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HOW TO Crochet the Bubblepattern

HOW TO Crochet the Bubblepattern

HOW TO Crochet the Bubblepattern


Are you ready to learn how to crochet the bubblepattern? It’s for sure my favorite crochet stitch. The bubblepattern is a beautiful crochetstitch, & I love the texture it makes in any crochet Project. I can’t really remember the first time I came across this stitch, however it was one of the first crochet stitch pattern I learned. The stitch might have other names, but it’s really one of my favorite crochet stitches!

If you have bought one of my crochet patterns, you might want to learn how it is crocheted. The crochet patterns offers written text in addition to charts, however here I will share a step by step picture tutorial with you.


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Today I suggest that you learn the stitch & then you should use it in a crochet project! You can make you own, but in the bottom of this post I have also included all crochet patterns that are using the bubblepattern!



Before you start learning the crochet stitch for this post, I want to share other crochet stitch tutorials from Joy of Motion. Just click the link & open them in new tabs to learn them later.

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Crochet Hook:

To follow this crochet tutorial you’ll need a crochet hook. When I crochet I usually use 2 types of crochet hooks. I’ve listed them below:

  • Knitpro – Symphonie Rose Crochet Hooks – My first choice as of now is the Symphonie Rose Crochet Hooks from KnitPro. They opened my world to wood hooks &  impressed me with their amazing lightness & how they feel in my hand. Even though they’re not padded, they never give me any strain while using them. I’ve only come across them in sets They are available here:
  • KnitPro – Waves Crochet Hooks – Are the crochet hooks I use almost as my favorite. They are padded hooks & are comfortable to crochet with.  They are a little heavier than wooden hooks, but the padded comfort is truly amazing. You can purchase these both in sets & alone. They are available here:
  • Love Crochet
  • Wool Warehouse
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  • Etsy


Explore My Crochet Patterns:


You’re going to need some yarn to follow this crochet tutorial to learn a new crochet stitch. I really do love purchasing my yarn online. Here’s my top yarn resources:





1. How to start

how to crochet the bubblepatternSince the purpose of this post is to learn the stitch I suggest that you start by making a small test square: 1. Chain 10 stitches, turn. 2. Single Crochet along chain row, turn. Then you are ready to start learning how to crochet the bubblepattern! (If you are uncertain about “Chains” check my “Beginners Guide to Crochet Part 1” – and for “Single Crochet” the “Beginners Guide To Crochet Part 2”.) how to crochet the bubblepatternStart every row of bubblepattern with Chain 1.

2. Draw up a loop

I have split the part “draw up a loop” in 3 pictures to show you as many details as possible! It’s really only 1 step. how to crochet the bubblepattern2a. Insert hook in next stitch – from front to back. how to crochet the bubblepattern2b. Yarn over how to crochet the bubblepattern2c. Draw up a loop. You have now 2 loops on the hook.

3. Yarn over

how to crochet the bubblepatternYarn over from back to front. You now have 3 “loops” on your hook.

4. Draw up a loop

This is done the same way as step 2 (put hook through the same stitch, yarn over & draw up a loop). Showing you only 1 picture here. how to crochet the bubblepatternDraw up a loop from the same stitch. You now have 4 loops on you hook.

5. Yarn over

how to crochet the bubblepatternYarn over.

6. Pull yarn through all loops on hook

how to crochet the bubblepatternPull the yarn you just “yarn over” through all 4 loops on hook.

how to crochet the bubblepattern7. Chain one

how to crochet the bubblepattern Yarn over & chain 1.

8. Skip next stitch

how to crochet the bubblepatternSkip next stitch.

9. Repeat

Now you have finished one “Bubblepattern”.  Now you repeat the “Bubblepattern” along the row. End with one Single crochet in the last stitch. It should look like this: how to crochet the bubblepatternWhen you turn & crochet the second row you should put your hook through the bubble from last row, not the chain. However if you are working in rounds or spirals you will put the hook in the chain from last round to make your bubble. After two rows it should look like this: how to crochet the bubblepattern



 *draw up a loop, yarn over, draw up a loop from same stitch, yarn over, pull through all, chain one – skip the next stitch* repeat. Start rows with chain (ch) 1 & end rows with single crochet(sc) 1.



Explore Crochet Patterns:



This video shows you how to crochet the bubblepattern.

Compare this with the written instructions & you should have a feel about how it’s done.



Click on the picture to view the Crochet Pattern Descriptions.

I hope you enjoyed learning how to crochet the Bubblepattern. Comment below to let me know what you used the crochet stitch for, I’d love to see what you’ve made!


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