Crochet Patterns

7 Bulky Yarn

Also commonly known as chunky yarn, you can use this thick and cozy yarn for some of the following crochet patterns.

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What is size 5 bulky yarn?

Yarn weights range from 0 to 7, where 0 is the thinnest and 7 is the thickest. 5 bulky yarn is also commonly known as chunky yarn.

What size crochet hook for bulky 5 yarn?

For 5 Bulky Yarn, common crochet hook sizes to use range from 6.5 mm to 9 mm.

This crochet shrug has beautiful lace crochet stitch details that are easy to make. It's perfect to wear throughout the warmer season.

1) Lace Crochet Shrug Pattern

It’s a great crochet tote that you can use in the grocery store, farmers market, for your crochet projects, or going to the gym.

2) Easy Crochet Bag

This pattern is rather unique because depending on the yarn you use, you can wear this sweater during any season. The 5 bulky yarn is ideal for fall and winter.

3) Crochet Top Down Cardigan

It’s an easy crochet pattern for a throw pillow. You can crochet it together quickly using thick yarn.

4) Crochet Pillow Cover

This chunky crochet cardigan is for sure the perfect crochet project for fall. It’s super cozy, easy to make and fun because it works up fast.

5) Chunky Crochet Cardigan

Who doesn’t love having a beautiful oversized crochet scarf to wear? The Cable Crochet Scarf is made with just that in mind.

6) Cable Crochet Scarf

This pattern is one size that is great for taking to the beach and carrying all of you belongings! It’s a stylish summer bag that is fun to take everywhere!

7) Sunshine Beach Bag

For more crochet tutorials and free crochet patterns, visit our blog,  Joy of Motion Crochet!

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