How To Crochet - Beginners Guide

List compiled by Janne Kleivset - Joy of Motion Crochet 

Knowing these 14 steps opens up the world of crochet for beginners.  If you know these steps, you can easily build on them to become an expert!

Learn how to crochet with these 14 detailed steps!

1. Slip Knot 2. Hold The Hook 3. Hold The Yarn 4. Chains 5. Count Chains 6. Single Crochet 7. Turn Crochet Projects 8. Start Rows 9. Crochet Rows 10. Crochet Rounds 11. Increase 12. Decrease 13. Weave In Ends 14. Block Details --->


The crochet slip knot is the first step to learning how to crochet.  Do it easily with just a few steps.

Make A Slip Knot


Hold the crochet hook in your dominant hand and place the slip knot you just made onto the hook.

How to Hold The Hook & Place the Yarn On It


Hold the yarn in your non dominant hand between your fingers. Then move the yarn behind the crochet hook and over to make your first yarn over.

How to Hold The Yarn & Crochet A Yarn Over


Learn how to crochet chains. It's a yarn over, then draw the yarn over through the loop.  Repeat to crochet more chains.

Learn the Chain


The next step is to learn how to count chains. This is important to know, to make sure you start with the right count.

Learn to Count Your Crochet Chains


Learn the single crochet stitch, the easiest of the basic crochet stitches. 

Learn the Single Crochet Stitch


After finishing a row of crochet stitches, you need to turn your crochet project to crochet another row.

Learn to Turn Your Crochet Projects


The most common way to start a row in crochet is to crochet chain stitches. That is 1 for single crochet.

How to Start a Row In Crochet


To crochet in rows, work stitches into each of the stitches from either the foundation chains or previous row. Then turn at the end.

Crochet in Rows


To crochet in rounds, you work into each stitch, then join with the slip stitch at the end of the round.

Crochet in Rounds


To increase crochet stitches you will work multiple crochet stitches into the same stitch.

Increase Stitches


To decrease stitches in crochet you will work two or more stitches together. There are many methods to decrease croceht stitches.

Decrease Stitches


To finish off crochet projects you need to know how to fasten off & weave in ends. If using more than one skein you will also need to know how to join yarn.

Fasten off, Join Yarn & Weave In Ends


To get a professional crochet finish on your crochet project, knowing how to block them is a great skill to have.

Block Crochet Projects

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