canada. The sizes are given in numbers ranging from 14 as the smallest & the biggest hooks are 000.

U.K. Crochet Hook Sizes

Steel hook sizes are actually different in UK and US, and both are numbered. The US steel hook sizes range from 14 - 00.  Furthermore the UK steel hook sizes range from 7 - 0.

Steel Crochet Hook Sizes

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Crochet Hook Sizes

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