Crochet  Gift Ideas:   7 Pattern Ideas

List compiled by Janne  - Joy of Motion Crochet


Crochet gift ideas are not always easy to find. On this post you can find 7 amazing ideas, but we will also link to the full list of 55 free crochet pattern ideas if you need more inspiration!


This may be the easiest crochet scarf you will ever make. Only beginner friendly stitches.  The color changing yarn makes it look more difficult than it truly is!

Stunning crochet gift idea using the mosaic crochet technique.  It's again a pattern that is easier than i might look.  

A truly quick make with this free beginner crochet hat pattern.  Using only basic stitches, whip stitch together and cinched in at the top.

Lovely crochet infinity cowl using super bulky yarn.  Works up super quick & is just as warm and cozy to wear.

Lovely crochet hat that is worked sideways and whip stitched together at the end.  A quick last minute crochet gift idea.

Lovely and quick to make crochet gift for crochet mittens. Uses bulky yarn and doesn't require a lot of yarn to make. 

Lovely and really big super scarf. Perfect statement scarf to wear over your winter coat. 

We have more crochet gift ideas for accessories on our website.  Such as shawls, scarfs, hats, headbands & more!

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