By Janne Kleivset  for Joy of Motion Crochet

6 amazing Ideas for Quick crochet projects

There's so many quick crochet projects you can make. Anything from warm winter accessories to home decor and even crochet garments.

Crochet hats and headbands

Crochet ear warmers and beanies are great quick crochet pattern ideas. With a huge selection of patterns and styles to choose from.


crochet hats

Crochet hats are great quick crochet projects to make. Find a selection of styles and patterns on our website.


crochet headbands

Crochet headbands are amazing quick crochet projects to make. They can be made in all kinds of crochet stitch patterns & are great gifts during fall and winter!

Crochet cowls and wraps

Crocheted cowls and wrap cardigans are also great quick crochet project ideas. The cocoon cardigans are the easiest garments to crochet, while the cowls the easiest accessories.


crochet cowls

Crochet cowls are one of the easiest and also quickest crochet accessories to make. Find more patterns on our website!


crochet wraps

Crocheting wrap cardigans are a lot quicker than most other crochet clothing patterns. Find other crochet garments quick and not on our website!

Crochet home decor and bags

Crochet home decor and crochet market bags can be amazing quick crochet projects. Whip them up quickly as a crochet gift!


crochet home decor

Lots of different home decor can be quick crochet projects, like pot holders, dish towels, crochet coasters and more. Find a selection of quick crochet patterns on our website.


crochet bags

Crochet bags can be quick crochet projects, especially the projects using t-shirt yarn like the crochet bag in the photo. Find a selection of crochet bag patterns on our website.

There's even more amazing ideas for quick crochet projects.  All these are amazing as last minute crochet gifts!