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Crochet Guest Blogger

Do you want to become a crochet guest blogger for Joy of Motion Crochet?

I’m constantly aiming to publish great crochet blog posts, & now I’m inviting guest bloggers to contribute. I’m accepting guest blog post from crocheters in all areas of their crochet journey & with all kinds of experience. Had your blog for a while? No problem. Got a brand new blog? This is a great place to start!

Through this page you can read all about what I’m looking for from a guest blogger & also what types of blog posts I’m looking for. You’ll find information about how to contact me & what to include in your application.

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Why I’m inviting guest bloggers:

After having a crochet blog for a while I’ve realized how easy it is to get stuck in the same pace. Sharing the same type of content & not being creative. That’s why I love it when I get to share some new blog post from guest bloggers with a new perspective.

The second reason why I’m looking for guest bloggers, let’s not get secretive here, it’s a great way for two bloggers to collectively share their audience. Consequently there will for sure be some new people finding your blog for the first time.

Thirdly guest blogging is also a great way to build link backs too.

What content I’m currently looking for?

 Here’s a list of what content I’m looking for from you as a crochet guest blogger:
  • Topics:
    • Crochet Tutorials
    • Crochet Stitches
    • Tutorials on weaving in ends
    • Tutorials on reading crochet patterns and charts
    • Tutorials on assembling crochet garments made in multiple pieces
    • Any crochet technique
    • Crochet Stitch Anatomy
    • Tutorials & information about crochet hooks
    • Tutorials about crochet garments (How to’s)
  • Length requirements: 1000 words (that might seem long, but important for search engine reasons)
  • Keyword: Must have a clear keyword
  • High quality photos
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crochet pattern tester - one skein crochet projects

How does it work?

To become a crochet guest blogger: Send me an email with your idea for a blog post.

Give me as much detail as possible, introduce yourself & let me get to know you. Share your website address & social media profiles.

Don’t have a website? Just an Etsy shop or your social media. Don’t hesitate to send a submission, I might accept your application anyway.


After reviewing your submission I’ll send you an email. If it’s accepted I’ll send you a possible date & we’ll agree on a schedule. Now it’s up to you to produce & deliver your guest post.

Then I’ll schedule it to the blog for publishing & make our co-branded pictures to share on social media.

When I publish a guest bloggers blog post I share those blog posts on social media as much as possible & I expect you to do the same. Treat it like you would when publishing to your own blog.

Got questions? How can you contact me?

If you have questions or a blog post idea, don’t hesitate to contact me & we’ll talk.

Apply to become a crochet guest blogger now!


Email me: hello✩joyofmotioncrochet.com

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