How to  Crochet  the  Moss Stitch

Step By Step Tutorial Janne Kleivset - Joy of Motion Crochet 

First grab your tools and supplies. All you need to learn the moss stitch crochet pattern is a crochet hook and yarn!

What you need

It's just four steps

1. Half double crochet 1 2. Slip stitch 1 3. Repeat across row 4. Repeat row until project is desired size Let's check out the details --->


Step 1 of the moss stitch crochet pattern is to crochet a setup row with single crochet to the width of your project. Then hdc 1.

After the hdc, slip stitch 1. Then repeat slip stitch and hdc every other stitch across the row. Finish the row with hdc in last stitch.


After finishing 1 row of the moss stitch crochet pattern, all you need to do is repeat that row until you finish your project. 


This is how it looks after working a few rows of the moss stitch crochet pattern. You can continue until your project has the desired length.


The Result

A lovely easy crochet stitch pattern with beautiful texture. It's great for all kinds of crochet projects!  

Voilá !

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