6 Crochet for Home Patterns

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I’m Hortense, a passionate knitter, crocheter and yarn addict and the designer behind the blog Knitting with Chopsticks. In this post I’m going to share my favorite crochet for home decor patterns.

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Knitting with Chopsticks

I created Knitting with Chopsticks to share my creations and help you make your own.

It’s thanks to blogs like this one that I have learned most of what I know about knitting and crochet. My mom taught me the basics of knitting when I was a small girl, bored on the beach (yep, that’s possible when you are 10) and since then I haven’t stopped. Always looking to learn, do more, do better and share my love of yarn, I created Knitting with Chopsticks to make knitting and crochet as simple as it gets so YOU can create what YOU want the way YOU want it.

Engineer by trade, crafter by passion, you will usually find me playing with some yarn while watching the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy (and probably eating some chocolate, I’m from Belgium, what can I say?).

6 Crochet for Home Patterns Pin

You can follow me, my yarnie adventure and patterns here:

My Journey

I’ve never imagined myself launching a blog or a crochet business. I’ve never been on any social media before. I’m not an internet person. But I was snooping around on Pinterest looking for inspiration for the placemats I wanted to knit for my sister’s wedding (you can find them below).

You probably know how it goes you start looking for one thing and end up reading a lot of posts you were not looking for. Turns out I was reading a big blogger’s income report when my husband looked over my shoulder. And he just told me, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world: “Seriously she makes that much from her crochet website, but you can do the exact same thing”.

That was it, he planted this little grain in my head telling me “Why not?” “Maybe people would enjoy what I make?”. So I decided to gift myself my website for my birthday last year and it turns out people actually enjoy my designs and what I make. And the best part, I’m having SO MUCH FUN growing this little website of mine. Honestly, I literally wake up at 6 am on weekends without an alarm just because I’m excited to work on it.

I strongly believe crochet and knitting don’t always get the reputation they deserve. Yes, most of our grandma’s used to knit & crochet, yes, you can make pretty beanies and scarves but it’s so much more. And you don’t have to be an expert to make pretty, modern items. You don’t have to know all the crazy complicated techniques and stitches.

My patterns are all about helping you make something you’d find in a trendy boho shop, something that doesn’t look like your grandmother made it 30 years ago (not that those items are not great too!), and all of that with basic stitches and techniques. I always say: ” If I can’t make it in front of Netflix, I’m not doing it”.

I add a lot of extra explanations and step by step pictures with arrows and schematics to make sure everyone can follow along. If you’re self-thought like I am (and a lot of us are) you might not know something that seems basic for classic trained crafters. I’ve for example never done a granny square.

I aim to help you grow your craft and skills to go beyond the basic beanie or scarf without it looking like rocket science.

6 Crochet for Home Patterns Pin

The 6 Crochet Patterns for Home by Knitting with Chopsticks

Sunday at the Pool Coasters
This easy coaster DIY crochet pattern is perfect for a lazy Sunday at the pool with some cold drinks and friends. This fun, colorful, mandala design looks much more complicated than it is. Basic stitches worked in the round is all you need for this beginner crochet pattern. Find the full coasters crochet free pattern with step by step pictures here.
Crochet the Sunday at the Pool Coasters
Mandala Placemats
The crochet mandala placemat pattern looks very intricate but is actually very easy, even a beginner crochet pattern. Only basic stitches are used to make these round placemats. Make yours with one or up to 27 different colors. Find the detailed step by step photo tutorial here.
See the Mandala Placemats Crochet Pattern
Candy Potholder
The Candy Potholder crochet pattern is a fun, easy, colorful crochet trivet pattern. It’s made out of a whole bunch of small, crocheted balls glued together. It’s a great scrap yarn project as each ball only needs 5m of yarn. You can make it with as many or as little colors as you want. Find the free crochet pattern here.
Crochet the Candy Potholder
Chair Socks
Are you sick of the screeching sound your chairs make? Sick of getting your floors scratched? Make these crochet chair socks. Easy, pretty and convenient. Get the free pattern here.
See the Chair Socks Crochet Pattern
Soap Socks
Have you heard of soap socks? They’re these cute little soap saver pouches you can make to store your soap and they double as a body scrubber. Find the free soap saver crochet pattern for these simple striped soap cozies here.
Crochet the Soap Socks
Herfst Blanket
Your crochet home decor would not be complete without a blanket. The Herfst blanket is an easy crochet throw blanket pattern. Elegant irregular stripes of cozy texture to cuddle up in front of the fire. Find the free crochet blanket pattern here.
See the Herfst Blanket Crochet Pattern

I hope you enjoyed these crochet for home decor patterns!

You can find all my other patterns on the blog.



Knitting With Chopsticks. Guest Designer.

Hortense, a fervent knitter, crocheter, and yarn enthusiast, founded "Knitting with Chopsticks" to share her work and assist others in crafting. Having learned the fundamentals of knitting as a young girl and furthered her skills through blogs, she established her platform to simplify knitting and crochet for enthusiasts. An engineer by profession but a crafter at heart, Hortense often indulges in yarn crafting, accompanied by episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and a touch of Belgian chocolate.


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