Learn 8 Crochet Post Stitches

List compiled by Janne Kleivset - Joy of Motion Crochet joyofmotioncrochet.com 

In this tutorial I will show you 8 crochet post stitches that all will get you excited to crochet!

8 Crochet Post Stitches


The Front Post Single Crochet is the  first of the 8 crochet post stitches. It's worked around the post of the stitch on the previous row, like the other post stitches.

The back post single crochet creates a lovely texture to any crochet projects. It's a fun variation to the regular single crochet stitch!


The lovely front post half double crochet offers a knit look. It can change the feel of a crochet project without being too complex!


Crochet Ribbing

Learn more about crochet post stitches & how to crochet ribbing using them!

The back post half double crochet creates lovely ridges that can look like crochet ribbing. Use it for a wow effect in your crochet projects!


The front post double crochet creates a more flimsy look when used alone. However, it's super popular in crochet cable designs & ribbing.


The back post double crochet may be one of the most used of the crochet post stitches. Use it alone or in crochet cables & crochet ribbing.


Any Stitch Blanket Calculator 

We have a great blanket calculator so you can create crochet blankets using the post stitches you learn here!

The front post treble crochet stitch is slightly taller than the double crochet post stitches, but can be used to change up crochet cables & make them more complex!


The back post treble crochet looks great as a textured stitch alone. However, it's also popular in crochet cables & ribbing designs.


Learn New Stitches

We have even more crochet stitches on our blog. Like the bobble stitch, herringbone double crochet and many more! 

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