Ideas for the Home

8 Practical Crochet

These are all great for your home, for running errands and organizing.

Crochet Dryer Balls will make laundry much easier to do. They eliminate the need for dryer sheets (Yay!).

These soap socks are made of cotton, and they are washer and dryer safe. Each soap sock holds one standard bar of soap.

Every home needs a good pair of coasters! They add a little bit of home decor while also protecting your furniture from beverages. This pattern is an easy one for beginners!

This little makeup bag is really cute and makes a great gift. You can also use this bag to store coupons before you head to the grocery store!

Crochet bags have many practical uses, and this one is too cute to pass up. This is equally perfect as a shopping bag or as a beach bag.

Cotton washcloths work well for the kitchen or bathroom. They are a practical and thoughtful gift to give away during the holidays too!

This water bottle holder was designed for taking your water on the go! Easy and practical crochet idea.

This easy double-thick pot holder is a great accessory to have in your kitchen! The simple pattern is great practice for beginners.

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