Flower  Crochet Pattern

crochet pattern tutorial created  by janne kleivset for joyofmotioncrochet.com

Yellow Flower

The Crochet Flower

These crochet flowers are great as embellishments, home decor, can be added to a crochet wreath and with many crochet flowers you can even make a crochet garland.

Use Two Colors

Make these beautiful  8 petal crochet flowers using 2 different yarn colors and any yarn.

5 mm crochet hook / US: H - 8 <1 skein of color A <1 skein of color B Scissors Tapestry Needle Tape Measure

You Will need

Step 1

Gather tools & materials.  Gather the materials you need to crochet the flowers! Maybe you have some scrap yarn in 2 colors that will work?

Step 2

Crochet the first round.  Start by crocheting the first round of the crochet flower.  Cut yarn to continue on the next step.

Step 3

Crochet the second round.  Then crochet the second round using the second yarn color.  You will crochet 8 petals in total. 

Step 4

Finish & weave in ends.  To finish your crochet flowers, weave in any yarn ends on the wrong side of your work.

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